Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Preparations

Happy Thanksgiving to Each of You

How are your preparations going? I had a sweet friend
email me, and she ask the question?  Wonder will the 
turkey be thawed??? hummmm,  So many prepartions
to get done before the special day arrives..
Note...  I will be cooking , and taking food to my daughter's
house..We have our house up for sale, and it is easier
to move the mess/crowd to her bigger

Here is my list:

Menu---Turkey and Dressing
Sweet potato  Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry sauce
Deviled Eggs
Sister Shubert Rolls
Pecan pies x 2
Pumpkin pie
Daughter is doing chocolate cake for the kiddos.

Turkey is out of the freezer , in the refrigerator [Deedy, 
it is hard as a rock, I do , wonder....will it be thawed?ha]
Corn bread [for dressing] is cooked and in the freezer.
Onions/celery needs to be chopped.

Shopping list has been bought.  [no last minute runs to the 

Tuesday-- I will clean the house, mop, clean bathrooms,etc.
Wednesday-   I will start the baking ..[son and family 
will be here that day and spend the night... I will put
on a big pot of chili in the crockpot for supper]

All in all, it is coming together.. But most important of all
is to remember,  God gives us so much to be thankful for.
Keeping us all safe and in His loving  hands is awesome!!

Pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving..

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sewing Christmas Gifts

Embroidered Table Runner

Stockings [ornaments]

Angel costumes- 4
I have made 25 this year, thus far.. Lots of
cute little angels  looking forward to their
Christmas plays. What a blessing this is
for me.

Hope your having a great week.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Making a Fall Pillow Insert & Pillow Cover Tutorial

Finished Pillow.. So easy
Supplies  used---
Pumpkin ribbon [choose any fall ribbon you like]
Black gingham check from stash [ 1 yard]
 Walmart plastic bags [free] for stuffing.

 I wanted to  make a  pillow insert for a  small pillow,
I made this one 10 in x 10 in. First, I made my pillow
Cover. I cut a long strip  of the gingham fabric that would
go around the pillow and lap over 3-4 inches.I marked
my center and pinned [and then sewed] my pumpkin
ribbon  on.  I hemmed the ends of the  pillow cover. I then,
folded it over the width I needed for my 10 x 10 in pillow
form. [This will be inside out at this time]. I sewed the bottom
and top  all way across. Turned the pillow cover right side
out.  TA-DA----it is finished.

The pillow insert  . I cut  two  10  1/2 in squares .
Sewed all way around it, leaving a space open to
insert my plastic bags. Turn right side out. Iron.

Keep stuffing the pillow form , until it gets as firm
as you like it. Ladies, I saw this idea on a blog  last year,
sorry I can't remember who to give credit to.
It took quiet a few bags.. but this worked really well.
I used a needle and thread  and stitched it closed.

NOTE:  I intend to  use the black white  pillow insert
for Christmas also.. All, I will have  to make is the
Envelope pillow cover  with a Christmas ribbon..

Super easy project and fun..

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making more Frozen Costumes... What a Grandmaw will do for those Sweet Grandchildren

Last year, during School Spirit Week, my oldest
granddaughter, [Emily],ask me to make her the Elsa
costume from the movie, Frozen.. Do you remember
me fussing, and complaining about the glitter??

This year,  her little sister [Callie]went into high school [9 th grade]. Spirit week is upon us again.. and this year was another
Disney Day. so............... I got that sweet little call that ask
me to make her an  Ana from Frozen costume.  Well..
of course , I said Yes!!!  Who could resist??? Emily will be
 Elsa the sister again, and Callie  will be  Anna. I have the
dress almost completed. [Lots of embroidery work...time..time
consuming.. which I dont  have ,ha].  I need to get the cape and capelet cut out..

Also, making some  Biblical Costumes  for Different churches and schools.. This is such a blessing for me.

The work on our house has slowed as I sew costumes.. Nice
to sit at the sewing machine ..
Have a blessed day. and Happy sewing to each of you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nothing Says Fall Better than Apple Pie and Crafting a Fall Wreath

My New Fall Wreath
note: click on photos for a better view.

Gathering the supplies to re-do an old wreath
into a fall  wreath.. Plus-- spray painting
a styroform  pumpkin to decorate.[Found the
pumpkin at a junk store for 50 cents]

After painting my 50 cents find.. I took some
orange and black ric rack trim, and some small
pumpkin ribbon to  put on it.

Nothing says Fall like Apple pie.. and when my sweet
friend emailed me , that she was going to the apple farm..
She was going to make apple butter.... well... that REALLY
made me think about apples.ha

[ps --- Kenny really likes my friend, since this
is his favorite pie.. Cathe.. he says, Thank you!!!]

I have sewed my pumpkin pillow  .. And have added it
to my fall decor. Will post about it soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Small Sewing [Skirts for the Granddaughters]

Amy Grace-  [Almost 11 yrs old]

Ashlee Gail [almost 11 yrs old]

Twin Granddaughters.. I think I am  getting a
thumbs up!!!  Aren't  They Sweet girls?

 I made them 2 solid black a-line skirts for
school [this is their school uniform colors]
I also made them  each a  black/white hounds  tooth
skirt.. I bought ready made t-shirts to go
with them.. It was so nice to get in my sewing
room. Hopefully, we will get moved and
settled soon, and I will be able to sew more.

Happy Sewing...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sewing Project Completed [Bathroom Curtain/ Commode Topper] & Preview of Upcoming Craft Project

Curtain for  Bathroom [at the old house we
are fixing up]
It is  a Berry Red /White stripe, with  a red/white
floral topper..

NOTE: Click on photos  to enlarge.

Used the left over fabric to make a matching
Commode topper.

 I have a craft project in progress.. [I saw a similar
idea on someone's blog. Can't find it.. Sorry I
can't give credit to her blog. ].. These are Christmas
Popcorn tins. I am making  them to  place
on a  big  shelf [that will go from ceiling to floor
and house baskets and tins to hold sewing supplies]. I
will not have a sewing room, when we move..[sad]
So, I am having to figure out what to do with my
massive stash.ha
 I spray painted these  tins [like 20 times.. whew.. have
you ever tried to cover a Christmas tin with white
paint??   not fun.ha] .. I will be  decorating them
with stencils/ more paint/ maybe chalk board paint?
 Will finish them soon.. and  post.

Stencils and  Paint
Just waiting on me....

Hope you all are having a fun summer, and
lots of sewing fun..  I am sorry , I have not
posted in such a long time.. We are  working
many hours a day on this old house, and
getting our house ready to sell.  So time,
is really hard to find. Sorry.