Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kenny's Camp House - Before & After--Work in Progress
Check out the before photos.. We have made some progress... but a lot of work still to come!!

Front of the house.. [Still has to have the underpinning
put around the house.
But.. don't you girls know, I am enjoying that swing?

Front porch view

Kenny's fruit orchard.. has provided us with lots of fresh fruit.

Garden.. my camera didn't pick up, just how big this garden is.
Lots of veggies

Two fig bushes...loaded with figs
Fig preserves are coming!!!

Rose of Sharon Bush

This on the side of the driveway , leading up to the house.
There are 4-5 white and purple ones leading up
the driveway. They were small and almost
dead when Kenny got this place.. But, he has
brought them back .. So pretty, when you
drive up.

This photo , is really posted for memories for us..
Our grandson would kill me, if he saw it posted.ha

[When he was 2 yrs old, we took him and our granddaughter
on vacation with us.. Our room was on the 2nd floor. while
we were bringing up luggage, Kenny looked over and
saw Little Kenny "peein"  off the balcony..  He screamed
at him, "no Kenny, Don't do that!"  we could just
imagine the people on the first floor, walking out
about that time,and getting  "wet", lol
We saw this sign, and just had to buy it!!!

Back of house-- steps have to be painted.. I ran out of gray paint!
New screen has to be installed on the porch. [when finished,
won't this be a nice place to sit and eat , in the evening?] Such
a pretty view, from here too.

One of the many trails found on this property. Kenny has
cleared a lot of them.. We love walking them or riding
the 4-wheeler.

Now.. the grandkids can't be left out..  Here is there favorite,
the tire swing! To the left, is a basket ball goal...There's
lots for them to do here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sewing from Yesteryear!!!

                            How do you feel about today's sewing versus Yesteryear's Sewing?

Sewing has really came a long way , since our parents and grandparents days.. During
their  days of raising their  families, Sewing was not a hobby ,it was a MUST!!  Not
only did they have to mend their clothing, make their clothing, and make other household
needs. They had the basic sewing machine, cotton fabrics, basic threads.

Our sewing , has come along way.. We have new, computerized sewing machines, we
have patterns for everything, we have  the  blog world of sewing information, we have
classes for everything.. We have You Tube! We have all our extras [such as bias binding,
 bias tape, lace,etc] packaged and ready to sew. We have online shopping , where our fabrics
are delivered to our doors. We have so many different kinds of fabrics [I don't even
know what they are?]

My daughter /granddaughters came to visit yesterday, and we were discussing
making dresses for the girls [which I do all the time]. She told me, that  she
loved the fabrics and knits that didn't need ironing. Life was too busy to iron
all those cotton dresses.!!!!!

  I got to thinking about it, and wondered, "how did
I feel about quilting cotton fabrics for wearing apparel? I know this is a much debated
topic in the blog world. I  do like the conviences   of the easy care of the new fabrics.
But: my reasons for loving and using quilting cottons:

1- So readily available in all the fabric stores /and on line.
2- Such beautiful prints and colors available.
3- The outcome is such a beautiful garment. Crisp and pretty [and no...I hate to iron! The
downside to cottons!]

 The vintage dresses that  we love so much now... were our grandparents everyday
wear.. They not only sewed them and ironed them.. But, they ironed with  out electricity.
They had to heat an iron on the wood fire. [boy , do I feel lazy! ha].  I love the conviences
of  today.. I wonder how our  parents/grandparents kept  the family , going so well? In
my opinion--- they are the "super heroes"!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Extra Fresh Veggies = Squash Chow Chow

Squash Chow Chow  that should be called
Multi Vegetable Chow Chow

 We are getting lots of fresh vegetables from the garden.
So, I made a batch of Chow Chow, I have had
this recipe  for years, and have always changed up
the  squash to a multi of different vegetables.

This will be really good this winter with  those peas and
butterbeans. Also,  a spoonful over the chicken tacos
is super good!!


12 cups grated [or cut up in small chunks] squash-[I used a mixture
of yellow squash, white squash, green tomato, cucumbers

2 large onions

2 large bell peppers

Optional-  2 -3 hot peppers [any kind you like]

5 teaspoon salt [once you have chopped above vegetables,
sprinkle salt over  it. Set in refrigerator [covered] overnight.

