Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Dresses for Granddaughters- Photos

                               Easter 2014-- Dresses I made for my 4 Granddaughters
                                     Grandsons photos included!
Emily Morgan

Callie Noelle, Chandler, Emily

Close up of Emily' s  Dress

Close up of  Callie's Dress

Cindy's Kids.. [Just had to post this photo.. Callie's mom
put them in this pose... and the funny face , is a result of.
"Mama, there is an ant in this tree" hahaha

Chandler, Emily and Callie

Ashlee Gail

Amy  Grace

Kenny,  Ashlee and Amy

Ashlee and Amy
Sailor Girls

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Dresses Completed--

Dress #4 is finished!! Callie's  coral color dress.

Twins Sailor sets are Finished

                   Callie's  Coral dress is finished..It was the last one.
                   Now, all 4 granddaughter's dresses are at home with 
                   them. So proud to have  them finished.Now it is 
                   time to clean the sewing room.. Get preparations  

                   made for Easter Dinner.

                            I will post photos of the girls in their dresses, once
                  Easter is over, and there mom's sends them to me.

                  Pray you and your families have a wonderful and 
                 Blessed Easter.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Dress #3 completed with Headaches.. One more to go!!!!!

                                          Easter Dresses for my Granddaughters  are getting done!
                                                          Slowly but Surely!!
                                                                            From Here:

                                                                           To Here!!!
This is dress #3. It is for Emily. The inner bodice
does not drag like the photo is showing .. Bad
photographer.ha The dress is really pretty in person.
Emily loves it, and I am so proud.

The rest of the story... It didn't go from photo #1
to photo #2 without some headaches.. I  finished
it  up , on  Thursday.. When Emily tried it on,
the waist was too tight. SIGH!!! This girl
has a 25 in waist, and I was trying so hard, to
make sure it fit nicely, and not droopy.
 so, what did I have to do? Take the zipper
back out [of this sheer, embroidered fabric..not fun]
take satin waistband and lining out , and cut another
one.  So yesterday.was no fun!!!

Today.. I am cutting out dress #4.. Just like this one,
but in a coral color.. for an even smaller young lady..

SOON  and Very soon... I will be back to making
some spring clothes for ME...


Monday, March 31, 2014

Daffodils/Thrift Store Pitcher and a Sweet Hubby

              Tomorrow is our 42nd Anniversary... Wow...How  the time has flown!!!
              We are so blessed...We have two lovely children and 5 grandchildren              
              and one step grandson.

               No Girls---- I am not that old [hahahahaha].. We just married , really
               young... Kenny was 19 and I was 17 1/2.

             We are leaving out in the morning,  Kenny has a doctors appointment..
             [3 hours away] And we are going  to stay a  few days..  Maybe find
             a few thrift stores.?? Just a little get away.

                                   Now...I will get to the Title of this Post!!!

                 Kenny is so sweet... A couple of weeks ago, [I am just now
                 taking the time to post. sorry] he went to the camp house, He
                knows that daffodils are my favorite flowers.. They just say
               spring..  Anyway, when he came home, he had a handful of
               pretty daffodils.. [After 42 yrs of marriage.. this is pretty nice!!]

               I found this cute little pitcher at a thrift store.. Just perfect for my
               sweet present..

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Dresses [Sailor top/skirts]- For Twins

Front - Sailor Top/Skirt

Back  View

I have finished both sets  .. Only showing
one top..[Haven't ironed the second one yet.]

2 out of 4

Now, I will start on the  older girls dresses.
Have made muslins for   them.. So am
waiting for them to come today... So I can
tweak it a little more, before cutting into
the real thing.

I will post  photos of the  girls wearing these
[after Easter, when their Mama's send
me photos.]

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh No---Easter is almost here... and I have 4 dresses to make?

                              I spent the last 4 weeks working on biblical costumes. I did 28 for
                              a church in New Hamshire. Such an honor for me..  But, it took
                              my sewing mojo.. Had to take a break.. but couldn't seem to return??
                              However..my 4 granddaughters , don't  know any thing about
                              "Maw has lost her sewing mojo!!"  They just know, they want
                              new Easter Dresses. ha So the sewing table is piled high with
                               Dresses to be made!!!

Muslins are being done for the 13 & 15 yr old girls.
Using an old bed sheet.

The girls dresses  have a sheer bodice over a solid bodice,
with gathered skirts. The skirts have ruffles [from the sheer
fabric]. So, I have made and corrected the fitted bodice
muslin, and have cut out the overlay bodice muslin.
Just need 2 girls to come and try them on?

Emily's dress.. This gorgeous fabric arrived  today..
 Now, I just need the lining fabric to get started.. Her
Mama ordered this on line, so we had to wait for it
to come.. so we can find a matching lining fabric.

Callie's dress.. Her fabric is the same as Emily's..But in a
coral pink color. Callie is 13 and tiny. But, she loved
this pattern [Mccalls- Emily's pattern] However, the
smallest size was just way too big, to alter  to fit her.
I found this Simlicity pattern, that came in a smaller
size.. The bodice is almost the same as the McCalls
pattern.. I am going to  use the Simplicity bodice
and put  the Mccalls skirt on it.


While waiting on the lining fabrics, I will  start on
the twins dresses.. They chose  a vintage sailor
top and skirt.. They are still in the children's size
patterns, so fitting will be easy on this one.Yea.

 Amy and Ashlee chose the  set on the left.
The skirt and top will be blue,  with white collar
and red ties. I will add red trim to the collars.

Not only do I have to finish these 4 dresses by Easter,
 I also will be gone the first few days of April. Kenny has
a doctors appointment in Tn.. And our 42nd anniversary
is April 1 st. We have decided to  make a mini vacation
out of it.. Nothing major, just a little get away..

PS.. I must add [for the girls who have known me awhile, and
 know my willingness to take my sewing machine ANY WHERE
I go.]  Kenny has already said, "no, your not taking
your sewing machine.. You are going to rest!" lol

Monday, February 24, 2014

Making Summer PJ'S [Colette Violet Pattern]

Summer PJ's
[I  am so ready for spring!!!]

 Two Toast Made several pairs of comfy pj's..After  seeing
them.. I decided I needed to make my self some. I liked
her button up loose style, for comfort.  After checking
all my pj  patterns, I didn't have a button up top.. So,
I  decided to use the Colette Violet blouse pattern, for
the top.. [Just  enlarged it from my regular 14 to a 16
and added 2 inches to the length]
I wanted some cool summery fabric, I had this cute orange
floral stretch cotton.. But not enough to do both top
'and pj pants.. So, I made the pj pants out of  an orange
gingham check..
Check out Two Toast 's blog, to see her cute pj's.

                                                 Now.. when spring gets here.. I have new pj's just
                                                Waiting to be worn...