Friday, July 27, 2012

Patterns & Fabrics.."Ooops..Fabric store sales"

Patterns Why??? Because  Hancocks had a 99  cents sale!!
And I could not
 I have been seeing the   last dress pattern on many
blogs and  really like the way it turned out.. The   blouse pattern
just caught my  attention.. And the first dress in the photo,
 really looked comfortable.

the top fabric is  really pretty rayon silky fabric. The bottom
left one is  a really pretty challis with silver sparkles. The
right  pink with polka dots is a twill , for a skirt.
 How do you resist such beautiful fabric, when it is on sale?

This is a tiny black and white check twill fabric.  I  want to
make some dress pants/slacks.

Tooooo Cute.. Of course, I have to buy for my grandkids.
 The raggedy ann and Andy was so cute. And then
 Abby Cadabby, is  afavorite of one of my friends
children. And last but not least.. is the cute little
nautical fabric. It has tiny little sailor boys on it..
 I cut this out  and am working on another sailor  top now.

Happy sewing to all of you.. Sorry for my lack of sewing post.. I have
been putting up purple hull peas, butterbeans and  it has been
 really busy and hot!!! Hope your enjoying your summer.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sailor Top-- Simplicity 5482

Judy's Sailor Top

Close up of Me Made Bias Tape

Good Top for Hot/Humid Ms Weather

Pattern- Simplicity 5482- [found on ebay]
Fabric- White cotton blend [it has sailboats , anchors, lighthouses, sea shells,
etc on the fabric..It is white on white.. I tried to get my camera to pick it up.]
Sorry...I am no photographer,ha.
Bias Tape- Me made with white/red stripe cotton fabric [so fun to make]
Buttons- red  [Stash]

I really like this blouse, it was super easy to make, it is really cool and comfortable .
Gina [ From  Vintage Girl] was my inspiration for this blouse.. I saw the adorable
 sailor out fit she make and posted on her blog.It was adorable. As is , all of her
 adorable outfits. I searched ebay for her exact pattern and never found it. But
 found one that was similar. Gina is always so good to post the pattern and
 the pattern # of the patterns she uses.. Thankyou Gina for your inspiration.
 Please check out her  blog. She is a fantastic seamtress  and makes beautiful
 clothes for herself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sewing for the Twins. McCalls 6262

Amy & Ashlee
7 yr old twin grandaughters

Pattern: Dress/tunic-- McCalls 6262  [I used the pattern for the shape and then
added the ruching ruffle down the front, and added buttons for decorations]

Pattern: Capri/bloomers--  Drafted these. Just regular  little pants with a  ruffle
added to the wider legs. I added  a couple buttons on each leg,for decorations.

Fabric- I found this quilted cotton on sale at Wal Mart. They are  the same print
except one is pink /red circles and the other is green/yellow circles. The green set
has green and white polka dot pants and dress ties. The pink dress has pink pants
and dress ties..

This was a quick and easy cool summer outfit. And the girls loved them..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sewing for the Older Woman

                                                          Sewing Fun

 One day you wake up and look in the mirror and  the girl looking back at you ,
doesn't  look the same. But the sewing desires are still there. Therefore you  make

Patterns:  You have to choose patterns that are suitable for your new found changing
body. You have to adjust the pattern for the new body [as it is forever changing.ha].

Fabric-  You have to choose fabrics that are suited to you  and your personality.

Muslins: Muslins become very important.. Due to the fact of the ever changing
weight and measurements. It allows you to fit this body more efficently.

But most importantly :  To be satisfied with the out come of your sewing project,
 and not to expect  to see the young girl looking back at you you in the mirror.Be
happy with  who you have grown into.
Be  happy and enjoy the sewing, Sewing garments that fit and make you happy!!

                      HAPPY  SEWING!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

McCalls 6417 Wrap Dress

Pattern--   McCalls 6417- Vintage pattern purchased from Ebay.
Fabric-- Cotton Blend ...yellow and white print
Pipling - around the sleeves and  pockets [sorry you can't see it in the photos]
Belt- self tying  belt.
  This dress is really comfortable and easy to wear.

Wrap Dress   Yellow/white cotton print

McCalls 6417

Back of Dress