Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 At Maw & Papa's House

Emily Morgan with Baby Alive Doll

Maw's 5 grandkids- Christmas 2011

Kenny.Wii  Batman Game

Amy Grace...Baby Alive doll

Ashlee Gail in her new PJ's and Guns

Callie Noelle"Lets Have a Tea Pary"

Callie Noelle. Doll cloths for New Baby Boy Cabbage Patch Doll
 Christmas 2011 at Maw and Papa's House..  The kids all enjoyed their  presents.. And all us way to  much!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vintage Christmas Children

                                                                       Christmas 2011---

Merry Christmas to each of you,  My prayers are that each of you, my friends, have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life-- My Favorite Christmas Movie

Nothing says Christmas to sitting with a  cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows and  watching my favorite Christmas movie..  FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

 Sew  Weekly Challenge for week of 12- 12-11 is Patternless Week

 I must confess.. I have no interest whatsoever, in designing or making patterns. I have bought tons
of patterns, and have had wonderful friends ,from all over , give me patterns..Finding the time , to sew
all these wonderful my hard job.  So, this weeks Challenge  was not for me.

  I  have been wanting to  make  a wool aline skirt.  I have the fabric just sitting and waiting on me. Last night, I thought -"ummmmh" , I can do a muslin from this fabric that I had bought at the Ripley Tradeday Flea Market ,this summer... Since it was a muslin, why not  try to cut it out with out the pattern. I have the pattern [so I really am cheating], and have made it lots of times.. It is really simple. It consist of 3 peices. front, back and a tiny waist band . I did cut it out without the pattern [but really it was from memory,ha] So........... my wearable muslin becomes my 'PATTERNLESS challenge".

   I will be pairing this  long skirt with a black cardigan..

  Note: I can even say, I did the purple challenge.. I didnt realize ,until last night, that this fabric has purple flowers in it.Yea!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Decorations - 2011

Christmas tree 2011
Notice the  curio cabinet is full of Christmas music  boxes..
One of my favorite collections.. The musical Christmas Nativity
on top of the curio, Was given to me by Gary and family, the
first year they were married. And it always finds a home on my curio
at Christmas time.

Little table Kenny gave me years ago.Holds a pretty Christmas Candle..Of course in RED...

Cindy bought me this nativity scene , while at
a  teachers conference in Virgina. I just love it,and
it finds ,its way to one of my tables,each Christmas.

Christmas covered stool. Kenny bought this stool for me at the flea market, years ago.

Red snowmen EVERYWHERE... I love them!!
Merry Christmas  to all. Sending Christmas blessings to each of you.

Vintage Linen...

If  vintage linens could talk, what would they tell us?   I would love to hear the stories of the previous owners? Who took their hands and made these ? What  tables and families enjoyed their beauty?

A couple weeks ago, I stopped by the salvation army. There was a buggy sitting there with  these vintage linens in them. The red colors ,caught my attention immediately. So pretty.. The cream/ivory one in the back, has homemade lace/tatting on the edges. I can see , some beautiful embroidery work being added to it..[But this is another post after Christmas  holidays.

Papa & Maw Recieved A Special Christmas Present

 How special  can you feel , when you get that "Really Special" Handmade Gift  from a grandchild?
 Callie Noelle is 10 yrs old and in the 5th grade. Her teacher has a craft box, and  she let Callie
pick out any thing she wanted to use to make "anything".  As you can see, she made us a very special Christmas ornament. She told us, it was a cross on it, because Christmas is Jesus's  birthday.

Callie made this out of  a peice of plastic. She added 2 colors of green floral tape to the back.. She then made a cross from 2 peices of  white plastic. She took floral wire and molded  it and added beads..  What a special  Christmas Present.
We love you Callie.

  Love the back of it.. It says," Made it myself",  "Maw and Papa"
and  "From Callie"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Ginger bread Houses In Cardboard

 Ginger bread Houses

Christmas is in the air and in all the shops around town..  A couple weeks ago, I wondered into the Dollar Tree.  There sit all these adorable little gingerbread houses [they are actually  gift boxes}.  But, I knew, when I saw them.. They would be displayed.. but I have to confess... I have TOO many displays, and definitely dont need more!!!   But could I leave these cute little boxes sitting there at only a $1 each?
   So, here they sit on my kitchen table..Cute as a button. Don't you just know the grandkids will love them, as much as I do?
  Pray  that each of you and your families have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Plaid Table Setting

Table setting from  "Retro Deco Table Settings Aday"
Thankyou Loran for allowing me to use your photos.
 I love these ladies blog so much.. They do these beautiful table settings each day.. I was so surprised to find this one. Loran  had gotten this plaid fabric from Mena [Sew weekly]. Mena had made a 50's vintage dress
from this fabric and then sold her excess on Etsy.

What a lovely table setting it made. I love red and nothing says Christmas to red plaid.  I have some Red plaid Christmas fabric.. And I do see a plaid table cloth in my future.

 Merry Christmas to all... and may we all remember the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Dress Decisions

Beautiful Christmas Fabrics

Black & White Polka Dot Shirt waist  Dress - nothing says Christmas
like Polka Dots..

Red Christmas Dress
My favorite color for Christmas or any day of the year!!!

