Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving
 Hope each of you and your friends have had
a lovely day with your families. May God bless
each of you..
I am very thankful to have you as my blog friends.

This is my  grandkids.. So happy they spent the day
with us. They are [from left to right],  Amy, Ashlee, 
 Callie,  Emily, and Kenny.

Things I am thankful for:

 My Heavenly Father and  the love  and care He shows
each of us daily.

My family.. another blessing from God.

A very special husband..   So thankful for the little
things he does to help make these holidays special..

Have a  blessed day...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fall Cleaning Finished-- Just in time For Thanksgiving

 I have never done fall cleaning [always spring 
cleaning].  I decided to give it a try  , after reading
on Pintrest  that It would make the  Thanksgiving
and Christmas busy schedule , so much better??
Now... all I have to do is "Maintain". 

How Do You Maintain Your Home? And Upkeep
the  Work You Have Already Done??
This is some of my routine tips.

1- Always make my bed as soon as I get up.
    Before  I leave the room..It takes 2-3 minutes.
   This is  the best  tip I have ever done.. If you 
don't get to go back in that room to tidy, it
still looks clean.

2- Empty the dishwasher first thing in the am.
This allows  you to put your dirty dishes in
it, during the day.[If you handwash dishes
during the day,, which I do ,on most days].
Be sure  to  put the dishes away. It keeps
your kitchen looking neat all day. Wipe
your counters and  applainces off when you
do the dishes.

3- Sweep or damp mop the floors each morning.

4- Laundry-  Wash  and dry  your laundry each day.
Or every other day . Never let the loads pile
up..Much easier to do 1-2 loads  than letting them
build up.

5-Dust  every other day [and daily if possible]

6-Menus -- Make a menu each week. Even if it
has to change some what.. This way, you know
what to take out of the freezer,  and what 
preparations are needed for the day.. NOTHING 
worse than supper time comes up, and you
have nothing planned, nothing thawed.. Eeeeh.

7-Nighttime routine--
When  I take a bath, before leaving the bath
room, I take lysol wipes and wipe off the
bathroom counter, commode, cabinets,etc.This
keeps the 
bathroom looking clean  , until I do the big
cleaning.. and honestly if you do this every day,
there is no big build up to clean. And it only
takes a  couple minutes.

Last but not Least... 10 minutes before going to bed, I do a quick pick up  and put everything in its place.
I do a quick sweep of the main living area [living
room and kitchen].

Thanksgiving is almost here.. I have made my menu.
I have  shopped and bought all the ingrediants, I will
need.  I have cornbread cooked for the stuffing, I am 
going to chop onions/celery ,etc and have in baggies.
I will bake the sweet potatoes for the casserole and
the sweet potato pie .[my son called today, to request
that. smile. All the little things we do ahead of time,
makes the  day go smoother.. And allows the  "Cook"
to enjoy some time with her visitors..

 I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday
and  your plans go well..