Saturday, September 16, 2017

Making Signs & Photos Around the House

 Wood Welcome Basket
I found this at Dollar General Store for $6. Perfect
place for my vine and milk jug. Sitting in kitchen
window, getting the sunshine it needs.

NOTE...Click on photos , to see larger/clearer photos.

 I made this  Blessed sign out of some old
house siding.   Found the galvanized sheet [on
the sign and also the galvanized holder  at
Hobby Lobby..

Farmhouse sweet Farmhouse  copy [found free on
Pintrest]  Found the  wood sign at dollar General
Store for $5.

 Made the R sign.. Bought the board at Hobby Lobby.
 Painted the galvanized R and glued on. Made the
 Farmhouse Living Pillow on the bench.

Found this cute little table with a drawer for putting
stuff in, at  our local Dirt Cheap store.. Looks like
a retro tv , doesn't it?? lol Perfect match with my sage
green lamps.

Made the sign above.. Found the little tiny word
signs at Freds Dollar store.. And put them on the
wood sign I made.. Easy Peasy..

Welcome sign.. Made from  the old house siding. I also
made a pumpkin patch one , to take this ones place,
when I get the fall decorating done??

Flowers are still going strong..

The 3 trees in the front  are really missed.. Such lovely 
shade trees.. But , they were  too close to the house.
And Hubby hated the balls that fall off the sweet gum
trees.. he had to blow the yard nearly every day
during fall. So he won out, and we had them cut.
We have been working on getting grass back to growing
in the yard.. So , it has been a lot of work ..whew!!

Hope you have a good week.. And many blessings from
God our Father.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Callie... Kindergarten to Senior .. Where did the time go?

Callie.. 5 yrs old and headed off to kindergarten. I remember
the year so well.. She really did not want to start school ha.  I had baby set her, [while mom worked] for
those 5 years. I was so very loss , when  she went to school.
I didn't realize , how fast time would fly. And I would be posting
photo of a senior , this soon..
[Life is like a vapor- here today and gone tomorrow]

Callie - 16 yrs old. heading off  to school. She is now a senior.
 Wow.. that's hard to believe.  She is a very sweet girl. She
started school and made straight A's.. She  made it through
 school with not a single B. So very proud of her. She is 
graduating a year early.. She never really liked school, and
had rather start college early and  Quote from her..." Get it
over with  asap". lol
 She called me last night, to tell me , she had made home coming
court. She was excited, as she didn't know if she would even
be allowed to , since she was graduating early..

God has really blessed Kenny and I with 2 wonderful kids and 5
grandchildren. As, we watch them grow up, there is a sadness,
but also a very  proud time too .. Seeing them serve the Lord and
become adults. This is what God intended. And I am very thankful.