Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sewing Project Completed [Bathroom Curtain/ Commode Topper] & Preview of Upcoming Craft Project

Curtain for  Bathroom [at the old house we
are fixing up]
It is  a Berry Red /White stripe, with  a red/white
floral topper..

NOTE: Click on photos  to enlarge.

Used the left over fabric to make a matching
Commode topper.

 I have a craft project in progress.. [I saw a similar
idea on someone's blog. Can't find it.. Sorry I
can't give credit to her blog. ].. These are Christmas
Popcorn tins. I am making  them to  place
on a  big  shelf [that will go from ceiling to floor
and house baskets and tins to hold sewing supplies]. I
will not have a sewing room, when we move..[sad]
So, I am having to figure out what to do with my
massive stash.ha
 I spray painted these  tins [like 20 times.. whew.. have
you ever tried to cover a Christmas tin with white
paint??   not fun.ha] .. I will be  decorating them
with stencils/ more paint/ maybe chalk board paint?
 Will finish them soon.. and  post.

Stencils and  Paint
Just waiting on me....

Hope you all are having a fun summer, and
lots of sewing fun..  I am sorry , I have not
posted in such a long time.. We are  working
many hours a day on this old house, and
getting our house ready to sell.  So time,
is really hard to find. Sorry.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Selling House/Remodeling House... So busy , but a Small Sewing Project

Nurse's Red Cross Apron

Nurse's hat

I must say, I am sorry that I have not
posted in awhile..[ I really appreciate
the people who have checked on me.thank you.] Life has been so busy... We are in
the process of selling our house, Selling
out Hubby's Coke Collection, and Remodeling
the old Camp house.. Once our house sells,
we will be moving into the Camp house [now
known as Walnut Grove[thanks Deedy]

I have been picking out paint, picking out
new lights, Picking our  counter tops, and
Running errands for 'EVERY BODY" ha.

Sewing.. really got put on the back seat.. I really miss it. I hope to be back sewing ,
real soon. I did take a little time and make
this  apron /hat for a friends daughter.She
had to have it for  a performance , she was in. She was really appreciative, and I love
to sew for those sweet girls.

Hope you all have a blessed week.. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sewing Projects in Process

Adding lace pocket and  lace around hem line, of
some cute stripe RTW  t-shirts for Emily & Callie.
 I saw these shirts in the mall, they were expensive.
So, I found some cute tees, bought some lace
at Hancock's [with my 40% off coupon].
Simple summer top for me.. Will be doing view A.
I have had this strawberry fabric in my stash for awhile.
Not sure where I got it? It is a cotton with a small
amount of  stretch. This will be a loose fitting
top. Nice and cool for summer.

While I was doing the lace tees for the girls, I decided
to make myself one.. [Didn't have enough lace to
go around the hem line, so  I just got a pocket..]

Happy Sewing, and hope you all have a blessed week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sewing for My Friend's Children.

Easter  Sewing for my Friend's Girls
Such Fun!!
3 Sets for Each Girl... and one Embroidered
Pocket tee for the older cousin..


                              I have had these made for several weeks,     
                     Ooops..forgot to post!!!

                    Hope you and your family had a blessed and 
                    wonderful Easter with  your families.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Anniversary [yes..on April Fool's Day]

43 rd  Anniversary

Today is Kenny and my , 43rd anniversary..  Where
did all those years go? It seems only yesterday , that
those two young folks said, " I do".

Kenny is one of the kindest and most honest men ,you
 will ever meet. I admire him and always have. He is
a wonderful  Christian man that loves God and loves his
family. He is funny , and keeps me laughing.[And yes,
he can make me mad] He is always there,
when I need a pick me up.. and he is always their
to defend me [He thinks I am always right.ha]

We were very young.. I was 171/2 yrs old, and he was
19 yrs old. [Yes..we were too young!!! ha]And we had a
hard time, especially during the  early years.. Raising 2
kids, and both of us returning to school and getting
our  college education. But.. you can do it, with God's

Someone ask me," would you do it again?" Yes. I would!!  I
could look the world over, and never find a better husband
or father for my kids or  grandfather for my grandkids.

Today's Plans...
Kenny is working today at his camp house.. I am working
at home. But , we will celebrate later today.. We are going
out to eat. [and let me add... a couple days ago.. he came in
the house holding a big bunch of daffodils in his hand..He said,
" Happy Anniversary"... He knows , this is my favorite flower.
the warm temps were going away, with freezing temps
returning. He knew they would be gone , on our anniversary.
You see. He is so NICE.!!
Also..The night we got married, we were too poor to go
on a honey moon.. so we went to our newly rented apartment.
I had bought a cheap frozen lemon pie, and we eat it that night.
So each year.. I buy one of those pies.. They are special..even
though , not so tasty.ha

I love you Kenny ..  forever!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twin Granddaughter's Dresses..

Ashlee Gail
Her dress is  orange /white polka dot, with white
lace trim and blue silk flowers .

Amy Grace..
Her dress is a bright sunshine yellow/white polka
dot.It has a white trim with blue silk flowers.

Dresses were made from a simple a-line dress
pattern. Has cute little sleeves and  lace trim.

Of course, I could not leave well enough alone..[That is
me for sure.ha]  I found these little hats, and thought the
girls would enjoy playing with them.. I could not find
a white one.. so I got blue hats, and added orange /white polka
dot ribbon and a a white /blue silk flower. I added the
blue flowers to the bring in some blue. 

Amy's dress got the same treatment. I also got her
a matching purse and trimmed it out to match
the hat...
Note:  Ashlee told me,that she really didn't like purses..
[Figured you would wonder why she didn't get a purse.ha]

This was fun sewing.. I had the fabric in my stash.. So, only
bought the hats and purse.

I told about this make here.

Happy sewing.. and hope you all are seeing signs of spring!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Olivia Walton Wrap Dress #3

                     Olivia Walton Wrap Dress #3

This is now my 3rd time to make this pattern..It is so fun to make, and easy . Very comfortable. I got this pattern from Eva Girl
at the Oppulent Poppy Blog. She has made some beautiful ones, and many more of Olivia Walton's look alike dresses. She is now selling this pattern in her Etsy Shop.. please check it out.

Also, check out her blog:

Olivia Walton Wrap Dress
Made from a mustard yellow /with black and white dot
fabric.It is a cotton with a small amount  of stretch.

Back view.
Front view.
Thank you Eva Girl , for creating this wonderful pattern.
I  wish you the very best. And Look forward to  other
Oliva Walton patterns , that you will create to sell , in your
Etsy Shop.