Tuesday, November 26, 2013

 Happy Thanksgiving

 I  want to wish you  all a very blessed Thanksgiving.

I have been super busy this week , preparing for
my children and grandchildren's visit.. The turkey
is thawing in the refrigerator,  The  grocery
shopping for all the  sides , has been done.

Baking has begun.. Pies  and Cakes.. Yummy!!!
 [And it is smelling really good around here!!!]

The house has been cleaned and now is  time
to sit back, and enjoy my family..

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poodle Skirt for Emily

Dress up week at school..  this was 1950's day

Emily called me and said, 'Maw , I need a poodle
skirt for dress up day.. It is 1950's Day!"
She was really excited about it. And chose the
black/white check with the pink poodle.

This outfit made Emily very happy, and  I used
3 1/2 yds fabric from my stash.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving "Turkey Dresses" for my Friend's Girls

Turkey Dresses for   a Friend's Girls

Thanksgiving is such a special time of year. My friend's
little girl, ask her mom, 'why don't we have any
Thanksgiving dresses? Why does the stores have  all that
Christmas stuff out , and it is Thanksgiving? Why don't we
 celebrate  and be thankful for what our forefathers did ?

I am sure  she got all her questions from  studying about
the pilgrims in school .[she is 7].
Let's be thankful for our many blessings , that God  gave us.
Happy Thanksgiving.. and sending prayers that you and
your families will have a blessed  Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snowmen Dresses-- Christmas is on it's Way

Snowmen Minky Dresses

                                I have been doing tons of sewing.. Just really nothing to
                                blog about.. [Lots and lots of costumes for churches and
                                schools -- but I have posted photos of these before, and
                                they all look .HA]

                                However , a friend ask me to make snowmen dresses  for her.
                                This is #1- and I have 2 more to go.. The snowmen faces are
                                 appliqued on via my embroidery machine..The dresses are made
                                from minky fabric. So soft and cuddly!!![and my sewing room floor
                                looks like it is snowing.ha]

                                Sorry about the red shirt  I put up under it..It most definitely
                                is the wrong color red.. It is all I had here, and the little dress
                                form ...didn't look good sleeveless.ha

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Plans -Indgo Junction 807 Day Shift Dress/Tunic

Indygo Junction 807
Day Shift  Dress /Tunic

This is my plans for November  Make a Garment a Month Challenge.

I  am not sure which fabric I will  use. I really want to  make
the blue linen,however, I don't have as much  fabric as the pattern
calls for.. We will see??
If not:
I will make it from this pink stripe shirting fabric.
Both comes from my stash, so will go for
my Stash Busting Challenge also..

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Callie Makes Cupcakes

Callie   Just has to try out these yummy chocolate cupcakes.

How about another dip into the chocolate?

Callie came to spend the weekend with us.. Her sister and mom
went to Jackson for Band .. We missed making
cupcakes for Halloween, so she decided this
weekend,would be perfect... Do you see all that
candy , on top of those cupcakes?? [I feel my sugar
going up. just looking at them,ha]

But...we had lots of fun!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sewing Memories--- Wizard Citation Sewing Machine

Wizard Citation Sewing Machine from the early 70's

Singer  Alter & Fit  Booklet from the 60's

 I found this little  Singer booklet on ebay , last week.
When it arrived in my mail box.. I was amazed at how
well  written it was. And some of the same basic rules
of  altering ,as we use today.

This  made me think of my sewing. I took Home Ec in school, as
all girls did back then [in the late 60's]. I loved it.
Kenny and I married as young kids. I wanted to sew,
so the first year we were married, he bought me this
sewing machine at Western Auto..
They are not made like this any more.. All metal parts.
Very basic machine..None of the thrills of  the modern
day machine. I sewed on this machine for  25 years.
 And , if I remember correctly... it only went to the shop
for minor repairs twice. It still sews to this day.

I had put it away , but just could not part with it.. It sewed my
daughters wedding dress, My daughter in law's wedding dress.
And many dresses for Cindy growing up.  I needed a belt
for it, and could no longer find  them in the fabric shops.
I found one on ebay.  I put it on and  sewed a little on
it. Brought back such fond memories..