Monday, December 29, 2014

Sewing 2014-- Some fun..some mess ups...some Blessings..

I would like to say thank you to each of my followers 
in 2014. I read every message and  love your feedback.
I  have not sewed a lot for myself this year..but, thought
I would share a few makes with you.
Emily's [granddaughter] Frozen costume,  I would have to say, was the "most work".. But, I think the most appreciated/fun..She loved it .So, I totally enjoyed making her happy..[even all the glitter. lol]

                          Lots of Children's Clothes


   I made lots of  dresses/skirts and monogrammed t-shirts
for  the kids.. All was fun and sweet. Some for my grandchildren,
some for friend's kids.

This chambray  top [grainline  scout tee  pattern]was made during the summer. I have worn it so much.. Love the lace inset yoke.

Christmas " Happy" for a special friend!!

Easter dresses for Emily and Callie. These were very time
consuming,  getting the fitting issues done.. But, the girls
were very happy on Easter. The dresses looked so good
on them.. Such  a special sew.

Amy [twin granddaughter]. Made her costume for a play at school. She got sick , and didn't get to use it. SO sad..She
was very disappointed. This was one costume of approximately
150 this year.

Many/many  costumes for Churches and Schools all over
the world.  This sewing was such a blessing to me. God is awsome!!  and I feel so blessed  to  be able to do this ministry.

2014 was not  a big sewing year for me.. I  really didn't need anything,  But 2015, I hope to share lots of Me sewing.ha
Happy New Year..

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas To Each of You..[Christmas 2014]

                It is Christmas Eve ... Such a blessed and Wonderful

          Lots of  "stuff" going on around  here!   Today is  our
          Dinner day with the kids and their  families. I have
          been cooking and making preparations for several 
          days...but,  I still see  lots to do.
          I wanted to take a few minutes to say  I pray you 
          and your families have a very blessed and Merry
          Christmas. May God be with each of you,, Have

          Thank you all for being such wonderful friends..

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Tree Apple Pie

My hubby loves apple pie.. Now... he has been
really sweet to me lately!! [Christmas is in the air]
So.. I made him a "pre- Christmas pie"

NOTE: the reason the title says Christmas tree
apple pie-- uuuumh.. my friend Cathe, is
a baker and  so talented.. she makes pies all
the time,and puts leaves and all kinds of
designs on them. GORGEOUS!! so.. I tried
it. All  I can say..........there really was a
tree on top.. it faded..hahahha

This photo shows  a little bit of the Christmas
All in all.. I had fun trying, and Hubby totally
enjoyed the pie.. Said it was the best one , I ever
made?? ha  [He even laughed at my Tree]

Merry Christmas ...Have fun and enjoy your

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Christmas Sewing-- Making a Small Table Runner

Christmas  Presents...So fun to Make
 small table runner--One end has a
machine embroidered present

The other end has a machine embroidered

I added Red gingham check ribbon to
each end.. [Nothing says Christmas like
 red checks!!!] -and my old antique milk
bottle holding  pretty  red/white/green
paper straws..

Pillow wraps...[Have you seen these floating
around Pintrest and Etsy?] I doubled this
one so it could be turned to the other side ,
to change the looks.. Just slip it on a matching
throw pillow.. so cute...

Inside is red/white/green mini stripe.

I have made several of these for  Gifts..
I embroidered an initial on   some of them..
[sorry forgot to take photo, and they are
already packaged..]

Fun to be doing some fun sewing.. I have
a few more Christmas gifts to make..

Hope each of you are enjoying your Christmas

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sewing Christmas Dresses for 3 Sweet Sisters...and Costumes

Christmas Owl Dresses for 3 Sisters

The  green/white polka dot border with
their names embroidered on it,
just says  Christmas 

Lots & lots of them.. I have really lost
count this holiday season.. but  I have
done approximately 30-35.. I make these
for churches and schools for their Christmas
biblical plays.. Such a blessing.

Sewing for me in 2014 , has not been
very much.. My plans for 2015 is to
do some sewing for me.. I have missed
my sewing.

This week is  filled with getting preparations
for Thanksgiving . I pray that you and your
families have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sewing Birthday Presents for Twin Grandaughters

Sisters Forever [Frozen] Skirts  for
Amy and Ashlee

Chevron    Purse for Amy

                                              Happy 10 th Birthday Amy & Ashlee

                                       So hard to believe the girls turned 10 yrs old
                          this month.. They love the movie Frozen.. I found
                          this  fabric, and it was barely enough for the 2 
                          skirts. I bought  matching rtw t-shirts  to go with 
                          them. I also made Amy a chevron initial purse.
                          Ashlee doesn't like purses, so I bought her another
                          present.. Also, got the girls outfits for their
                          American Girl dolls.

