Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Callie is visiting ..We made her a fall
chevron pocket tee.. SO she modeled
it in front of  the flowers.

Fall is in the air.. So cool and pretty..
 Callie is modeling her shirt in front of the
pumpkin . She is so sweet!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Is In The Air- Craft a Pumpkin with what you Have

Fall is here. Leaves are falling. The air is cool an crisp!
 I  looked at my door, and thought, I need some fall
decor.. Nothing says fall,   like pumpkins!!
[and the blue wreath on the door , did not say fall]

I had no pumpkin,  and honestly, I didn't want
to cut up that messy thing just for this.
I looked around ,and found one of the $1 plastic
pumpkins from the Dollar tree. It has a smiley face.
Oh well. It will be facing the wall, No one will
know but me [and now you!]
 I found some ribbons and hot glued them
around the pumpkin. Added some ribbon on
the handle. Some bows on the side.
Added a few artificial flowers and now
I have a  nice pumpkin to greet my visitors!!

 My  pumpkin sits atop an old candy barrel
that I got at an old country store years ago
and painted country red.

I think my pumpkin made my blue wreath
look kinda fallish too.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodie Bag for 100th Birthday Gift

Goodie  Birthday Bag

Kenny teaches Sunday School at our local Nursing Home.
 One of the  very sweet ladies  turned 100 on the 22nd
of  August.. She is amazing.. She gets around
really well.. And kept her own house, until she was 98.
 Every Sunday, she would tell me, " I  will be
100 years old!! She is very proud for this . I  knew I
had to do something for her.
I  decided to sew her up a birthday goodie bag. I embroidered
a bible scripture,  Her name, and Happy 100th Birthday.
 I filled it with  kleenex, lotions,  lip gloss, and warm
fuzzy socks.

She was very excited when I give it to her.. and the other
elderly ladies began to tell me , when their birthdays were.
I think I will be making more goodie bags.ha

Such an enjoyable sew. And I used 1/2 yd fabric
from my stash.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halloween/Fall Sewing for a Sweet Little Girl

A friend  , of a  friend of mine, commissioned me to
sew her 4 yr  old daughter some Halloween/fall
dresses and make pocket t-shirts.. What fun!
This is a brown pillowcase dress with a turkey
machine appliqued on it. A black/white polka dot
fabric with  The word Boo embroidered with
pumpkins. and 2 t-shirts with pockets.

I also made her a  sweet t-shirt dress. I added
buttons around the neckline for a fun effect.

I used up 4 yds of fabric from my stash.. Which will
apply to my  Stash Busting .

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ginger Colette Skirt--

Ginger skirt-  Used 2 yds Fabric from Stash
The Violet Colette blouse was made earlier.

This was a quick sew.. I really needed to  sew  something.
I have really missed it.

Now, let me explain ,why I haven't blogged or sewed!!!
We have decided to sale our house,  when or if it sales,
move into Kenny's deer camp, until we can build
 a  house out there!!!

Now, this has led to some major work.. We  had  our
ceramic floors in the kitchen and hall , ripped out and wood
laminated floors installed.. [what a mess they made!!!'} . We put
in new french doors, 2 new doors, utility rooms on the carport.
 Trying to spruce   the place up.

I also painted our bedroom, while in the midst of  it,
I began to have  really rough pain..  I thought
I might be delivering my third child  [oh what a nightmare
at this age,ha]. Kidney stone./ went to the doctor, it
was too big to pass, so they had to go in and get it.
Now, I have a stint in.. I hope to get it out real soon.
The doctor said, 2-3 weeks???

 Hopefully, things will get better real soon. And I will be
able to return to my blogging /sewing self..