Thursday, October 27, 2016

Small House Living...Finding a small Coat Closet ---Plus- Apple Pie

One of the things, I miss about my other
house--- coat closet.. My other one , was
small.. But, it  held our winter coats, and
several pairs of shoes, gloves, hats,etc.
I found a little solution.  Behind the front door,
I hung two coat hooks. I found a  small closet
shelf at Lowes. It fit exactly in the small spot.
I added some red baskets in the shelves. This
will hold the gloves/hats,etc. And we each have
a place to  hang one jacket. We have a place to

for each of us to put one pair of shoes..  I also
have a place to put my purse. Works

The front door stays open  all day , every day.
So most of the time, it won't be seen. smile.
I have  several rods in the bedroom closet,
and one was reserved for coats. Even though
we had  this coat rack, I wanted something
for  our every day jacket.. To throw on and
off quickly..  so. I am happy with my
make shift coat closet!!

Apple pie for  Hubby...  since he offered
to make a coat closet in the living room..
I declined his sweet offer,  The living room is
so small, we need every inch of space  we have.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stool Finished & Fall Living Room Cleaning Done

            Fall Cleaning  is Continuing....Living Room Done
                      Plus ---  Finished the  Stool

I finished the stool [ blogged about earlier]. It has been
many colors in it's long life. ha I decided to paint
it white , and add to the living room, since the extra
seating is needed , when the kids visit. I was planning
on a red check  cushion, but it just didn't work. So ,
solid red wins!!

Fall cleaning.. has been going for awhile.. The
living room is done. I washed all the walls and

The curtains were washed.   

 I cleaned out from under the couch cushions.
[How does stuff get up under there??? ]
I washed the cushions with a damp cloth. Cleaned
the ceiling fan  and washed the globes.

Now... How does a sweet  15 yr old granddaughter
contribute to  your fall cleaning?????
1- Lay on the couch
 2- Play on her phone
3- Throw up that hand and say "Maw, don't
take a  photo of me!" ha
Callie Noelle- 15 yrs old.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Emily's Mission Becomes Reality Today

                                  Emily's Mission-- 

               Emily's Dream is coming true today-Oct.10- 2016
               Emily is taking her mission of  " Giving a new dress
               to each little girl at the Children's Home".. She is 
               taking  the dresses , that volunteers  made for her, to
               the children  today. She is beyond excited.. So thankful,
               and appreciative of each person who sewed for the

              One of the special people who made dresses was
             Vickie . She is a very sweet and caring person, who 
              volunteered to  help Emily with this project.. Thank
              You  Vickie from Me, Emily and the sweet little
               girls at the Children's Home. Please go and check
              out her blog.. She  shares such wonderful   tips/
              savings /recipes, etc. 

Emily with two of the dresses , that  Vickie made.
They are so cute.