Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Family

Papa with his girls ,Emily and Callie on Easter Sunday.Dresses were made by Maw...

Emily and Papa with their 'NOT winning Cabbage contest... Emily just knew Papa could grow the biggest cabbage and win the contest for her. They had so much fun in this contest.  She has him wrapped around that little finger..

Twin grandaughter ,Ashlee and Amy in their Stawberry shortcake outfits, I made them for Christmas. Sitting in their SB shortcake chairs.

Gary ,our son..Pastor at Verona Baptist Church, and twin daughters, Ashlee and Amy.

Gary's 3 kids.. Amy, Kenny and Ashlee

Callie, CIndys youngest daughter, in cupcake dress, I made her. Just look at that hat and boots..Toooo cute.
All three grandchildren won  science fairs .All three won district and went to Northeast College for competition. Kenny, Callie, and Emily.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Ginger Colette Skirt

Red Ginger Skirt from Colette Patterns..
  I love this skirt..it is so simple to make and comfortable to wear.  I added the nautical buttons because I also made a white and navy nautical violet blouse to wear with it.
   I joined the ginger sew along and this was my muslin.. I liked it so , finished it up. Will add pictures of the actual skirt, once I have finished it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May14th Fabric Finds

  Look at my vinage fabric finds on Saturday.. Two bags full... $5.00
  When I got home and looked in the bags... [I bought sight unseen].I was so amazed. It was
tons of fabric..some pretty..some not so pretty.. And then at the bottom of the bag, was this beautiful
quilt top..All Peiced together and ready to quilt.. I carefully washed it.Now. I will find a quilter ,to quilt it
for me. As, I ironed this top.. I wondered who was the lady who worked so hard on this beautiful quilt??
My mind roamed and it was such a nice Saturday..  What a great find..

My UK Meet Package

     Well May 14th finally arrived.. I  opened my  much anticipated package from my UK friend,Charolette Tilly.. Oh ..what a joy.. Inside , was the pretties flower brooch that she made for me.. [I love it Charolette]. Some tea [and I  brewed a pot, and yummy delicious].. A cute pair of UK socks. and each time I put them on ,I will always think about my special friend across the miles.. thankyou so much Charolette..
   I did a red/white /blue dress in honor of the meet. I drinked my tea , and wore my dress..What fun.. I just

know, I heard the giggle across the miles..And the fun continued ,when the Sew weekly pictures started coming in.. My London Meet in Ms..was so special. thank all you UK girls.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pillowcase dresses for Smithville storm victims

 This has been a really busy week.. I made these pillowcase dresses for the storm victims in Smithville,Ms. My heart goes out to all the storm victims of last week , in Ms, Ala, and Tn.. My God bless and help each of them.

Fabric and Pattern finds for May 6-11

Hancock Fabric sale.. who can resist??? Not me!!!

  Hancock Fabric had thier Butterick patterns for 99 cents.. I just had to get  a few at this price.  I had so much fun shopping at Hancock Fabric and Hobby lobby.. I  went in, to get some covered buttons and came out with buttons, ric rack and the above..But a really good ,fun day.

UK Meet --May 14th

         Judy's  Going to the UK Fabric Meet...

 Look what I have.... I went to my mail box and I have a package from my sweet friend, Charolette Tilly.. It says, "Don't open until May 14th..It is killing me to wait...but I MUST!!   On the 14 th.. I will open it..and join my friends in the wonderful meet.. I am sooooooo excited. Can't wait for the excitement.. Pray that each of the girls have a safe trip and have lots of fun.. I am with them, in my  heart..
  Charolette, thankyou so much .you are so sweet... and you just made my day..

Story book challenge- Dororthy...wizard of oz

Wizard of oz  Blouse

Look!!! My pants are too big.yea.yea.yea
 This weeks challenge at Sew weekly..was to pick one of your favorite story books and get an inspiration for your garment..I chose  Dorothy from the wizard of oz. I have read this book so many times.I love the movie..
Fabric- blue gingham [in stash- $2.00 yd= $5.00]
Notions_  free [given to me by a very sweet frind,, thankyou Cathe
Pattern- Colette violet blouse pattern... [Love this pattern , so easy and comfortable to wear.]
Wear again-- yes. definitely