Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Ironing Board Cover for Antique Ironing Board

                    I needed an ironing board for my sewing room..When
                    I am sewing, I run back and forth to the pantry room,
                    where my  ironing board resides. Too much trouble.
                    I remembered, years ago I bought an old antique wooden
                    ironing board at an estate sale.. It has been in my closet,
                    for years.. here is the transformation:

Layers and layers of old fabric.. And underneath
all that was a wool ironing board cover
but it was crackling and dry  rotted.
All of this came off.

 I laid  out several layers of quilting cotton on the floor
and  laid the ironing board on top..  I cut around the
cotton, leaving enough to wrap over and tack
it to the board.

My new ironing board cover.. I wanted to be able to take
it off and wash it.. So... I  took 2 cotton fabrics,  traced
around the ironing board, [same way I did the cotton
batting, above].  I put right sides together and sewed
all the way around, leaving a small opening
in the end, to be able to turn inside out.
then pressed it.  I turned it  down about 2 inches
and stitched it.[Making a casing for the rope]
 I put my cord in it.  and left opening at the end, for my
 cords to come out.  Drew it up around the ironing board,
and it was all finished.. 

Here is my finished  antique ironing board. A new
life  has begun for it.

On the wooden legs,  I saw  that it said,
National Washboard Company.. Wonder
when and where , it came from???


  1. Oh Judy, this makes me nostalgic. I wish I still had my mother's old wooden ironing board. Her name was Judy also! Beautiful job on the new cover.

    1. Two Judy's, I think there is a lot of us. ha
      I kept this ironing board for ever.. I think about 20 years..
      I decided it was time to use it.ha

  2. Wow, I need to do this. Good job.

    1. Thank you, Ellie.. It was a good project.. Now, I am ready to sew, and use it.ha

  3. That is cool. My mom had one like it in a darker wood. She used it until she went in the nursing home. I think she gave it away to someone when she was getting her stuff around to sell/move.

    1. Thank you.. Such memories in these old pieces. I found this one at an estate sale, for a couple $.. I couldn't pass it up.. It has set in my storage for probably 20 yrs.ha

  4. Wow, what a neat old ironing board. You've made it beautiful! I hope it serves you well.

  5. Gorgeous! HOw satisfying. I absolutely love it when being able to sew makes a household job faster. I love making gorgeous clothes too, but there's something about that "make do and mend" thing that really appeals too!

  6. Good job, Judy. I need a new iron board too. Mine is very old and not even standing straight with so much using :)

  7. Beautiful board!! I used to have my Gram's board and didn't use it... I ended up donating it to the local thrift store. Sure wish I hadn't. I would like to think it is receiving love and care as yours is.

    1. Thank you Robin.. Don't we hate when we get rid of the old stuff, only to wish we had it I do the same thing.

  8. Hi Judy, I hope I'm not being to forward. This is just information. You have word verification clicked yes on your blog settings.
    your Blog
    Posts Comments
    Word verification

    Since you are set up to approve every comment (which is GOOD) I recommend turning off the word verification. Again just my two cents - and it may not be worth that.
    Robin, aka, a little bird

    1. Oh Robin, you are soooo sweet.. thank you so much. I am totally computer dumb.. So, I just hit buttons, and have no idea ,what I am
      I went and did what you said.. Hope I did the right thing.. If you see something wrong.. please tell me, I appreciate it.

    2. It works! And very smoothly! Much better without word verification (it usually took me three tries before it would catch!)

    3. Thank you Cathe.. I am always so happy, when some one tells me , a better way to fix this blog.. as all my sweet friends know--- I am totally computer dumb..have no idea what I am
      thank you so much for letting me know, It is working better..

  9. What a GREAT idea! I'd be happy to do this ...if I had a wooden ironing board of my own! Priceless! Thanks for the tutorial hopefully I'll get to use it someday!

    1. Thank you Terri.. I appreciate it.. It was fun and easy too.

  10. Judy, you made a chore really pretty. I would certainly be motivated to iron on your pretty board.

    I did a search on you National Washboard Company, all kinds of interesting things come up!

    1. Thank you Cathe, I will have to research the National Washboard Company too.. interesting..

  11. Hey, the cover! I actually have about a yard of the blue floral print...great minds! Since you don't have to run to the other room to should get twice as many sewing projects done! (smile)

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you Laura...
      I love the blue floral fabric.I use to have alot of it...But, this was the last of it..[I think we are twins .ha]..
      Now... I don't know if I will get twice the sewing done or

  12. Oh I love your old ironing board and you did such a good job recovering it, lovely fabric. Looks as though it's really old...I wished I'd kept my old ironing board so much better than these modern ones, my cover keeps coming off! Happy ironing...

  13. Gosh Judy my comment disappeared LOL...Anyway love your ironing board it looks wonderful in the fabric you used. It must be very old....Enjoy pressing on it!