Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elsa [From Frozen] Costume for Emily [Plus update on Callie]

Emily Morgan
15 yr old granddaughter
 When she came and ask me to make her an Elsa Costume
for  School Spirit Week [dress up week]..Of course, I said,
'YES"----  I did not   realize that  the sheer snow flake cape
would  give me  a  house full of glitter  and FUN?

But yes,  I would do it again... She  was thrilled and had
a really fun day at school.. 

The photo does not show it, but no only is the cape sheer glitter
snowflakes, but the sleeves and upper bodice is sheer fabric\
and so not fun to sew.. She had to wear a  tee shirt under
it for school, due to the dress code.

Note: Update on Callie [thjs is  Emily's sister]
Callie is improving.. She is still having some small seizures /tremors.
But, they are working on regulating the medicines.. She is very
tired. But we are very thankful for the improvement, and very
thankful of all your prayers.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Update on Callie

Praying for Callie

 Callie went to the  pediatric neurologist on Friday..  She has  Juvenile  Epsilepsy
It is not the kind , that she will out grow. She  will have  to take meds
the rest of her life. They have started her on  these. and will work to
get them  regulated.  She is still having seizures at night.  She has 3 types
of seizures. They are:
1- The convulsive type-  which is the bad ones. like she had last Thursday, when she
quit breathing and required CPR.
2- Myoclonic Seizures-  this is where she has the jerking/spasm on the right
side of her body.
3-small seizures  [during her wake hours]. that only last 8-10 seconds.  The doctor
said. she nor anyone else  would notice it. But,  she is doing this so  much,
and  has been for a long time. that is why she is always so tired, and needs

 We are very sad, that  she has to deal with this , for the rest of her life. But, are
so thankful , that it is treatable with medicine. We know, the  outcome,
could have been so much worse.

I want to say a special thank you to all my blog friends. I thank you so much
for  all your prayers and thoughts. May God bless each of you.

ps.. went by  to see her after church.. she is still sleeping a lot, and  not
feeling well.. Hope the medicine gets regulated, and she feels better soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skirts/Tees for the Twins [and a few other sewing projects -completed]

Ashlee Gail

 I made the girls a  monogrammed  pocket
 for a RTW t-shirt. I had lots of  chevron fabric
left, so I make them  a simple a-line skirt.
They both like them, they said,  they look
like big girls.ha

Amy Grace

Disney princess pillowcase dress for Elly.

I was asked to make this Doc McStuffin
a-line dress for a little girl. It was super easy
to make.  It has one button in the back..  I
embroidered "Doc McStuffin" on
the yoke.. This little girl  LOVES this cartoon.

When my life settles again, I have lots of sewing
for me, planned. Happy sewing to each of you,
and again thanks for your prayers for  Callie.
Will update when we know something. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Update on Callie

Update on Callie:

Callie's hand/arm is having tremors/shaking, when she is asleep.. She is very tired and is sleeping  most of the time.  She is complaining of   being dizzy and  her
head feeling funny. She says , she is so tired.  Her leg gave way today and she fell. She told her mom, she was just dizzy ...

The Children's Hospital in Memphis called today. She has an appointment
Friday morning. [They were not happy that our local hospital, did not bring
her on, last Thursday when this happened---me too!!}

She has an EEG scheduled for Friday..

Please pray for  her..

I really appreciate all of your prayers.. Such wonderful/sweet friends..