Saturday, November 4, 2017

Embroidered Vest for The Twins./Holiday Plans

Amy Grace-  13 yrs old

Ashlee Gail- 13 yrs old

The girls will be 13 in a few days.. So 
hard to believe our babies have grown
up so fast.
 I got my embroidery machine out [after
such a long time in hiding.  I embroidered
their initial on the vest.
Happy Birthday Girls..

Thanksgiving and  Christmas Clean up Plans
are still underway.. I got all the kitchen cabinets
washed - inside and out. [wow..I am proud this
is done!!].  Living room-- washed curtains [and
hung outside to dry]. Wiped the walls down,
wiped the couch/chairs with a damp cloth.
Now... I will be moving on to the bedrooms.

Holiday Plans
There is only 19 days until
Thanksgiving.. I hope to have all the
"extra" cleaning done before this holiday.
I have made my menu plans- I have bought
the turkey/ but need one more grocery store
shopping trip to pick up a  few items.
There is only 50 days until Christmas.. so many
to do  list on my planning sheet... Must get
to work..

Christmas shopping-- have you began your shopping?
 Sad to say---- I have not bought the first thing!!
Since the grandchildren have gotten older,  money
seems to be the gift of choice..  Not so fun/ but
want to make them happy.☺

Have a great day and wishing you the best, as
you make preparations for your holidays.