Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Years- Goals for 2013

New Years 2013

I would like to say thank you to each and every person who
has visited this blog. I apprecaite each one of you. I started
this blog in 2011, I had found Mena's Sew Weekly Blog
and was so encouraged that she had made a  dress
a week in 2010. I had sewed for 35 yrs . But, mostly
sewed for my daughter and other children. So fun!! But,
she encourgaged me to sew more for "me". I  wanted
to start a blog, to keep up with the things I sewed. It has
opened  up the doors to  so many friendships , all over
the world. And to that, I am so thankful.  I  am not
computer savy [at all!!], I  am not a photographer
and definitely not photogenic!! lol
But ,even with all this.. And  the lack of a savy
blog, you have ALL supported me, THANK YOU

My sewing Goals for 2013 are

#1- Use my stash, and buy less fabric

           #2-  I want to venture into sewing with knits
..[Can  you believe, I am scared of knits? ha]. 

              #3- Improve my sewing, learn new techniques
Take some sewing classes.

But most of all.. I want to remember that, sewing is a hobby, it
is not to stress us out.. But , just to enjoy.. No stress of
finishing a garment by a certain date.. Or having to make
a certain number of garments. Or even having to make
a certain kind of garment.. Just enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012..

Kenny and Emily -- Christmas 2012
Ashlee and Amy
Toe Socks...all the girls got toe socks.. How Fun!!!
Callie with her LaLa Loopsy... Callie is sick, and
missed most of Christmas..  I really hated that
she was sick, during this fun time of year..

We had a fun Christmas..  The kids were all excited
with their presents.. We all eat way to much.  But such
a special day.Being with the ones we love .  We celebrate
 God's love for us.. He sent  His only son  to die for our sins.


It is clean up time.. The Christmas tree is  all taken
down and put away in the box , the decorations
are carefully packed away in boxes..The wreaths
are put away in plastic bags,  all of it
stashed away in the attic for next year.

It feels so good to have the house back in order again.
I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finishing The Christmas Presents for Grandaughters [skirts and shirts]

Cinderella Skirt with RTW t-shirt embossed with
pom-pom trimming, ribbons and buttons.
This set is for Ashlee [one of my 8 yr old grandaughters]
Scotty dogs & red/white polka dot double layer skirt
and RTW t-shirt ,embossed with pom-pom trimming , red
and white polka dot ribbon, and buttons.
this one is for Callie , my 11 yr old grandaughter
Princess & The frog skirt , with RTW t-shirt embossed with
pom-pom trimming, white and pink polka dot ric rack,
and buttons. This one is for Amy  ,my 8 yr old

This was the last of my Christmas presents to make. They are now
ironed, gift wrapped and under the tree. YEA!!  After
Christmas is over, I will post photos of the girls wearing them.

Merry Christmas to each of you.  May God bless you.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Pillowcases... so fun to make

Set of Pillowcases for a  very special friend!
Always looking for places to embroider ..What  fun!

I decided to make these pillowcases in a fun Christmas
print fabric.. Then added a white border [so the embroidery
work would show up]. I made the bias tape from
a red/white stripe fabric for a contrast to the fabric.
They were so fun to make , and now they are in
the mail to my friend. I also,made one of the sweet
little Christmas trees to adorn the package..[thank
you Laura for teaching me this!! so easy and cute to make!]

 I have almost finished all my Christmas gift making.. So,
it's time to  clean the sewing room, make the candies,
clean the house and get ready for Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crafting Christmas Trees with Callie

Callie in deep thought , while decorating her  Trees and
sipping hot chocolate with marshmellow!!
Thank you  Laura from ,All Good Gifts Blog for sharing
 this great idea.. Callie
[my grandaughter]was visiting with us today.. So
she and I , decided to make a Christmas Tree garland
for her mantle in her bedroom.. Once we made the
trees and stuffed them,She decided they needed
decorating... [sorry, I wasn't allowed to take
a photo of her up close, she had her hair in
rollers And in her new 15 minute flannel gown.
,getting ready for her Christmas Play
at church tomorrow)

Red/Green/white stripe trees ..with Buttons Galore!!
Christmas gift fabric.. trees.She did a Teacher tree
with teacher buttons for her mom, who is a high
school history teacher..[how sweet!]
These little trees can be hung on your tree,  or tie them on a gold
cord and make a sweet garland.
More of her decorated trees...

