Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Biblical Costumes for Church Christmas Program

Joseph or Disciple Biblical Costume
Mary or Martha
My sweet Callie modeling A childrens  Costume
 I have been sewing biblical costumes this week. Making them
for  church Christmas programs.. I pray God's word  is portrayed
in these programs.  This has been a fun sewing week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas---Pillowcase Dress

The Grinch Pillowcase Dress
Close up of fabric

Now...who doesn't love the mean ole Grinch?
 I made this dress from a  Robert Kaufman Grinch
fabric, from my stash.  It is for a friend's child.
I later embroidered the slogan "You're a Mean
One Mr. Grinch" on the border.. But
forgot to take a photo, before mailing..oooops!!!!
Are you sewing any Christmas projects?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hope you and family have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!

My house is getting ready for the big day...

Today: I have cleaned  most of the day. I
mopped the kitchen and bathrooms, vaccummed
the rest of the house. Made cornbread for stuffing,
cut up onions and celery and put in plastic
dishes, ready for making the stuffing.

Tomorrow:  I will get the baking done. I am
planning on a chocolate ding dong cake. Pecan
pies and  Lemon ice box pie.

Thanksgiving:  Early morning ..Put on turkey and stuffing.
And get ready for the kids !!!!!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?
 I am thankful for my Salvation, My walk with   the
Lord.   My family  and their  health. And my
dear friends... God bless each of you!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wrap Dress FInished - Navy/lt blue floral

My version of  Olivia Walton's wrap dress. Made from
a  navy and light blue floral fabric. Has white collar
with light blue stitching around it.. [Sorry ,for the bad
photos.. My camera is about gone[sad].
My light blue cardigan , that I found at the thrift store
last year, is just perfect.
Close up of fabric.  This is the best fit of any of the
Olivia Wrap dresses, I have made. The neckline
is modest .The skirt has plenty of room to cross over. I
would like to thank  Eva  for all her help and
inspiration. Please check out her blog to see the
adorable Olivia Walton dresses , she has created.

Olivia Walton's Green hectagon wrap dress. I love
this fabric.. But, I couldn't find anything similar to it.
But, I will keep on looking.. Now, that the dress
is fitting so well, I will be making more of them.
It is the most comfortable dress, for church or
working around the house.. Just perfect!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Olivia Walton's Dresses..[I have one in progress}

I just love Olivia's Dresses.. Here she sits with JohnBoy
in this shirtwaist dress.It is a black and white ,what I
call a domino fabric.[looks like dominoes all over]. I love
this fabric, and wish I could find the very one.
Olivia in her hexagon pring wrap dress. This is one of my
favorite ones. They are so pretty and so flattering
and comfortable to wear.

See the collar on this domino shirt wasit dress. I like
Mary Ellen's  dress in the back of photo too..

 Eva Girl from the Oppulent Poppy blogspot , allowed
me to copy these photos , that she has on her blog.
Please go and check her blog out, she has made
some beautiful reproductions of Olivia's dresses.
Thank you Eva Girl.


 This is the Olivia  [Look Alike] Wrap dress, that I am
currently working on. The fabric is a navy blue with tiny
tan dots and  light blue flowers. I found this blue
sweater at a flea market.. My dress is almost
finished. I will get it posted soon..
Thank you Eva Girl for all your "inspiration". I
apprecaite it,more than you will ever know.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Judy's Sewing Room Redo

Remember the  horrible desk chair.. Doesn't it look
better? Fabric from thrift store.$3.00 find.
Desk top was covered with wall paper [red check with
white lines..]This find came from a local carpet store.

Bookshelf .. I added the wall paper to the back of
the shelves.It is pretty in person [Oh how I
wish I could take decent photos.!!] Cathe,
do you see the sewing machine emblem
on it? thankyou!

An old rolling table, with a pull out shelf,
finds  a prettier life. Kenny brought this home
to me , from a friend who was going to
oust it. It is perfect for my embroidery machine,
since it has to be rolled to my computer to
be used.. But now it has a new look!!! Just wait
and see!!!

Curtains made from a white sheet I found at
the thrift store for $2. It is really pretty, It
is white stripes on white..Then I made the topper
out of  red/white gingham check fabric on the
bottom, with a white/pink/red/vintage floral
fabric.  I just love this little corner!!!

Embroidery Machine Table.. Now ,isn't she alot
prettier with her new red/white gingham check
skirt, with a new pink/red/blue floral vintage
fabric table topper! Whenever I am ready to
embroider, I just roll her over the computer.
Perfect Free Table and a wonderful , thoughtful

 I thought I would show you...I even
cleaned out my sewing desk drawer, to
show you I cleaned it.. But...did
you notice that I didn't open the closet and
cuppard doors to show photos of
all my "ABUNDANT" fabrics..[Because,
I didn't get around to cleaning and
refolding it..] Oooops... I shouldn't
tell off on myself.ha


Monday, November 5, 2012

Suspender Skirts for Grandaughters

Suspender skirts made
from upholstery fabric.
I got the idea for these
skirts from Sew Country
Chic. She makes some
really cute clothes for
her daughters and herself.
Check out her blog.
Center strap added to keep the shoulder
strap from falling off shoulders. Justine's idea for this
was great.