 The next morning:  Bring to a boil:
2 1/2 cups vinegar
1 teaspoon tumuric
2 teaspoon pickling spice
4 cups sugar
Once it boils and all this is dissolved good, pour on top
the vegetable mix. Bring this to a boil, and boil for
20 minutes. Put in jars [that are cleaned and  prepared
for canning.

1-  I put my pickling spice in a  piece of cloth and tie it up,
and then put in the vinegar mixture. Once it is cooked,
I remove and throw away.  I don't like the seeds to be in my
 chow chow.

2-You may use your choice of vegetables.. just what ever
you have on hand.. I have even added shredded cabbage
when, I was short on above veggies.
3- Use  the hot peppers that you like, and  the amount of hotness
you like. I don't add the hot peppers.

4- You can  grate  or cut these veggies ,any way you like? The
original recipe said to grate , I have done this, But I like
the texture of the chopped veggies the best!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Simplicity 5259

Simplicity 5259
Black/white daisy print fabric [from stash]
white eyelet for sleeves [from stash]

Close up of fabric used.

  I  used a vintage pattern that I had used previously.. therefore,
the fitting was done for me.
I didn't have enough of the daisy fabric for the sleeves
so, I used white eyelet.
  Don't  you think a yellow cardigan , when the  weather
gets chilly , will be pretty?

I used  4 1/2 yds  of fabric from my stash.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yummy Peaches from Kenny's Place

Peaches from Kenny's Deer Cabin.
He came home with a 5 gallon bucket  that was almost full!!

I had to decide what to do with them!!

A yummy peach cobbler for lunch!!!
[Excuse the ugly old baking pan-- I have had it for
years, and it cooks really well.. Didn't think I was
going to take a photo of it,ha]

The rest of the peaches:
 We saved out some  for snacking on. The rest are  in the
freezer , for more cobblers  this winter.

[ps-  Kenny brought these  in, and told me ,  it was my pay
for   painting his cabin. ha]

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red/White/Blue Patriotic Dress

Sew Country Chic  at Sew and Tell Saturday is hosting a Patriotic  Theme
Saturday.. please go check out  her blog..  She does some adorable
clothes for her girls and herself.
Red/White /Blue  Dress
I  did this quick pillowcase style dress for  a friend's

The fabric  came from my stash,  so working toward
my stash busting challenge. I used 1 yd.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chevron Pocket Initial T-shirts for the Grandkids

Chevron Pockets with Embroidered Initials

My granddaughters wanted me to Embroidery their
initials on some chevron pockets. I had several colors
of the chevron fabrics in my stash.. So they
went and bought the t-shirts and we selected
the fabric and matching embroidery thread to
make the shirts.
I embroidered their initials on the chevron fabric, first, then
centered the initials  and cut out and made the pockets.

 I used approximately 1 yd of fabric from
my stash.. Thus  working on  my stash busting challenge.

Coming soon:  I have a  dress for myself coming soon,
I used a vintage pattern that I have used before, [I
wanted  a quick/easy sew]. I also, used fabric
from my stash.. I have to put the zipper in and
hem it, and it will be ready to post.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sewing Doll Clothes with [or for] Callie

Callie's Adopted Doll from Salvation Army

Callie was visiting with me and ask to go to the  Salvation Army.
She is amazed to go to a store and spend a  couple dollars and
get a sack full of [Priceless --to her] goodies!!!
Now... let me tell you, this girl has  dolls galore, beautiful
dolls that talk, dance, eat, life like but---
She sees" this poor little baby", that had ink scribbled
on her head...She just knew, she could bathe her and
make her new?? Well soap and water made her
feel better, however the ink was there to stay.
She has to have a bonnet to wear.. How can you
make a bonnet with out a matching dress?

I had this tiny yellow /white floral cotton print, in my
stash, And the doll dress pattern. It was perfect
 for the new baby  an outfit..
Plus... I used 3/4 yard of fabric from my stash ---
thus working on my stash busting challenge!!