Thursday, January 29, 2015

January's MAGAM Challenge Completed

Singers Perfect Plus  Book  by Kathleen Cheetham
I made the  simple button up Blouse in this book.

I used this pattern.

Blouse pattern was fantastic.. The fit was good, The
pattern is made for a petite person [5 ft 2 in]. I am
not , I am 5 ft 7. So, I had to lengthen both top
and sleeves. Next time, I will  add another inch
to sleeves.

I made the blouse from a cotton with  stretch.. Really
comfortable fabric, that was in my stash!  yea!!!
Sorry the photo is not very good.. I have been sick for
awhile, and still not  up to par..

I also, have another vintage blouse  that I sewed this
month.. Just need to get a photo..whew..  I hate photos.ha

Happy sewing  ..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sewing ..Blouse Pattern from Singer Perfect Plus book- Plus--Taking Craftsy Classes

 I am  taking 2 fitting classes from Craftsy. Both are by  Kathleen Cheetham.
 Adjust a bust   and  Adjust back/neck.  I will do another blog post
about these classes later. But now...let's get to Sewing for Judy.. I am

I have blogged about this book some time ago. I really like the author
Kathleen Cheetham's approach to fitting. This book came with
4 changeable patterns. I am making a button up blouse.

This is the blouse , I will be making. It is called, "shapely blouse"
It is fitted with front and back darts. It is button up, and  has
either rounded/square or no collar versions. I will be doing
the rounded collar one, With long sleeves. This will be a  good
basic blouse , and I can see  lots of rotation with it.
Sorry, I forgot to take photo of the fabric I am using. I have
already cut it out, and am now in the sewing process.

I have lots of  sewing plans for me.. I am just looking forward to
spring sewing.. [I know/I know... I must  force myself to realize
it is NOT  spring.. definitely  WINTER.. eeeeh it is 8 degrees today!!]

This will be for my MAGAM  January Challenge. I had  stated that
I would challenge myself to  a pair of pants.. But...  my plans changed.
I  hope to add them either the end of the month, or February. Our goal
for January MAGAM was something new to you, or an Indie pattern
company. This pattern is an indie pattern company, and new to me..

Happy sewing..