Saturday, January 23, 2016

Butterick 6214 --Judy's Sewing a Summer Top

Butterick 6214
Simple Summer Top
I bought this pattern awhile back, and really for got I had it.
I saw that SarahLiz had made it. Hers was really cute.

Check it out.

She told how quick and easy it was.[thank you Sarahliz]

I decided I needed a sewing fix, and this easy/quick top
was just the right idea. We are having winter here, but
it will be nice to have a new top when spring arrives.

I cut it out in this burgundy/purple paisley print
fabric.. [Not sure what type of fabric it is? It
feels like it is some type of rayon? Drapes well]
I have been sewing on it, and should have it ready
for photos tomorrow [if my camera fellow [hubby] is
available. ha]

Hope your having a wonderful  weekend..

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Glass Cake Stand--- I want one!!!

Martha Stewart Brand.. Beautiful but out of  my budget
Don't you just love the  scallops on it.. So white and clean.
Anchor Hocking Brand..
So bland , after looking at the other ones.
ps... but the cake looks pretty..

Pioneer Woman Brand .
I love this one..but.......
it is no longer available on the wal mart sight,
so I went to ebay-- $125.00
OOPS...out of my budget too..

Looks like I will just have to keep looking and
wishing. ha  And using my old/trusty/ugly
Tubberware  gold bottom with cream top [I think
the top was white in its day[smile]. I have had it for
35 years..  It still holds the cakes quiet well, and
has served   a hungry hubby, and 2 growing children.
It has served me well.

Friday, January 15, 2016

I Love Polka Dots & Sewing pillows & Thrift Store finds

Don't you just love Polka Dots?
and red.. the absolute best color!!
Cindy bought me this baking dish and big bowl[cup]
for Christmas. I love them.. Too pretty to put away
in the cabinet.[smile]

Unusual  white ceramic canister , I found at the
thrift store - $2.99

When there is no time to sew.. Just embroider
your initial on fabric and make a pillow. Fun.
I was testing a monogram on my embroidery
machine, so  I used a color that Cindy has
in her sun room, and made her a quick sew/
easy sew pillow.

Cindy and I both have the last name start with an R..

Hope your having a good start to your new year.
Getting sewing or  organizing done.. And enjoying
the day..

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Goals for My Upcoming Year

               Christmas is behind us.. It was fun and  I totally
enjoyed the decorating, cooking and the time spent with my family.  But now..........the decorations have been put away
for the year [but ... Christmas 2016 will be here before you know it. ha].It's time to   make some goals..

 Goals for 2016

1- Make my monthly budget and remember to follow it as closely as possible.

2-Organizing [I have my house up for sale, and are redoing an older house ,we will be moving in to-  So... I am on a standstill
with this goal.. as, I will have to get moved first] I am making plans for the other house .

3- Remember to do my monthly meal plans as this really helps with  grocery budget. "Try" to eat and feed my family healthier meals.

4- Remember to take the extra time to spend with my husband, children and grandchildren.. Time is going so fast, every minute with our family is so important..  I have to remind myself.... its ok, to leave the house or yard work for  a time.. It will be there, once you spend that hour or two with the ones you love.

5- My sewing goal this year is to ............. sew some things for me, and to sew some things for the house.. [curtains, cushions,etc]

6- Garden..... enjoy the spring..  and enjoy our garden and be thankful , that we have the place and the heath  to have it.

7- Thank God for our health and remember to always pray for the ones in need.

Hope you all have a wonderful  and blessed year.