Monday, April 30, 2018

Top #2--Butterick 4685 --Faye's 2018 top sew a long

Butterick 4685
White peasant top
Super easy make.. Will be a super comfortable
top for the summer. It is made from fabric
from the stash. It is a stretch cotton, that has a
white on white print on it. [sorry , it doesn't
show up in photo]

Butterick 4685

I would like to thank Faye for inviting me to join
this sew a long..  I have 2 summer tops now..
Happy sewing to all.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Vintage Blouse for Faye's 2018 Top Sew a Long- Simplicity 9499

                                          Blouse #1-- Faye's 2018 Sew a Long

This is a vintage  pattern, that I have made before.
Super easy to sew up, and  makes a great summer
top. I used red round buttons [from stash] and
the cute  summer print  fabric from stash.
It will be a  great little top for our summer
weather. Fits great.

Simplicity 9499
Vintage pattern..

Happy sewing.. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Judy's Update on MIA ..& Top Sew a-Long


                               Judy's MIA--
        I am sorry, I just  stopped blogging.. About a year 
        ago, I began to loose weight [and even though, I needed
        too], We could not figure out why?  I was having 
        stomach issues, nothing tasted right, and I just could
        not eat meat?? Lots of doctor visits... and lots of different
        test.. Medicines were changed.. But still---- no answers..
        And to top all that off,  My family doctor of 35 years 
        retired.. I was really devastated..  The gastro doctor 
        is still working on the stomach issues. But God has blessed
        me, and I am doing much better.

        Then--- I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, 
         He saw something on my xray, and did not  know what
        it was? I went to a "new to me" family doctor, He sent
        me for cartoid artery ultrasound , thinking it was an
        artery stopped up.. It showed something on my thyroid,
        so, I had to get a thyroid ultra sound, and  I got the call
        from the family doctor that  it was a fibroid nodule on 
        my thyroid.. It was much bigger than they thought it 
        should be.. So he sent me to an endocrinologist for a 
        biopsy.. The biopsy came back that it was NOT cancerous.
        Thank God.. The thyroid doctor said, It was not cancer,
        But, would have to be checked yearly, to make sure it
        did not turn in to cancer, because of the size of it.

         I am doing better, I am eating better [but still not  like
         before}..  OK... Enough of this , lets get back to  the 
         sewing, organizing, menu planning, grandchildren 
         updates.. and fun!!

          Top Sew a Long-- I finished my first  top, and  plan to 
          get  it photographed this weekend. I will share soon.  
          I have really missed my blogging friends, and  missed 
          sewing and blogging.

          Have a blessed day..

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Tops That Pop Sew-A-Long---


2018  Tops That Pop Sew a Long

 I am excited to join  the  group at the 2018 top
sew along.
 Faye at -
is hosting the sew along. You  can read all about it
on her blog. It is a really fun and un-stressful sew 
a-long. You get to make the top or tops you wish 
to make,  simple or more complicated,  choose 
your pattern,  and choose the amount of tops
you want to make in the  2 week time period.

Faye is a very talented sewer. She makes some
beautiful clothes.  And also a very  sweet lady.

NOTE:  I have been missing in action for some time.. SO
sorry.. I will blog about this  later.. Have missed all
of you.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Embroidered Vest for The Twins./Holiday Plans

Amy Grace-  13 yrs old

Ashlee Gail- 13 yrs old

The girls will be 13 in a few days.. So 
hard to believe our babies have grown
up so fast.
 I got my embroidery machine out [after
such a long time in hiding.  I embroidered
their initial on the vest.
Happy Birthday Girls..

Thanksgiving and  Christmas Clean up Plans
are still underway.. I got all the kitchen cabinets
washed - inside and out. [wow..I am proud this
is done!!].  Living room-- washed curtains [and
hung outside to dry]. Wiped the walls down,
wiped the couch/chairs with a damp cloth.
Now... I will be moving on to the bedrooms.

Holiday Plans
There is only 19 days until
Thanksgiving.. I hope to have all the
"extra" cleaning done before this holiday.
I have made my menu plans- I have bought
the turkey/ but need one more grocery store
shopping trip to pick up a  few items.
There is only 50 days until Christmas.. so many
to do  list on my planning sheet... Must get
to work..

Christmas shopping-- have you began your shopping?
 Sad to say---- I have not bought the first thing!!
Since the grandchildren have gotten older,  money
seems to be the gift of choice..  Not so fun/ but
want to make them happy.☺

Have a great day and wishing you the best, as
you make preparations for your holidays.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Decluttering/Cleaning ---Christmas is 2 months away

Clorox cleaner-- Perfect cleaner for my white cabinets.

