Sunday, August 10, 2014

SImplicity 5942

Simplicity 5942 - Vintage Pattern

I have had this dress made since the end of July, but couldn't get
it  photographed or blogged..whew!!
NOTE: click on the photos, to enlarge, You will be able to see close up..

Simplicity 5942
Gingham check with cherries  fabric  from stash.
I made the little bow...but, it just didn't work for me..
[too old.ha] The dress is comfortable, and  wears well.
I had worn it all day , when this photo was taken..So,
it looks wrinkled and unkept.. 

This dress was for my MAGAM challenge. for July.
I did complete it in July..
Fabric and pattern came from my stash. The only thing.
I purchased was the zipper.  The belt was borrowed from
another dress.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple Skirt from my Singer Perfect Plus Book

4 Gore Skirt
Perfect for a quick sew..
Note: to see a  better view of photos, click on them.

Red/Black/white  polka dot from stash.
Simple elastic waist.  I paired this with a
black cardigan and RTW white top,
this will be for the fall.

OOOPS.. Sorry I didn't fix the built in cami,
on my lace blouse... I paired it with this top,
and it was a pretty good look too.

Skirt ..
Nice and comfortable on  a hot summer day.
I  will pair it with a simple white top, and sandals,
for a cool/comfortable   shopping day or running

Fabric-  from stash
pattern- from my singer book

I have several items that I have sewed the last couple weeks..
My internet was down and I couldn't get any posting
done. Sorry.

This dress is from my MAGAM   July  challenge.. I
actually  got it made in July.. I will post it, as soon
as I get some  photos.. So for now, you get to
see the pattern.ha

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Place I Call Home

Turbon Lily
Kenny found one bulb, while deer hunting.Brought it home
and  took such great care of it.. It has multiplied  and now
there are 8 plants.. They bring us such beauty to look at.

Flowers are blooming.. All the wonderful rain and cool summer
have been great..

This is what I call- Home!!!

The red bench, is a  nice little seat...Just to take a seat,
and look around !!!

These lilies are blooming around the bird bath too.
The lonely play center,, seems to be calling some
sweet little kids to come play..[How sad, that my grandkids
have outgrown it. But, when Papa built it for them, quiet
a few years ago, they loved it..]

Kitchen got a small facelift....New counter tops, and  a new floor..

I   have sewed /embroidered some during the month of July,
 however, have not posted any thing.. I have had internet
 problems ,all month. Hopefully , it is fixed now, and I will get
 some things posted..

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three Berry & Pecan Scones-- Recipe from a Sweet Friend

Cranberry, Blueberry,Cherry & Roasted Pecan Scones

My sweet friend, Cathe, , makes a variety of scones
quiet frequently. She shared her recipe on her blog,
check it out.
Her   scones look so good, I just had to try this recipe.
So proud I did, Even though , mine are not too pretty,
they sure do taste good.ha

Thank you Cathe, for  the wonderful recipe, the  extra tips,
and my beautiful vintage dish cloth. I think  it made
my scones , taste even better.ha.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sewing/ Crafting & Sprucing up!! Having Fun!

I bought this white shower curtain [it was just too plain]
I  took a strip of red/white stripe fabric [same as the
curtains I made below]. Made some bias tape, and
sewed a strip around it.. Quick  and easy color!!
The star candle holder was black , I spray painted it.
The little wall hanger ,holding wash cloths, I found
at Salvation Army [50 cents].. Spray painted it!!

Made the simple bathroom curtain, out of
 a red/white stripe  fabric, I added a red/pink floral
topper. Also , spray painted  the basket..

Made a new wreath for the front door.
[can you tell I love the color red??? ha]

The 4'oclocks and begonias are showing their beauty.

Hope your having a  great weekend.. Sewing /relaxing or
just doing what ever makes you happy!!
ps.. Too enlarge photos , just click on photo..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nautical Skirt/top & Pocket Tees..Embroidering /Sewing for 2 Sweet little Girls

Seersucker stripe a-line skirt  with an
appliqued anchor
RTW t-shirt  embellished with a Pocket that
I embroidered an anchor on.

 I made 2 sets of these, for my friend's girls.
Sweet embroidered initial  pockets  on RTW tees.
On the blue shirt... I decided to add a band of the
chevron fabric and a bow!!
I did 2 sets of these tees !!

Happy and fun embroidering and sewing!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Revised Grainline Scout Tee

                                                    Revised Grainline Scout Tee

            When you plan a simple sew [that you have         
            sewed before], that turns into.....a  long
            lasting sew... DO you wonder why???

            It's not the pattern, it's not the revised
            ideas, it's not your sweet friend [Cathe]
            that sent you this  "sweet,fast,simple sew"         

                            IT  IS ----

            Your's Truly.. hahahaha  You see, I cut out this
            shirt , in  a really cute red fabric.. When I 
            went to cut  my little v in it,  I was too  set 
            on the simple part, and I didn't measure well.   
            I cut the  v off center.. It looked really dumb.
            I used the last little bit of the fabric.. so
            no re-cutting the front.  I was ready to set this 
            sewing tee aside.. But my friend, Cathe, finished 
            her beautiful shirt up and after seeing how pretty,
            it was, I just had to finish mine. check her blog
             to see her beautiful tee.
                                         BTW-- Neither of us knew, that  we would both end up doing
                                          a floral blue  fabric.ha

Don't you just love this rustic old
building? It is at Kenny's camp house.
A fun day /night , camping out with
our grandson, Kenny.

Wish you could see the cute cuffs on the sleeves.
 Nice loose fitting , comfortable shirt.. Feel
really bad, that I wanted to cuss it.ha

Grainline Scout Tee [revised]
Sewing from stash.. yea.. Both
the messed up red one, and this one
came from my stash..