Thursday, May 31, 2012

Butterick 4461

Blue Linen A-line skirt

Thankyou Mary Christmas for filling in for me..
She is so nice!!!! She never complains about
being photographed.. I have worn this skirt
several times.. just forgot to photograph..
Pattern- Butterick 4461
Fabric- Joann Fabric- Blue Linen 11/2 yds
Simple aline skirt with back zipper.
This is a very easy to make and wear skirt.
 I made it to wear with the New Look blouse,
I just recently made.;postID=4953707801850879199

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Look 6104

New Look 6104
Fabric- 2 yds--[from my stash? not sure where it came from..does that tell
you, I have too much fabric?ha]
Pattern- super easy..Will definitely make again.

Notes: I added a facing to this ,instead of bias binding. The fabric has bits
of yellow in it, thus the yellow buttons, Sorry the photo didnt show this
My friend, Cathe..bought this pattern , about the same time as I did..[Neither
of us ,knew the other had it,ha]. Check hers out.. It is beautiful !! She made it
out of the most beautiful Liberty Lawn.

 I also made a blue linen skirt to go with this blouse.. I didn't get a photo
of it will post later..
 Happy sewing to each of you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emily's Black Band Recital Skirt

Emily [my 13 yr old grandaughter] had to have a black skirt/white shirt
for her band recital.  She had outgrown Maw came to the rescue.
 I made her this skirt from  my "sewing for children" book. It is the anja
skirt pattern. I have made it 3 times for her, as it really works well.;postID=2014544993587376617
I could not  just do plain ole black..So, I cheated and added the white/black
print fabric for the bottom tier of the skirt.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

                               Happy Mother's Day to all you sweet Mama's!!!!

First, I would like to say, I am sooooo blessed to have my mama. She is 82 yrs
old. And she has always been a very wonderful friend and  Mama.. When I think
of all the wonderful lessons learned from my mama. I feel so blessed.

Remember the lessons:
1- Don't hold your funny face that may grow that way?
2- Don't eat watermelon seed...if you do ,it will grow a watermelon in your
3- Don't eat fish and drink milk, it will kill you??
4- Always change your drawers / panties [for you UK ladies would be
trousers,ha] before leaving the case your in a wreck?
5- Go to bed on Christmas eve night.. and  Don't open your eyes, go
to sleep. If you do, Santa claus will  see you peeping and put pepper
in your eyes?
6-When you fixing to get a spanking... "This hurts me worse than you".,
and I am thinking... I bet!!! [but of didnt dare say it out loud.]
6- Don't talk about any one.. Jesus hears you and you will make Him cry.
[I think this was a fantastic lesson..never hurt anyone!!]

 Second, I would  like to say I am so proud to be the mother of  a wonderful
mother. My daughter.. She has 2 girls, and is a fantastic mother.

 How wonderful to have a mom who not only loves us, but takes the time to
teach us be moms ourselves.
  HAVE    A  GREAT  DAY!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wrap Dresses---

Blue /Black Check wrap dress

 I just love this dress.I love the way , it buttons down
the side. And look how cute that pocket is..
Olivia Walton's Wrap dress with Scalloped Collar
  I  fell in love with wrap dresses, when I watched the Walton's
 tv show.. Olivia was so well dressed, and each of her house
dresses, were so  flattering. She has several different wrap
dresses on the show.

I am working on a  wrap dress now. The sweet  Eva Girl,
has offered some advice on  tweaking this pattern.  All of the
modern wrap dress patterns are too low cut. So, I am trying to
work on a modest neckline, with a new pattern. Hope
 to have photos to show soon.