Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sewing Room ----Redo Projects

Desk Chair-Oh how ugly you were!!
I had the 'Most Comfortable" Desk
chair in my sewing room. My husband
rescued it from being thrown away, and
brought it home to  me.. I have been using
it for years.. [ didn't get to see
it when I took photos in my sewing room,
I hid it,ha] Kenny took the cushions off
for me, and I took it outside for a much
needed coat of black paint!!!Just look at
these ugly cushions.. They are headed for
a brand new look.. I will use the floral
unholstery fabric , seen below.

Beautiful floral upholstery fabric and Red /white
gingham check.. The was in a bag at the thrift
store for $3.00.
Floral fabric-- 4 yds
Gingham - 5 yds..
I am going to cover the cushions of my desk chair
with the floral..The red check will be come a table
  Lots of work to do before the finish line!!! But
what fun... Judy is having!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thrift Finds Equals a Fun Day

Beautiful Lace Table Cloth

Close up of Table Cloth

Victorian ruffle pillow
Pink/red floral on one side
and sage green on the other!!

Do you love thrift stores?  Saturday , I went to  a thrift
store. And found this beautiful table cloth, and the
victorian /chic rose fabric pillow.. I also
found a sack of fabrics . [I will share
those finds later]
NOTE:  Kenny made this cute little table and  bench
for me , years ago.. They have changed colors and
moved from room to room over the years. They are
special to me!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter.. Putting up Greens

Turnip & Mustard Greens

Ready for the Freezer [Do you just love my recycled freezer dish?ha]

What's for Supper?

Cool fall days are ahead.. My family loves mustard/turnip greens.
Now, I personally , don't eat them at all. But,when the winter days
approach, I will pull these  greens out of the freezer, and make
my family very HAPPY!!!
BTY.... While  putting these in the freezer, I cooked a pot
with ribs, baked some sweet potaoes, and made some corn
bread, for supper tonight.. and made Kenny very HAPPY!!!