Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sewing..Why do you Sew?

Sewing....Is it for young people?? Is it for Old People? Is it for fun? Is it for better fitting clothes? What is your reason for sewing?

 As I was pondering over this retro picture of a singer sewing machine, I thought about the area in which I live. There are very few sewers here. The interest is fading away.. Some will say, "only old ladies sew".  Some will say..It is only to mend our clothes.  Some will say...It is for making fun hobbies/crafts...Some will say...It is for making clothes that fit [because RTW doesn't fit]. Some will say... to be able to make modest clothes. Some will say... to make vintage dresses.

For me, I would say.... I learned to sew many years ago, when my sweet  daughter was a little baby.[She is now a high school history teacher.] My sweet husband went out and bought me a sewing machine. I could barely sew a straight But , I taught myself, the basics. I made her tons of sun dresses. The same pattern over and over that summer..And I gradually made a dress with a sleeve, or a collar or a zipper, or buttons. I messed up a lot of garments. But, I kept on.. In those days, there  was no computer ,no sewing blogs, no sewing books [or I was too poor and too dumb to go to the library to find a book?]. I think the thing ,that kept me going ,was the  twirling and giggling of that little girl in her new found dresses. She was too young and sweet to notice the many imperfections of her Mama's learning dresses.And this sewing thing.. became my most treasured hobby..   I may go through down times and sit it aside for a few weeks..But ,it always comes back. And I am so proud to have this wonderful hobby..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wizard of Oz

How Many Ways ...Can you do Wizard of Oz

How about a Pillowcase Dress [With embroidered shoes and 'It's no place like home"

Judy's Violet Colette Pattern - Dorothy Blouse
[Even  a grandma ..needs a little bit of the Wizard of Oz]

Emily Morgan [my sweet grandaughter] in her wizard of Oz  Dorothy fabric dress

Callie Noelle [my sweet gandaughter] in her Wizard of Oz Petal knot dress.
Don't  you just love the embroidered stick characters on this apron?

One of my favorite classic movies is..Can you guess? The wizard of oz. My oldest grandaughter Emily, had the great honor to play a munchin in our BLue Mountain College production of the Wizard of Oz. She was 9 yrs on at the time. Well ,her little sister , Callie was so upset, because she was too young to be cast in the play. So,  I had to make her a Dorothy dress to wear on opening night.[See Maw knows how to fix all hurts!! lol..] She got as much attention as  the college girl that was  playing Dorothy.  This dress was a  regular Dorothy dress with white blouse and all. I wish, I had a picture..But ,I couldnt find it.Take my word for it..She was adorable!! [now, doesnt that sound like a Maw?lol]
Since that beginning Dorothy dress.. I just keep making more of them.. Wonder what will come next?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine Pillowcase Dresses

Valentine Pillowcase Dresses for the Girls
Valentines Day  is  just around the corner.. So.. I whipped up a couple of these for the girls.. They will love going to school  on Valentines day  in these.. They have black turtle necks and  black and white polka dot stockings to wear with it.. [Because is cold here in Mississippi!!].

Kenny will be having  surgery on Valentines Day..Please remember to pray for him.

Sewing To Do List

                                                     SEWING -2012

               Christmas is over.. and the New Year has come in  with a bang.  I have many ideas and sewing plans for this year..
                I really want to improve my sewing ,  And I would love to take  a couple sewing classes and improve my sewing, or learn some new techinques.
Some things on my to do list:

1- I want to make the Oliva Walton wrap dress again. I want to work on the bodice and get the
fit better.

2- I want to work on some of the Colette patterns in the new Colette sewing book..

3- I bought a couple Indygo Junction tunic patterns, and I want to try them.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Olivia Walton's Anniversay Dress[My Wearable Muslin]

                                               Olivia Waltons Anniversay Dress Muslin.
  I love Olivia Waltons dresses. In the anniversary show, she wears a beautiuful dark green dress, I  have studied the reruns of this show and tried to figure out, how it was made. I follow Eva Girls blog,,  Please check out her blog, she does some beautiful garments.She loves Olivia's dresses too. She had sketched this dress, and when I saw her sketch, I realized I had a similar pattern [thankyou Eva Girl for sharing your sketches].

Pattern: Country Gentleman [found on ebay].
Fabric- quilting cotton [found at wal mart]
   The pattern had to have some alterations. The neck line was too low, so I had to reshape it. Olivia's dress,
had short ties, and I failed to notice this, until after it was made.But, when I do the anniversary dress, I will shorten the ties [and I plan on going back and shorten these ties].Olivia's dress also had 3/4 length sleeves with cuffs and one button on them. I didnt do this to the muslin, since my muslin fabric was not enough.But , I will do this also. So, the next dress will have differences.. But all in all I am very happy with the turn out.

Ties are TOO long!!

Pinned up ties, to show how it will look , when I shorten them.

The dress is a wearable muslin. It is kinda thin for winter, but I think this spring, I will wear it.It will make for a very good every day dress.  Cant you just see a cute little blue apron on it?? [even though, I really dont wear aprons,ha..But, I might just change that habit.!!]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

                                                          Sewing 2012

I must say, I did not do a New Years Resolution for 2012.. But  here is a list of  things I would like to accomplish this year.

1- My prayers is for  renewed health for each of my family. But mostly prayers for Kenny with his upcoming back surgery.

2- I pray , I will set an example for my kids, grandkids, and friends, That they would see the Lord in me. That I would be seen doing His will, And I would grow in His Grace.

3- Sewing --- this hobby brings so much joy and contentment in my life.. Did I say, I love it!! I find so much enjoyment from sewing itself, buying fabric /patterns, and talking to other like minded people.

   A. My goal is to "try" to use as much of my fabric stash , as possiable. And to buy less fabric..  I know, I will still buy fabric/patterns.. It just make me so happy!!! But I will refrain as much as possiable.

    B. My  goal is to really work on --making my garment fit better, and make the insides look as good as the outside. [Thankyou Cathe, you have instilled this in  me].

   C. I really want to learn to grade patterns, and learn to fit muslins better.

   D.  I would love to find more time, to read and study the many sewing books ,that I have.

  E. Continue to work on dieting. I lost 25 pounds in 2011 [I think Christmas holidays brough back about 5-6 pounds.eeeh]. I want to  loose another 20. This will help my health. It is a slow process, but I want it to stay off, and fast weight lost seems to return to  me.ha

All in all,  I am looking forward to fun sewing year, and sharing more of my sewing on my blog.
  Happy 2012!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Emily Morgan --Wizard of Oz Dress-- Christmas Gift

Emily Morgan...Loves Wizard of Oz.. so what better Christmas gift than this dress?

Fabric- found on Ebay
Pattern- Simplicity [Project Runway] 2444 [she is so tiny, The smallest size on this pattern is 4. I had to cut it down to a size 1..
Bow Belt - Sunni's bowmaking belt tutorial

TIme to complete- 4 hours
Will she wear again--- She said, she loves it and will wear it alot!!! She had picked this pattern out , a long time ago..She said,it looks 'vintagey"..And she is  really getting into the vintage patterns.