Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book shelf for my Sewing Room

We  have a store in our small town , called Dirt Cheap... It is junk.. when I say junk... I mean junk..  I rarely ever go in there,  because,  I can not find anything in that pile of junk,ha.  Well,  Kenny and I decided to go and see what  we might find..  We saundered around ,and both  said... 'Oh Lord, how does any one find anything, in this pile of junk?"  All our friends, seem to find bargains.. but not us.  Just as we were leaving, we saw these boxes of  book shelfs. Not fancy .. just useful..  And only $9.  We decided,  we would get one,  I could add it to my utitlity room,  to house house hold items.  So , we got it.  brought it home,  Kenny put it together.  It was nice..  So........ my brain starts working,  I could use another shelf , in my sewing room, to hold  some sewing items.  So back to Dirt Cheap for another book shelf.  Here it is , all loaded with my goodies. [ bty... I had to clean my sewing room, move stuff around , to try to make room for another shelf.. Nope... I really didn't need it... just wanted it.ha}

Present from a Friend-- [vintage sewing box]

Kenny and I  went to a small antique/thrift store in our small hometown.. We have visited it so much.. Rarely, do we see anything different.. We were browsing around , when my eye caught this little sewing box. It made me think of our past families.  Things were hard in that time.  They used what they had, and every penny was accounted for.  I could just imagine , some little  lady , with her so important sewing box.  It contained nothing  of value,  but memories for  me.
This cigar box, was not cardboard, but a thin wood.  The past owner,  had taken and put small little cardboard boxes inside the cigar box.  Each held , her much needed possessions. Tiny wood spools of thread,  a little pair of rusty scissors, thimbles, and  paper tape measures, an occasional button.  Laying on top of this was,  this big spool of blue thread???  I really wonder,  what this was?  Possiably... something from  a spinning loom?  I don't know? 
I walked away from this  treasure, knowing I had no need for it, and I already have an overflowing sewing room.   I  wandered around the store,  while Kenny talked with the store owner.  While, I was away, Kenny went and bought the  "special  little sewing box" for me. With much delight, I brought  it home, and it sits in my  over crowded sewing room.  Not only does it bring memories of yesteryear.. but of  a very nice day with my thoughtful husband.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remembering Grandmother's Sugar Cookies

 I found this ole vintage picture and it brought back memories of my sweet Grandmother.   I remember seeing her  at her old kitchen  table.,  she would sift the flour  in the bowl, and add the baking powder and soda.. and all the other igrediants.  She did it with  such ease..  And  while us kids waited anxiously , for her to roll that dough and then use cookie cutters, that looked just like these, she made those wonderful sugar cookies.   The house would fill with the most amazing aroma. And oh how  hard it was , to  wait  until they came out of the oven..  Yummy!!!

Vintage Table Settings

 Do you just love vintage table ware and table cloths.  My friend Cathe, sent me  a blog to look at.  Retro Deco Settings A Day,  I have really enjoyed looking at their daily place settings.  As you all know,  Red is my favorite color,  so Of course,  I tend to pick out  red settings..  But they have so many different colors and ideas.  All of them are beautiful and fun to look at.
  I just love the vintage tablecloth here.

How pretty is the polka do bow  tablecloth?

 Thankyou  Loran for allowing me to use your beautiful pictures of your table settings..  I  have so enjoyed looking at your daily  displays.  Please go to Retro Deco Settings A Day, and check out this blog.  You will love the daily  table settings.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FESA 2011-- Fabric/Patterns/Ideas Mood Board

 I have joined the FESA with Sarah. This is an idea of some of the fall things,   I would like to do.  And this is subject to change.
#1- top left-  this is a fall fabric that I want to make a wrap dress.  I love the wrap dresses that Olivia Walton wears on  the Walton shows.  I am going to use this  new pattern  to attempt to make one, similar to hers.  I will use the solid gold for  the collar.
#2- Top right-  This is an aqua teal blue with tiny red and cream flowers..  I will attempt to do this remake of a 50's retro pattern.  I have a  red sweater/cardigan , that will make a  cute fall out fit.
#3-  Bottom left-  This a peice of baby whale corduroy that I have had in my stash. It is green and brown. I want to do  the colette skirt pattern.  [Thankyou Cathe,].  I have a  brown sweater , that will be warm and cozy with this skirt.
#4- Bottom left-  ??????????   I can't decide what to make out of these fabrics.  I love them.  The floral will be some type of blouse.  The gold linen will be a skirt.
  I am looking forward to adding these  items to my fall wardrobe.  And  I have items to match them .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mood Board for FESA-2011

This is my mood board for the FESA -2011.  I used beeclip [thankyou Charolette T]  to make it,
and it was very easy to use.  I am really computer dumb and  it shows,ha.  But , this is an idea of things ,  That I like and colors,  I want to use in this challenge.  I will be adding  some actual fabrics , patterns and ideas that I am intending on doing , as well.
Note:  I just loved this sweater.. I would love to buy a sweater  [no knitting skills here]  and add some lovely details, such as these.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Essentials Sew Along -2011

I am looking so forward to this sew along with Sarah from Rhinestones & Telephones. I will be gathering
ideas, fabrics, and patterns for this fall sew along and promise to post pictures and ideas real soon.

Dresses I Like

Cute Dresses from the 60's and 70's
   I am getting ready to choose a fall/autumn pallette for the sew along with  Sarah at Rhinestone  and  Telephones Blog.  As I was thinking about the different peices , I wanted to make.. I took a moment to decide, what style dresses I like? These are some of my favorites.

Isn't this yellow one cute?  Love the green too!
Who could resist the home journal ladies' dresses?

My all time favorite
is Olivia Waltons dresses from the tv show. The Waltons.  I love this scalloped collar wrap dress,
 and I also liked the button up , shirt waist dress with the flared skirt and kick pleat..  All her dresses
are so modest and well worn.   I so admire the tv character,  Olivia. Her  dresses were so  wonderful and she was  such a  role model.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Butterick Pattern Sale

 I was at Hancock Fabric store last week.  And the patterns were on sale for $1.99.. Now, how can I resist that?   I saw this  retro pattern , and really liked it.  So of course it had to come home with me.

  I love Olivia Walton style dresses.  Eva from the Oppulent Poppy , has made several  of the wrap dresses ,that Olivia wore.. [Please check out her blog, she is fantastic}   She suggested  using this pattern,
 for the wrap dresses that Olivia wore.. and to do some adjusting  to the bodice.  So, I was proud to add it to my  stash.. I look forward , to trying to make  an "Olivia Walton Look Alike  Wrap Dress'. Thankyou Eva, for sharing this information.

You Never Know What You Might Find at the Thrift/Junk Stores

 I was at our local thrift/junk store recently.. and nothing really caught my eye.  Just as I was fixing to leave.  I saw this adorable , watering can..  It is milk glazed ceramic. With the most beautiful flowers painted on the front. And in my favorite!! I knew,  it had to come home with me..   There was no price tag on it, I held my breath , while asking the clerk the price...When she said $2.00,  I hurriedly paid her , and left with my  wonderful find.  When I got home,  I sit it on my kitchen table, and added some greenery.. Just perfect!! You just never know what you might find at the thrift/junk stores..