                    Sewing... I have done a  few sewing things,  a tunic
                    for me,  an initial pillow .. Just need to photograph 
                     them.  Sorry for the lack of post, I  got in a lull, after
                     Callie got sick.. But , I am hoping to get to sewing
                     more real soon..Miss it!!!

                Update on Callie... She went back to Children's Hospital
                 yesterday, and  had another EEG and blood work.. Have 
                not heard from blood work..But the EEG was normal. 
                Meaning the seizure meds is working.. She is still  having
                some problems, but we thank God for this news.. Please 
                continue to pray for her. and thank you all for your

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sewing- Halloween/Fall/Christmas [For some Sweet Girls in Washington]-Plus 2 Costumes

Wow... My kitchen table would barely hold all this   I have a friend that I sew  Holiday things
for her Girls. I have been doing this for about 11 years.
They love it, and I enjoy it too..
I made 9 skirts, made  15 embroidered  initial pocket  RTW
tees, During this time, I also  made 2 costumes for
some christian schools.

This is the Chrstmas Owl set..

This is the  Halloween pumpkin/ghost  set,  Owl Christmas Set,
and Fall  Candy corn set..
I did 3 sets of these [for 3 girls]
Then I did 6 extra matching shirts for their friends.

One of the biblical costumes.. [forgot to get the
photo of the other one.]

 Hope all of you are having a wonderful fall and
enjoying your  sewing. I have made a tunic
for myself too..Just need to photograph..

Callie update:  Callie is improving. Still not completely
seizure free.. But, it will take time to  regulate
her meds. She goes back to Children's Hospital
for  the test  Nov. 10th.  Thank you for your
prayers, Please continue to pray.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elsa [From Frozen] Costume for Emily [Plus update on Callie]

Emily Morgan
15 yr old granddaughter
 When she came and ask me to make her an Elsa Costume
for  School Spirit Week [dress up week]..Of course, I said,
'YES"----  I did not   realize that  the sheer snow flake cape
would  give me  a  house full of glitter  and FUN?

But yes,  I would do it again... She  was thrilled and had
a really fun day at school.. 

The photo does not show it, but no only is the cape sheer glitter
snowflakes, but the sleeves and upper bodice is sheer fabric\
and so not fun to sew.. She had to wear a  tee shirt under
it for school, due to the dress code.

Note: Update on Callie [thjs is  Emily's sister]
Callie is improving.. She is still having some small seizures /tremors.
But, they are working on regulating the medicines.. She is very
tired. But we are very thankful for the improvement, and very
thankful of all your prayers.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Update on Callie

Praying for Callie

 Callie went to the  pediatric neurologist on Friday..  She has  Juvenile  Epsilepsy
It is not the kind , that she will out grow. She  will have  to take meds
the rest of her life. They have started her on  these. and will work to
get them  regulated.  She is still having seizures at night.  She has 3 types
of seizures. They are:
1- The convulsive type-  which is the bad ones. like she had last Thursday, when she
quit breathing and required CPR.
2- Myoclonic Seizures-  this is where she has the jerking/spasm on the right
side of her body.
3-small seizures  [during her wake hours]. that only last 8-10 seconds.  The doctor
said. she nor anyone else  would notice it. But,  she is doing this so  much,
and  has been for a long time. that is why she is always so tired, and needs

 We are very sad, that  she has to deal with this , for the rest of her life. But, are
so thankful , that it is treatable with medicine. We know, the  outcome,
could have been so much worse.

I want to say a special thank you to all my blog friends. I thank you so much
for  all your prayers and thoughts. May God bless each of you.

ps.. went by  to see her after church.. she is still sleeping a lot, and  not
feeling well.. Hope the medicine gets regulated, and she feels better soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skirts/Tees for the Twins [and a few other sewing projects -completed]

Ashlee Gail

 I made the girls a  monogrammed  pocket
 for a RTW t-shirt. I had lots of  chevron fabric
left, so I make them  a simple a-line skirt.
They both like them, they said,  they look
like big girls.ha

Amy Grace

Disney princess pillowcase dress for Elly.

I was asked to make this Doc McStuffin
a-line dress for a little girl. It was super easy
to make.  It has one button in the back..  I
embroidered "Doc McStuffin" on
the yoke.. This little girl  LOVES this cartoon.

