Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sewing Projects in Process

Adding lace pocket and  lace around hem line, of
some cute stripe RTW  t-shirts for Emily & Callie.
 I saw these shirts in the mall, they were expensive.
So, I found some cute tees, bought some lace
at Hancock's [with my 40% off coupon].
Simple summer top for me.. Will be doing view A.
I have had this strawberry fabric in my stash for awhile.
Not sure where I got it? It is a cotton with a small
amount of  stretch. This will be a loose fitting
top. Nice and cool for summer.

While I was doing the lace tees for the girls, I decided
to make myself one.. [Didn't have enough lace to
go around the hem line, so  I just got a pocket..]

Happy Sewing, and hope you all have a blessed week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sewing for My Friend's Children.

Easter  Sewing for my Friend's Girls
Such Fun!!
3 Sets for Each Girl... and one Embroidered
Pocket tee for the older cousin..


                              I have had these made for several weeks,     
                     Ooops..forgot to post!!!

                    Hope you and your family had a blessed and 
                    wonderful Easter with  your families.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Anniversary [yes..on April Fool's Day]

43 rd  Anniversary

Today is Kenny and my , 43rd anniversary..  Where
did all those years go? It seems only yesterday , that
those two young folks said, " I do".

Kenny is one of the kindest and most honest men ,you
 will ever meet. I admire him and always have. He is
a wonderful  Christian man that loves God and loves his
family. He is funny , and keeps me laughing.[And yes,
he can make me mad] He is always there,
when I need a pick me up.. and he is always their
to defend me [He thinks I am always right.ha]

We were very young.. I was 171/2 yrs old, and he was
19 yrs old. [Yes..we were too young!!! ha]And we had a
hard time, especially during the  early years.. Raising 2
kids, and both of us returning to school and getting
our  college education. But.. you can do it, with God's

Someone ask me," would you do it again?" Yes. I would!!  I
could look the world over, and never find a better husband
or father for my kids or  grandfather for my grandkids.

Today's Plans...
Kenny is working today at his camp house.. I am working
at home. But , we will celebrate later today.. We are going
out to eat. [and let me add... a couple days ago.. he came in
the house holding a big bunch of daffodils in his hand..He said,
" Happy Anniversary"... He knows , this is my favorite flower.
the warm temps were going away, with freezing temps
returning. He knew they would be gone , on our anniversary.
You see. He is so NICE.!!
Also..The night we got married, we were too poor to go
on a honey moon.. so we went to our newly rented apartment.
I had bought a cheap frozen lemon pie, and we eat it that night.
So each year.. I buy one of those pies.. They are special..even
though , not so tasty.ha

I love you Kenny ..  forever!