Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making Dresses for the Grandkids

Amy & Ashlee [twin grandaughters]
My son's 7 yr old girls



Ashlee [standing]  Amy [sitting]

If you wondered if Judy was sewing??? yes... she has been.. For the past couple weeks
I have been sewing dresses for my 4 grandaughters and one for a friends grandaughter.
I have been waiting on photos to post.. My daughter in law, sent me these today.

Amy's dress is made from a blue floral fabric [that I got at a thrift store, for 50 cents. Ashlee's
was made from some red and white gingham check, I had in my stash. Each girl
picked out the fabric they wanted. I embroidered  thier initals on a white yoke.

 I will be posting the other girls photos..when I get the them.[Now, its time to sew for Maw!]

Friday, March 30, 2012

How do you dress for household chores?[Like June Cleaver?]

Look how nice she looks.. she just did breakfast and
packed the boys lunches and  is getting them off to school!

Love this dress!

Even with troubles ... look how organzied..

Mom is perfect host to her sons and his friends. Doesn't she look nice?
   I was watching an episode of  Leave it to Beaver this morning. I was admiring the beautiful dresses that  June Cleaver wore each day.. As she worked around the house [in her beautiful dresses, high heels and pearl necklace].

  As I watched it, I wondered?????????? How do you dress for house cleaning chores?  Well. I can tell you, I don't wear high heels and pearl necklaces.ha  I normally will wear an old comfortable t-shirt and shorts or jeans. Hair pulled back in a pony tail..  [And I can tell you.... I would have to run to the back of the house and change clothes and comb my hair,  if you knocked on the door.ha]

   I would love to  have all the wonderful dresses she wore in these shows !!!  Did you also notice, the house is in perfect order, the kids always are neat and in order!!! Is this tv or what??

Friday, March 16, 2012

What is Judy up To?

                                                               Sewing is so much fun... is spring break for our grandkids this week. Emily , Callie and I had so  many
plans .We were going to get together and have some "good ole sewing together"..
Plans do get changed!!! Cindy and Callie have been home sick all week, and bless
sweet little Emily 's heart...she has been taking good care of them!![She even cooked
supper for the family one night...she soon discovered a mama's job is tiring,ha]

SO...Maw has been sewing alone!!! I decided to make all 4 of the grandaughters a
dress. Once, I get them done and to each child. I will post pictures of  them..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Judy Won the Give Away Thread Catcher

      I was so excited when I won the thread catcher give away at Laura made this thread catcher. Please go to her blog and see the beautiful things she does.. She is such an
inspiration ..
      I  just love it.. Instead of having to drag a garbage can close by to hold all my nips and bits of thread, I sit my thread catcher close by and it gets all the little threads.. So easy to take it from place to place for all your crafting and sewing projects..
     Laura ,thankyou so much. I will treasure this special gift.

 Judy's Special Thread Catcher

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colette Licorice Dress

Colette Licorice Dress with Colette Violet Sleeve

I made this dress for Cindy's Birthday [my daughter].Sorry the picture turned
out so badly..eeeh, I am no photographer,ha.
The dress was really simple to  make, I really liked the collar, I added piping to it
for a really cute additive. I used the sleeve pattern from the colette violet pattern.
Very Nice to sew something.. I have really missed it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Little Girl Who Loves Minnie Mouse

                                                Minnie Mouse Dress and Doll Dress

I made this dress & matching doll dress , for  a specail little girl named Mia. She is turning
four years old. Happy Birthday Mia.

 You see she loves the cartoon character Minnie Mouse.. So what better fabric than
this sweet minnie mouse print? The border is a red & white polka dot [since Minnie
is decked out in red & white polka dot.] I then added a black gross grain  ribbon
trim around it.

  What fun to sew for the little ones!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Lovely Package From a Sweet Friend

This week had  been a really rough week for Kenny.. He has been really sick
and we have spent alot of time  sleepless, worring, etc. But just knowing we have
our many friends and family praying for us , is such a blessing.. And so apprecaited.

                                            When my day seemed so hard.....

I go to the mail box and what  a shocking surprise. My sweet, sweet talented
friend had mailed me a package across the world.[and she is sick ,herself!!].
As I tore into this package, The tears flowed. To think that   Rachel took the
time and made this lovely card. And added the sweet lace, and beautiful
buttons. And even added Kenny and I both a drink.. How thoughtful!!!
thankyou so much Rachel..  I will treasure my card for ever.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red & White Polka Dot Blouse- New Look 6808

Pattern- New Look 6808
Fabric--Tiny Red & White Polka Dot stretch cotton blend
Notions- none

 I have had this pattern for quiet awhile. I have seen it made several times at Sew Weekly. I really
liked the  look of it.. So, I finally got around to making it.. It is a really comfortable and easy to wear
blouse.  I love the collar and the little bow on it. Super cute..
   I have a  skirt cut out,  that I am intending on making to go with it. Later Post.
   My photographer [Kenny] is out of commission right now... so no photos of me wearing it.. That
will have to come later, ha.