 I looked at the calendar and realized...'OH MY", it
is getting really close to Christmas. [2 months-eeeh]
I like to do a semi- declutter and cleaning before
decorating for Christmas.. So.. I  have started..
I used the clorox cleaner  to clean kitchen cabinets
and counters. Works really well. I also , cleaned the
inside of the cabinets too. One room down.. and much
more to come..

Kitchen is all clean, and  lots of clutter throwed away or

Add caption

Dining area.. all clean and ready for Christmas decor,
in just a little while..

Or you ready for  the Christmas holidays? 

Someone ask me.. why clean 2 months before Christmas??
I do several "spring cleanings" during the year, To me, 
it is so much less work if I clean and declutter

 more often.  

Maintaining.. I try to maintain the work I do. My tips 
for this is:

1- make your bed every morning, before leaving the room.
2- De-clutter one room/drawer/or cabinet of any items you
don't use, each day  or every couple days. 
3- Use my clorox cleaner to  clean counter tops each
night after cleaning  up kitchen .
4- Sweep through the house each night..
5-Bathroom-- The last trip  to the bathroom at night...
 I always take my clorox wipes and  wipe  down the 
 sink/cabinet and tolit seat and top.[note- this makes
my  weekly bathroom deep cleaning much easier.. And

the bathroom always looks pretty clean.6-Laundry-- [it is much easier now that my kids 
are grown and gone].. But I still hate that So,
I attempt to stay on top of it, When a load gets dirty,
I  wash them.. dry and put away.
NOTE-- I found a tip on internet years ago.. It said to 
do the "one touch"job..  Whatever you touch , you finish!

Have a great day...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Simplicity 8330- Homecoming Court --Dress for Callie

Callie Noelle-
Callie was chosen to be in the Homecoming Court.
She had to have 3 dresses.. One formal gown [that
her mom bought]. Another dressy type dress for
photos for the newspaper, and one for the parade
ride. I made the above dress for her photo
in newspaper. 

Callie chose  Simplicity 8330. It is a high neck halter
dress/ that is high neck halter in back also. It is
lined with a soft cotton blend. The fabric is a soft
poplin with stretch.

Simplicity 8330-- I made view C

 The photo for the newspaper was Monday, the 
parade ride and the formal homecoming walk
will be Friday. I will post photos later of these.

I really enjoyed sewing this dress. It was an
easy/enjoyable sew.. It has been awhile since
I have sewed.. I have a dress for myself that
I had started , when I found out  Callie needed
this dress. So now........ I will get back to sewing
my dress. Happy sewing to all.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Decorations..

Fall is in the air... Nice cool temps. Leaves are
falling..  so--- I pulled the fall stuff out of storage.
The ceramic pumpkin is from years ago.. and the
plate I got at Wal mart last year.

The Thanksgiving  figurines, were given to me by  my
son and family. years ago. The brocade placemats
were bought on clearance years ago.

Wal mart pumpkin..

Small  pumpkins are finding their way all around
the house.

Outside got a little touch of pumpkins
and home sweet home pillows.

This is the pumpkin patch sign I made last week,
I messed it up, and had to redo it.. Such fun
making your own signs.

Hope you are all having a nice fall ..

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Making Signs & Photos Around the House

 Wood Welcome Basket
I found this at Dollar General Store for $6. Perfect
place for my vine and milk jug. Sitting in kitchen
window, getting the sunshine it needs.

NOTE...Click on photos , to see larger/clearer photos.

 I made this  Blessed sign out of some old
house siding.   Found the galvanized sheet [on
the sign and also the galvanized holder  at
Hobby Lobby..

Farmhouse sweet Farmhouse  copy [found free on
Pintrest]  Found the  wood sign at dollar General
Store for $5.

 Made the R sign.. Bought the board at Hobby Lobby.
 Painted the galvanized R and glued on. Made the
 Farmhouse Living Pillow on the bench.

Found this cute little table with a drawer for putting
stuff in, at  our local Dirt Cheap store.. Looks like
a retro tv , doesn't it?? lol Perfect match with my sage
green lamps.

Made the sign above.. Found the little tiny word
signs at Freds Dollar store.. And put them on the
wood sign I made.. Easy Peasy..

Welcome sign.. Made from  the old house siding. I also
made a pumpkin patch one , to take this ones place,
when I get the fall decorating done??

Flowers are still going strong..

The 3 trees in the front  are really missed.. Such lovely 
shade trees.. But , they were  too close to the house.
And Hubby hated the balls that fall off the sweet gum
trees.. he had to blow the yard nearly every day
during fall. So he won out, and we had them cut.
We have been working on getting grass back to growing
in the yard.. So , it has been a lot of work ..whew!!

Hope you have a good week.. And many blessings from
God our Father.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Callie... Kindergarten to Senior .. Where did the time go?