Callie and I had alot of fun today.. I made the little
trees, and Callie stuffed them slightly with batting.
 Callie then picked out her buttons and bows, to
decorate the trees.. [This took a LONG time.,ha]
Nothing says 'HAPPY"  like a Saturday Crafting
with your grandaughter!!!

ps..She came last night, and for got to bring her gown.
So while she was taking her bath, I took some
flannel , laid a tshirt on it for a raglan sleeve
pattern, and serged the majority of it
on my serger.It took,maybe 15 minutes.. And girls,
she loved it.. She didn't  get dressed all day.. She wore
this "wonderful long comfy gown" ..[and this is
what she called it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas -- What are you Most Thankful For?

Christmas is such a fun  time of year.. So many festivities
and  family traditions..  All the cooking and gift wrapping
and trying to find the " just right gifts" for our special
love ones.. Watching our favorite Christmas movies.
today, I have to share the most thankful thing  I have
this Christmas. Kenny , my husband.. He is really an
amazing fellow.  Two days ago he came home from
his little deer camp/woods/ getaway.. And there is
an old man that lives nearby.. This man came and
ask Kenny to help him fix his stove, It had went out.
This man is very poor, and lives in a very old trailor
home. Kenny found that he had a too small electrical
wire  running from the fuse box, and  it had burned out,
due to this. Kenny spliced it back together, and the stove
went to working.. But.......he came and told me that
he was afraid it would catch on fire because of
the small wire. He didn't sleep that night from worring.
The next day , he calls the lumber shed, and  ask the
price of the wire..eeeeeeeeh..$140.00.Its Christmas.eeeh.
But, this loving and generous man,  buys the wire
and takes it to fix the stove.
As I was preparing a Christmas post for my blog.. It just
didn't seem important.. I had to share this amazing
generostiy..  I am really thankful that he is such a loving
and caring person..

God bless each of you, and may you and your families have
a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas[Thanksgiving] Cactus

Thanksgiving Cactus .. that waits until Christmas to Bloom!!
Beautiful Fushia  Color Blooms
 I must confess and tell of my love/hate relationship
with this plant.. One Sunday ,several years ago,  several
of us ladies  were talking about blooming cactus.. My
reply was, " they really are not pretty plants, only
when they are blooming, and you have to wait
too long  on the beautiful blooms!!!"  Well, the
next Sunday, 3 different ladies showed up
with me some cuttings [leaves waiting for me to
root].. OH  desperation---- I don't want to mess
with these!!!!! But, I feel too bad to  throw
them away.. So, being the lazy person I am, I tossed
them all in a glass to root.. In no time, they were
all rooted together.. SO,  I just got a little pot
and potted them all together.. I wondered what
I would come up with??? What color?  What month?
 Well. my Thanksgiving cactus,, doesn't bloom unitl
almost Christmas. And only 1/2 of it blooms and it
has these beautiful fushia blooms. Then when they
are all dead and gone ,usually about first of Feburary
 the other 1/2 blooms with a light pink bloom..
So, the moral of the story is:  I  am hooked!!!
even though ,it s ugly for most of the year, the
beauty of the blooms are so worth waiting for..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Tree
I must admit, I just have not been in the
Christmas spirit this year.. But  the tree is
up and now I need the "little fairy " to
come and wrap those presents. Will they
come?  I doubt it!!!

Christmas in Bethlehem Music Box
This was given to me by my son and
daughter in law ,the first year they were
married, 16 yrs ago.. The grandkids
love to to hear the 20 songs it plays and
watch as the people and their animals
go around  and view baby Jesus.. This
is a treasured peice, that  finds its way
out each year.Along with many
other Christmas music boxes.

Christmas Music Box Collection
 I have collected music boxes  for
years. I have about 200 all total,
with about 50-60 being Christmas

Merry Christmas  to each of you.. Hope you and your
families have a Blessed Christmas.