When my life settles again, I have lots of sewing
for me, planned. Happy sewing to each of you,
and again thanks for your prayers for  Callie.
Will update when we know something. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Update on Callie

Update on Callie:

Callie's hand/arm is having tremors/shaking, when she is asleep.. She is very tired and is sleeping  most of the time.  She is complaining of   being dizzy and  her
head feeling funny. She says , she is so tired.  Her leg gave way today and she fell. She told her mom, she was just dizzy ...

The Children's Hospital in Memphis called today. She has an appointment
Friday morning. [They were not happy that our local hospital, did not bring
her on, last Thursday when this happened---me too!!}

She has an EEG scheduled for Friday..

Please pray for  her..

I really appreciate all of your prayers.. Such wonderful/sweet friends..

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prayers for Callie


                                                                   Prayers for Callie

                    Callie is our 13 yr old granddaughter. She is a very sweet and lovely
                    girl. Just a joy to our lives.

                   On Thursday night, I got the worse call , that a grandparent could imagine.
                   Cindy called, and when I answered the phone.... All I could hear was,
                   screaming and crying,  She said," Mama, please pray, Tell Daddy to
                   pray... some thing is wrong with Callie, I don't know what?, " I was hysterical and ask
                   " what is wrong?". the phone went dead..  A few minutes later, it rang.
                   She screamed," Oh Mama,  Callie is not breathing, Stanley is doing CPR,
                   and the ambulance is on its way."   I have never felt such terror, in my life.
                   When we got there,  She was being loaded on the  ambulance.

                  After many test,  The doctors said, she had  a seizure.[she has never          
                  had seizures or no one in our family]. She stopped breathing, not sure
                   why? They have called a pediatric neurosurgeon
                  at Lebourner Childrens  Hospital in Memphis, Tn., to get her an appointment
                 .Cindy  is scared to go to sleep, scared to leave her in a room alone, It is terrifying.

                  She seems to be doing fine now..  Other than when, she goes to sleep,
                  her hands are jerking??? Not sure what is going on?

                  I know that God is in control, and He is with her, I  pray for strength \
                  and courage to trust Him and know that He will take care of our sweet

                 Please remember Callie, when you pray..

Sunday, August 10, 2014

SImplicity 5942

Simplicity 5942 - Vintage Pattern

I have had this dress made since the end of July, but couldn't get
it  photographed or blogged..whew!!
NOTE: click on the photos, to enlarge, You will be able to see close up..

Simplicity 5942
Gingham check with cherries  fabric  from stash.
I made the little bow...but, it just didn't work for me..
[too old.ha] The dress is comfortable, and  wears well.
I had worn it all day , when this photo was taken..So,
it looks wrinkled and unkept.. 

This dress was for my MAGAM challenge. for July.
I did complete it in July..
Fabric and pattern came from my stash. The only thing.
I purchased was the zipper.  The belt was borrowed from
another dress.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple Skirt from my Singer Perfect Plus Book

4 Gore Skirt
Perfect for a quick sew..
Note: to see a  better view of photos, click on them.

Red/Black/white  polka dot from stash.
Simple elastic waist.  I paired this with a
black cardigan and RTW white top,
this will be for the fall.

OOOPS.. Sorry I didn't fix the built in cami,
on my lace blouse... I paired it with this top,
and it was a pretty good look too.

Skirt ..
Nice and comfortable on  a hot summer day.
I  will pair it with a simple white top, and sandals,
for a cool/comfortable   shopping day or running

Fabric-  from stash
pattern- from my singer book

I have several items that I have sewed the last couple weeks..
My internet was down and I couldn't get any posting
done. Sorry.

This dress is from my MAGAM   July  challenge.. I
actually  got it made in July.. I will post it, as soon
as I get some  photos.. So for now, you get to
see the pattern.ha

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Place I Call Home

Turbon Lily
Kenny found one bulb, while deer hunting.Brought it home
and  took such great care of it.. It has multiplied  and now
there are 8 plants.. They bring us such beauty to look at.

Flowers are blooming.. All the wonderful rain and cool summer
have been great..

This is what I call- Home!!!

The red bench, is a  nice little seat...Just to take a seat,
and look around !!!

These lilies are blooming around the bird bath too.
The lonely play center,, seems to be calling some
sweet little kids to come play..[How sad, that my grandkids
have outgrown it. But, when Papa built it for them, quiet
a few years ago, they loved it..]

Kitchen got a small facelift....New counter tops, and  a new floor..

I   have sewed /embroidered some during the month of July,
 however, have not posted any thing.. I have had internet
 problems ,all month. Hopefully , it is fixed now, and I will get
 some things posted..