Callie.. 5 yrs old and headed off to kindergarten. I remember
the year so well.. She really did not want to start school ha.  I had baby set her, [while mom worked] for
those 5 years. I was so very loss , when  she went to school.
I didn't realize , how fast time would fly. And I would be posting
photo of a senior , this soon..
[Life is like a vapor- here today and gone tomorrow]

Callie - 16 yrs old. heading off  to school. She is now a senior.
 Wow.. that's hard to believe.  She is a very sweet girl. She
started school and made straight A's.. She  made it through
 school with not a single B. So very proud of her. She is 
graduating a year early.. She never really liked school, and
had rather start college early and  Quote from her..." Get it
over with  asap". lol
 She called me last night, to tell me , she had made home coming
court. She was excited, as she didn't know if she would even
be allowed to , since she was graduating early..

God has really blessed Kenny and I with 2 wonderful kids and 5
grandchildren. As, we watch them grow up, there is a sadness,
but also a very  proud time too .. Seeing them serve the Lord and
become adults. This is what God intended. And I am very thankful.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bed Room Re-do & Wal mart finds

Bedroom/Sewing room Make over
When we moved into our little farmhouse,  I 
had this room painted blue with white trimming.
 I soon discovered that the blue was too 
much.. So, [with my husband letting me know
that we just paid men to paint this a year ago,ha] I 
went to Lowes and bought  a light gray for the
bottom and the same  Celery Root [cream white]
for  the top half. I am really pleased with, how 
open the room is now. So, I must tell hubby.. I won!!!
The red/white stripe throw at end of bed.. I found on for 8.99.. Love it..
[Note... click on photos to enlarge]

My sewing nook.. So much lighter and brighter
with the light colors. Organizing  my sewing stuff
helped also. My fabrics are still kept in the big
book shelf  with bins, in the living room. Works great.

 [not like having a big sewing room, But, I am adjusting.☺]
I  painted the stool white.. It was a light brown wood.
It already had a gray/cream cushion cover.

NOPE....I didn't redo the kitchen [hubby would kill] ☺Just wanted to show you the cute pillow
I found at walmart. It is an indoor/outdoor pillow. It
was $5.00.  

Close up of  pillow. It is flowers in a mason jar.
The jar is teal  and says, "Faith".  Love it.
This stool has moved all over the house.. It is not really
used.. [only when all the kids/grandkids are here,
and we need the extra chair]. But, I love
to hang pretty seasonal towels  or in this case,
a pretty pillow.

My computer area in hall.. My desk was so small, 
when I put the printer on it, it left no room for any
thing. So, I purchased another shelving unit at Lowes
for $13.00.  I  found these galvanized bins at
for $7.47. They are perfect.. they hold my copy paper, 
office supplies.etc.  The top holds my printer and gives
me more room on  my desk..

I have a new to me camera.. Mine died. It takes really
good photos.. Thank you to my sweet friend, Deedy..

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Emily's Dorm Room.. Sewing & Embroidering

Emily's First Year of College
 I  embroidered her initial on this pillow that I made for her.
 I actually did 2 of everything.. [One for her room mate...
so their room would match.☺

Initials on  the desk chair cover  [Two of these also]
Emily found this idea on Pintrest, and ask me to
 make it for them.

Bed skirts for both girls. [these beds are about 4 ft off
the floor, [so they can  store things under the beds]. It
took lots of time to make these tie on bed skirts.whew..
what we do, for those sweet grandkids.

Papa made   the head boards [two of them too] from plywood
and 1 x 4 's.  I covered them with cotton batting and  teal
fabric..    Her mom , painted the  letters above her bed.


                               Best wishes to my  sweet granddaughter,Emily..                                Wishing you the very best this year..

Monday, August 14, 2017

Farm Sweet Farm-- Fruit n More

Click on photo to enlarge

We have been living at our  "old- Farm House"
for a little over a year now.. Many changes have
been made..  Still lots of work to do. I found this
Farm Sweet Farm container at Hobby Lobby. My
Pioneer Woman fruit jars, fit in it perfectly..[Don't
you love when that happens?] Found the  galvanized
tray at hobby lobby too. [love that store]. It says,
"Thankful, Grateful, and Truly Blessed."  And it
is so true.

Our fruit trees have been giving us lots of fruit.. Figs
and Pears are coming in..
So I decided to make  some  Fig/Strawberry Preserves.

Figs and Strawberries are cut up , ready to began.I am sharing my  recipe.. It is a Paula Deen recipe..So easy and Delicious. Note , you can make just figs,
just strawberry or combine them..

Fig/Stawberry Preserves

10 cups of  combination of figs and Strawberrieswashed, stems removed and cut in half
3 1/3 cups sugar
1 cup water
2-3 teaspoon lemon juice

Combine ingrediants,  Stir and let sit for 30 minutes, until
sugar dissolves. Then put on  medium heat and cook for
30 minutes. Place in hot jars/lids.

All you need is  some hot buttered biscuits. yummy.