Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pajama Party..

What fun this PJ party has been.. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's
cute and comfy pj's.
And  also, the  fun photos , they are doing with them..  But  Girls........... I
 am too old  to do my pillow fight photos,[I might stand on the bed, and
never get back up,hahaha] So.. you just get  the plain ole photo of my
 new comfy pj's.

Be sure to check out Karen's blog, And see her pj's.Thankyou Karen,
for  doing this sewalong.

  I love the baby soft seersucker fabric  that these are made from, I found
the fabric at the flea market. And I have a RTW tshirt that is soft as silk
to wear with them..

What am I reading?
 I love to read.. At the moment I am reading one of
Nicolas Sparks Novels..."A walk to Remember".
I also  read my sewing books, and glace through
sewing magazines, before falling off to sleep at night..
 What better dreams than.... sewing !!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pajama Party...Sew along
Check it out here

Karen is hosting a pajama sew along.. What great fun. Check it out ..

My pj bottoms are all really worn and need to be replaced.
I bought this  pattern at JoAnn's 99 cent sale, quiet a long
while back.. But it sit in my stash.. Just waiting for the
right time.. Well.. nothing better than a  pj party.
 I will be making  mine from this yellow seersucker fabric,
that I got  ,while out thrifting..

 Make your own pj bottoms, either from the pattern
that Karen suggest,,Simplicty 2721,  or use one of your own..
Or do as Rachel  has done,
and use an old pair , as a pattern.

Once you have them made, you may post them on 4/29/11.
Note...Karen don't  have to post a photo of
your self in the pj's [if you don't want to].. YEA!!!  You
can just post a photo of a  folded up pair of  "new pj's".

                                                           HAPPY  SEWING!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liebster Blog Award... Thankyou

Thankyou Charlotte, for nominating
 me for the Liebster Blog  Award. I am so honored. Please go and check out 
Charlotte's blog.. She is so talented and well rounded. You will love seeing
the many things she blogs about...sewing, crafting, reading,  gardening, her
wonderful family and much more.

The object of this award is to  thank the person who sent it to you, and choose
5 more blogs , that you enjoy, and send the blog award to them. This is very
hard for me, because I have so many favorites. 

1- [All Good Gifts]
 I love  Laura's blog. It is so pretty and she is such a nice lady.. I love to read
her blog. I follow her ,through her many  adventures with her lovely family..

2- My good friend 's blog.. you must go
and check out this beautiful and talented lady's blog. she is an amazing
sewer and such a talented  photographer. Such a beautiful blog.

3- - I follow Gina's blog. She inspires me
with her beautiful sewing projects.. I love the way, she always gives the
pattern source she uses.. [However, she keeps me running to Ebay and
Etsy..looking for the patterns she used.ha]

4-  This is a new blog, I just found. But I
really enjoy it. She is a new sewer, and makes many things for her adorable
daughter. I love to see new sewers..  She does an excellent job.

5- I  love this blog. She is such a sweet
nice lady.. She sews really well.. And I love her many ideas. She shares
her many things  she makes. She also, inspires me.

If you were chosen, please use the Leibster Award picture on your
Thank the person, who nominated you for this award, and link back
to them.
Then  comes the hard part......... Select 5 blogs that you  would like
to nominate for the award. And link to them..The aim is to choose,
five blogs with less than 200 followers.

 Thankyou Charlotte for the nomination. I appreciate it so much.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Butterick 4743 Finished

Butterick 4743[1970's pattern]

This dress was really simple to make and very comfortable to wear.. Sorry the
photos do not  pick it up very well.. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Butterick 4743- In Progress

Judy's  sewing project
   I  have spent the last few weeks making dresses for my 4 grandaugters ,
   So I am now sewing some spring /summer things for myself. First , on
  my list ,is this 70's  dress.  Really simple pattern. I am making the dress
  version ,with short sleeves.

 Pattern--Butterick 4743 [ bought on ebay]
 Fabric- stash [ bought 4 1/2 yds from]
 Denim belt [not shown] - thrifted
 Photo coming soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Photos 2012

Emily Morgan

Emily and Callie

Callie Noelle [this is the dress I made her]

Chandler, Emily and Callie

Chandler , Emily and Callie
[Photo taken at Blue Mtn College]

Judy's Grandkids- Easter at my house -2012
  We had a great day .. Our kids and grandkids were all here.  This is the bunch!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

May you Each Have a Blessed Easter

  Easter is such a wonderful time. The time to reflect on Jesus.
He died on  that cross for each of us. But praise God,
He is no longer on that cross, He rose again the third day!

We will be having  Easter dinner with  our children and
grandchildren , after church on Easter Sunday. I have
many  chores to get done today [Saturday] in plans
fo this special day. What are your and your families plans
for this special Day?

I would like to take this time to say Happy Easter to each of you.
May God bless you and  you families.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Judy & Kenny's 40th Anniversary
April 1-2012

Kenny and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary Sunday. April 1.
Yes Girls. we got married on April Fools Day!!!! Ha

We had a good day. Kenny took me out to eat.. It was very nice.
He was not feeling very well,  which he tried to hide from me,
but after 40 years, that is hard to  We have had some
hard times and some really wonderful times in these 40 years.But I
thank God for him , our children and the years we have had together.