Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Do You Do....when you have ICE/WINTER? You dream or SEW Spring!!!

Ice/Sleet/Snow... What do you Do?? Wish for it
to go away!!!! Yes/yes/yes.. or  You dream  then sew

Head to that Sewing Room  and pick out some pretty
spring fabric [that is why...we MUST have a fabric
stash!ha]  and then......


  You  cut out the sweet twin girls in your life, a
spring dress.. And dream about the upcoming
sunny day!!!

Guess what?? I have the orange one completed, since
taking photos.. And  I am  happily sewing on the
spring yellow one today.. Just dreaming about
the sun shining and  the  girls , happily on their
way to church on a Sunny /warm day!!!

Photos of finished products coming soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day Sewing & Apple Pie for Kenny

Valentine  Skirts and Monogrammed Tees
for my friend's girls.. Happy Valentines Day.

Love the pretty new fonts.. Yes.. I am playing..

Valentine Apple Pie for  Kenny.. Topped
with vanilla ice cream.. I think he was
pretty happy over this "unexpected"
Valentine Present.. He is a pretty special

Hope each of you , have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Just a little Sewing

Simple gowns for my Sister..One knit
and one cotton blend..[My sister is tiny,
and she likes the simple t-shirt gowns.. The
one size fits all..doesn't work for her.].She
ask me to make her a couple. They were
so simple and quick.. No pattern, I just
traced around and old one, and made
the pattern.

My mom lives with her.. SO , of course, I had
to make her one too..

Cheer bows for  Emily and Callie.

More cheer bows.

Juvenile Epsilpesy bow for Callie,
She won the Science Fair at her school,
and will be going to state. She did her
project on this terrible disease of children.
And , knowing first hand the complications
of it, has been very hard for her. But, she
loved the bow, and  the purple ribbon
stands for it.. She was really cute in her
matching  outfit.. Hugs for my sweet Callie.

Another cheer bow..[can you tell I got some new
fonts and wanted to play?

Embroidered pocket tee for  Emily.
Callie had a new tee too..but I can't find
the  photo?? [I guess the camera eat it.ha]
bty- the embroidered letter did match the
shirt, not sure what happened with the
photo color?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Turtle Applique T-shirts for Little Girls Basketball Team [Of couse it has to be Pink!!!]

Turtle's Basketball Shirts
My friend, emailed me and ask if I could
find some pink turtle fabric to make shirts
for the 7/8 yr old girls that she coached
basketball?? I searched everywhere... but no
pink turtles.  So, suggested, that I applique
a turtle on the pocket.. She loved the idea.
And so did the girls.. 

 I had to make 10 of these.. Such fun..
You see the team is named Turtles.. and
of course, each little girl WANTED the shirt
to be pink.. of course the Turtle's Ruled the
court..thus their name...

Christmas Cactus
Showed its beauty, just in time for  Christmas
holiday visitors.

January has been a really cold/dreary weather month..
[Oh how I am ready for sunny spring to arrive.ha]
But this pretty little peach cactus  decided to bloom.
God brings  sunshine in all kinds of ways.