Friday, August 26, 2011

Judys 1970's Challenge -"tunic"

This  week at Sew weekly..Our challenge was a 1970's garment.  I  had bid on this  pattern on ebay.  It  arrived , just in time to finish up  this quick and easy tunic.
Pattern- Butterick # 4068
Year- 1970
Fabric- Stash [I think this is one of the vintage fabrics that I purchased at  the flea market]- 2 1/2 yds
Buttons-  Wal mart- 4 black buttons
 Shoes--  Dr.Scholle's Red slip ons-- [Love comfortable. and love the splash of red}

Saturday, August 20, 2011

House Cleaning Chores

Day after day, we do the same chores over and over.Do you ever wonder, how many times you have washed that particular bowl? Or how many times ,you have dried  it and put it back in the cabinet, where it has a special place ,just for it? Or how many times you have used the same broom to sweep the same floor?

As, I was cleaning my  kitchen last night, these thoughts came to me.And I felt  a wonderful blessing to be the keeper of my home.God gave us women that important job. As I cleaned that same ole bowl... I thought of how blessed I was to  be able to stand on my feet and wash it.. [so many are in wheel chairs or in beds, that wish they could wash that dish for me]. As the thoughts came to me.. I said a silent prayer to God and thanked Him for allowing me to be keeper of my home. And those chores seemed so much easier.
 I love to sew as you all know, from this blog. But in order to sew..I must make my home clean, inviting and
relaxing for my family .And once these chores are all done.. I am free to enjoy my hobbies. And what pleasure it is head to my sewing room.. and look back at  a well kept house !!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sewing Room/Spare Bedroom

My spare bedroom turned sewing room. Wouldn't you hate to be a guest, in this bedroom?

This corner is my computer and embroidery machine. Of course, the computer keeps me busy...trying to keep up with my buddies at Sew Weekly and our many challenges. Note my $1.00 baskets on the wall..they hold  my newer patterns, that I have intentions [hopefully] of sewing soon..

This corner shows my plastic bins ,that are loaded with threads, ribbons, trims, buttons, etc. Note, the antique bedside hospital table [which houses lots of sewing magazines, trims,etc] This table was rescued from  a big sale from the hospital, when they remodeled , to become more modern.. I had to have this memory , as I worked there for 25 yrs as Respiratoy Therepist. It has held many jobs.. But now ,does a great job , containing my sewing odds and ends.

This is my sewing corner. It holds my sewing machine and serger. Mary Christmas is joining in..[she lost her clothes..while I needed her to model
for me-- She is always so agreeable]

Wow..what memories.. These old kitchen cabinets , were in our kitchen, when we first married. When we built our new house and the old one ,was torn down.. My hubby [who can't throw anything away--and boy, this time, I am so proud he couldn't]. Anyway, he stored them in his shed. One day, I told him.. I need them installed in my sewing room, to hold excess fabrics.. His reply,' Oh Lord, you have a closet full of fabric now!!! You don't want them ole things!!  But  a nice supper, and being oh so sweet, eventually got the cabinets on my wall. And yep..they are now loaded down with fabric too. [Am I a fabric acholic? or what?]

Inside of what use to be the closet.. Really needs to be organized. Sounds like a job for the future.

Pretty messy..But thought I would show you, what is inside those kitchen cabinets. This section houses Halloween fabrics, valentine fabrics, Christmas fabrics,etc.

This section holds some sewing books, my embroidery  notebooks [which are pictures of all my designs , that are stored on my computer,  for easy access]  Note:  Don't you just love my tin sign of the two little sewing girls whispering? [Wouldn't you guess , about a sewing project?]

More fabric in this section.. This is mostly children prints. I have 4 grandaughters, so I do alot of children sewing.

 My sewing room/ bedroom is overflowing with stuff and a whole lot of love. Nothing fancy but just a place that I spend lots of time and it makes me very happy... .

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sipping Lemonade under the Ole Oak Tree

 On a hot summer day.. nothing is more refreshing than a glass of  ice cold lemondade. These lemons
were sitting in my fruit bowl. As ,I looked at them.. this thought came to me.. I went to prepare.
 Kenny and I shared  a wonderful  glass while sitting under a big ole oak tree in our yard..How yummy
can it get?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Western Challenge at Sew Weekly

Western Challenge at Sew Weekly-- August 5-2011

Colette Sorbetto pattern [with sleeve pattern from another pattern]-- free download

Chambray skirt pattern-Butterick 4522

This was a fun challenge.  I had this chambray fabric in my stash.  I had intended on doing a skirt for awhile, and never got around to it.. I also, had the bandana print fabric.   My first intentions were to use a pj pattern and make a peasant blouse for this skirt.. But always.... other things came up...So my time was getting slim,   I knew I had made the sorbetto top before ,and would not need to muslin it. So therefore.. I made the  sorbetto..    I really like how my "western version" of the sorbetto turned out.
  This western set, fits well and is very comfortable.  So.. I see myself getting lots of wear out of it.
[Thankyou  to my sweet husband, who went out in the rain  with me, to take these photos.We watched the weather channel and it was rain for the next 4-5 days...]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wondeful Friend

     Have you ever had one of those REALLY special friends? The ones  that you just automatcially bind
with? Well..  Cathe is definintely  one of those kinds. I met her through our mutual love of sewing and
our challenges on Sew Weekly. She is the nicest person that I have ever met.She is always so caring and understanding to everyone.
     Well, a couple weeks ago.. I had a really bad week.. The kind,  where your just down on yourself, and
you cant seem to bounce back.. Just all around,  rough week. Cathe encouraged me throughout the whole
week or two.. But one day... the UPS man came up with the sweetest package. I knew...right away... it was from my friend Cathe.. Tears were flowing as I opened this package. There in front of me was the most beautiful fabric, I have ever owned.[It is so pretty, I am scared to cut it,ha] .I had  been wanting the ginger collette pattern... but had promised myself .. that I would not buy it..because ,I had bought way too many allready. And yes... there in my package was this wonderful pattern. And the sweetest ,encouraging card.
   Thankyou Cathe, seems so  tiny.. in regards to how I really feel. but again I say. Thankyou my sweet friend Cathe.