Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twin Granddaughter's Dresses..

Ashlee Gail
Her dress is  orange /white polka dot, with white
lace trim and blue silk flowers .

Amy Grace..
Her dress is a bright sunshine yellow/white polka
dot.It has a white trim with blue silk flowers.

Dresses were made from a simple a-line dress
pattern. Has cute little sleeves and  lace trim.

Of course, I could not leave well enough alone..[That is
me for sure.ha]  I found these little hats, and thought the
girls would enjoy playing with them.. I could not find
a white one.. so I got blue hats, and added orange /white polka
dot ribbon and a a white /blue silk flower. I added the
blue flowers to the bring in some blue. 

Amy's dress got the same treatment. I also got her
a matching purse and trimmed it out to match
the hat...
Note:  Ashlee told me,that she really didn't like purses..
[Figured you would wonder why she didn't get a purse.ha]

This was fun sewing.. I had the fabric in my stash.. So, only
bought the hats and purse.

I told about this make here.

Happy sewing.. and hope you all are seeing signs of spring!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Olivia Walton Wrap Dress #3

                     Olivia Walton Wrap Dress #3

This is now my 3rd time to make this pattern..It is so fun to make, and easy . Very comfortable. I got this pattern from Eva Girl
at the Oppulent Poppy Blog. She has made some beautiful ones, and many more of Olivia Walton's look alike dresses. She is now selling this pattern in her Etsy Shop.. please check it out.

Also, check out her blog:

Olivia Walton Wrap Dress
Made from a mustard yellow /with black and white dot
fabric.It is a cotton with a small amount  of stretch.

Back view.
Front view.
Thank you Eva Girl , for creating this wonderful pattern.
I  wish you the very best. And Look forward to  other
Oliva Walton patterns , that you will create to sell , in your
Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sewing in a Clean Sewing Room.. & A Wrap Dress in Progress

What do you do , when the sewing room
is in a total mess? You quit sewing, and
just think about  how much you need a
good spring cleaning!!  Then finally ....
one day, you do it!!!!

How nice it was to fold  each and every piece
of fabric.. I found stuff, I didn't know I had.ha

Love these blue wicker baskets. [found them a
local Dirt Cheap store for a round $3 a peice..]
Not only did I clean this book shelf, I organized
my sewing tools , accessories in the baskets, and
tagged the baskets with what was inside..[so,
I would be able to find stuff,ha]
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 These 3  photos are of the wall cabinets, over my cutting table.

How nice to be able to see my cutting table..

My little sewing corner!!

Since getting my sewing room cleaned and organized,  I have
been sewing.. I finished the twins dresses [I posted about in last post]. Will share photos ,when I get some.. Will probably see them during spring break? I am now working on an Olivia Walton Wrap Dress.. [will be posting soon].  [It is now in Eva Girl's Etsy Shop, YEA..-I will posting about that ,and the link real soon.]

Must tell you what my "sweet" hubby said about this big cleaning 
job. I had pulled all the fabric off the shelves and out of the cabinets.. and it was a Big mess.. he said," Oh Lord!!  I wouldn't
do that..." I ask why? "Because, you will just go in there and mess it up again! Why do all that work?"   Now...what do you say to that?
 I think I  "may have" threw a bag of cotton or something at him.ha
But.. I really knew............. He was telling the truth.hahaha

New post of my dress and the girls dresses soon......