Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Pattern /Fabric

Vintage patterns I found on Ebay
[there were 4 more in this lot,but
my photo didn't show up, will post later]

Crepe  fabric
  This is what happens , when Judy is home -- sick with a virus...she  visits

Last week, I had a looooooooooooog lasting virus..  I just didn't feel like doing
anything. So, I foud myself reading my favorite blogs, finding new blogs and
then roaming around ebay..  I found this adorable lot of vintage patterns.
I bidded on them, but didn't really expect to win them.. I put the amount
that I was willing to pay and {intended} to walk away. Keep in mind,
that darn virus was making me  do things,ha.. Someone was just a
raising the bids up.. Now....... I just couldn't let that happen, I had been
on that sight admiring these patterns too long!!!!!
 Well.............They came home to me... And I love them..

ps.. The orangey/apricot crepe fabric was  on sale, and I couldn't resist it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day to all you dad's out there.. I hope
that you all got to spend a good day with your dads.

 I would like to say  I am so blessed with a wonderful husband
who has always been a great dad to our 2 children. And now
am blessed with a grown son who is a fantastic father to his
3 kids..

 My daddy is now in Heaven with our heavenly Father. Even
though I miss him terribly, I know he is in a wonderful place.
And I would like to say to him, " Daddy, I miss you.. Happy
Fathers Day, and thankyou for being  my daddy!"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pincushion Swap 2012
I  recieved my pincushion from Theresa at:
                                          [Sew Sister]
 Please check out her blog. She does some really pretty stuff.  I
just love my new pincushion, The fabric is from Japan, and the pincushion
traveled all the way from New Zealand  to me.. I feel so special and honored.
Thankyou Theresa. I also got spoiled with  all these extra goodies.. Lots of
pins and a special hand written note.. I will always treasure this !!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Judy's Making Beach Dresses

Callie Noelle-- 11 yr old grandaughter

Emily Morgan & Callie Noelle [13 yrs old and 11yrs old]

Callie, Emily & Chandler
wonder what mischief ,they are fixing to get into?

The three Beach Kids
Aren't they pretty?

Destin, Florida--- Vaccation 2012
What fun they had..

Cindy [my daughter] and her family went to Destin ,Florida
on vaccation. She called me awhile back and ask me to make
them some beach dresses. She didn't want to do white, since
we did white last year.
 These were really simple dresses. Emily's was a peachy/orange cotton with a white
bodice. I embroidered aqua blue flowers on it.
 Callie's was a peach gingham check with a white bodice. I appliqued a sandpail
and crab on it. Chandler [their step brother] wore an aqua blue polo shirt.
 Now ..didn't these 3 Beach Kids enjoy their  beach fun!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pincushion swap

Pincushion Swap

What fun I have had..
 Rachel  at
  Charolette at
 hosted a  pincushion swap.  They have alot of tutorials
on making pincushions, needle cases and  scissor holders.
Check them out.. So fun !!

I was given a  lady in  New Zealand's name. This is the pincushion
 I made for her ..It was my first ever pin cushion..Hope she
likes it. She blogs at Sew Sister. Check her blog out.