Pink Dress for Christmas ? Really not for me...
But I do like the style.
   Christmas is my favorite holiday..  Not only  for the beautiful decorations,  the presents, the delcious food, but most importantly ,  what this day represents.. Our Saviour's birth.     My friend , Cathe, ask me a few days ago, was I going to do a Christmas dress?? So, I began to think, of what style I wanted to make?
   What deicisions to many pretty patterns, so many pretty fabrics.. As,  I searched all my pretty Christmas fabric stash and patterns, I realized, I had tooo many!!!!!!  The decisions were too many..But..the time is getting close, so I will soon be starting on a new Christmas dress. Wonder..what color? what style???  I will be posting a Christmas dress ...pretty soon!!!!

What's Judy Been Sewing???

Christmas Green /Red /White Polka Dot  Pillowcase Dress

Hello Kitty Pillowcase Dress with Hello Kitty embroidery

Gobble Gobble Pillowcase Dress
 I have been sewing this past few weeks.. I havent did many of the Sew weekly challenges, but have been doing  some sewing for others....I love making Pillowcase dresses .  So simple to make, and what better place to add your embroidery /applique designs..  These dresses were all made for some of my  friends children.
Sorry the pictures were turned sideways.... as you all know by now......... I am NOT computer
savy at all..ha.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Is Coming.. Garys children- 2011

Kenny- Amy- Ahslee

Amy and Ashlee

Amy Grace

Ashlee Gail

Kenny getting a a kiss from the girls!!

Our son , Gary's  children. Christmas pictures for Christmas cards, 2011.  The girls are wearing strip Christmas dresses made by their mama,Gina.

Christmas is on its Way- Cindys children- 2011

Callie Noelle-- Christmas 2011

Emily, Callie and Chandler

Callie Noelle..

 Emily Morgan

My daughter, Cindy's  children. Christmas 2011. I made these outfits for the girls to wear for Christmas card pictures.Callie is wearing a green and red polka dot Micheal Miller print jumper. I appliqued a Christmas present and oranment on the skirt.  And embroidered her name on the bodice.  Emily is wearing a 2 tier skirt with the same Micheal mIller print. And the bottom tier is a red stripe . I made the red corduroy jacket and added a shiny red trim.
Chandler is cute as can be with his red polo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Orange Challenge at Sew Weekly

Orange Challenge;
 New Look Pattern: # 6104 [ebay find]
 Fabric- tiny  orange and white plka dot
 Notions:  Green buttons  on sleeve cuff and dress [decision to use green buttons.. was to blend with embroidered  flower on front of dress]
Belt-  orange belting and buckle from Hancocks

  I love this pattern..It is really comfortable and easy to wear.  The sleeves are so cute..  The  cuffs have a little v on them.I took 2 small green buttons , not only does it hold the cuffs in place,  but added  a cuteness to the sleeves.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Rose of the Summer

I sure hate to see summer end.. I really love fall, but it seems to go by so quickly.   We have been having lots of frost,  and all the flowers are gone..  Kenny came in  and brought me this pink rose ,  off of our rose bush.. [how sweet!].  I stuck in  a vase with some  holly greenery.. for a wonderful bouquet .  The last of  our summer flowers..   I will just look forward to   spring returning.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dreaded Chore of Ironing!!!

                                        My Most Dreaded Household Chore
 I spent   a couple days last week,   pulling out fall/ winter clothes. And putting away  light breezy summer clothes..  And with that job,   came lots of washing and  ironing...  As I  stood at the ironing board,  really  dreading the  big basket of  over flowing clothes,  I thought about  the ladies of old.  Many of them,  had to go haul in water to wash,   and heat a  "heavy iron" from the cooking stove ,  to iron the families clothes.  It would be  a  definite all  day job.  
  Wow.... Now why  should I be complaining about my  basket of ironing... Not only did I throw them in the washing  machine , turn on the button and let them wash  "by themselves"... But ,  I  turned on an electric iron,   that  got hot all by itself..   It is very light weight.  So .. I must remind myself..   My overflowing basket,  is   not so  bad after all..
   As I  thought of my grandparents and their ways... I ironed away,  and in no time,  my much dreaded ironing basket was EMPTY!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sewing Pattern Swap Package

Kat from the Sew weekly,  started a pattern swap with some of the girls..  My package arrived  all the way from  the UK..   I was so excited to see  the name Rachel Pinheiro,  on the label..  As she is one of my sweet sewing buddy friends..   I excitedly tore open the package to find the MOST wonderful contents..  [I think she went over board, and spoilt me].   It was the cutest  pattern, some really cute pink floral fabric,  buttons,
  trims.   And then..   to add to all this , was a  yummy chocolate flower  and all kinds of flavors of tea.   And then,   she sent the most treasured gift....  She made me a  tissue holder,   I will treasure it forever.   Now how sweet is that?
  Thankyou  Rachel.. Your pattern swap package is  fantastic and I love, love everything!!!

The pattern is so cute..   I am already planning on using it.. I  am hoping it will fit into  one of the SW challenges within the next couple weeks.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Holly Berries are Turning Red

 I love holly bushes.  The beautiful green waxy leaves  with the vibrant red berries. Oh how pretty!!
 When we built our house  , I planted this holly bush.  I wanted   to have one,  so that when Christmas came,   I would have the beautiful greenery & berries  to decorate  with.  When I see the berries starting to turn red, I know that winter & Christmas  are not far away..