Thursday, March 31, 2011

UFO Challenge

 UFO  Challenge..[ Some project you started but never finished]

What a great challenge for the week of March 27th. I had this skirt
and top cut out and  had actually done a little sewing on it. I soon
discoverd that I had made a boo-boo. I  had accidently laid the front
pattern peice on  the selvage and it was suppose to be on the fold.
oooooh!!!  I just stuck it in a bag, in the closet,out of sight, out of
mind!!  Well , thanks to Mena's challenge.. I decided to  pull it out
and see what I could do with my mishap.
    I decided to  add a peice of white in the center . I just folded the black
check down, added the white insert.. I  then ,added a tiny lace in the center,
and added red buttons to give the illusion of  a button up blouse..
  It turned out alright.. NOT  REALLY sure ,where my mind was at,
when I chose the  fabrics to go together?????????

  UFO... FINISHED and hanging in my closet..yea,yea

Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I have Made For Me..Sew Weekly Challenge

My Second Christmas in March

   I must say... I don't consider myself  ''Lucky' at all.. I have never won anything in my life.. I never hear of bargains--until it is tooo late. But this week ,the Lord has really blessed me..

  Let me tell you about my wonderful yard sale finds .I was on my way to the post office, when I saw a little yard sale.. Didn't look like much to it.. Almost didn't stop..but I did.. I was walking around ,when I noticed  a box of sewing notions ,yea... I went through it, and picked out a few items and ask the lady  how much she wanted for these few items..her reply,"oh. you can have the whole box for $2.00.. I was sooooooo shocked..I couldnt say yes ,quick enough.Then I noticed a box with a lid.when I opened the box up , there was tons of vintage ric rack,seam binding, lace, trims, 35 zippers, a pile of elastic.I ask about the price..The lady said, Oh,You can have both of those boxes for $2.00. I went home a very happy lady..My second Chrismtas in March.

Christmas in March

    What a wonderful day.. I went to Hancock Fabrics to buy myself a dress form [ladies manequin]. I was so excited to get one. I had found on the internet that it was on sale.. I had a doctors appt.that I left out early with the anticipation of going to Hancock Fabrics..To my wonderful surprise... not only did they have my dress form in stock..but.... they were having a remodeling sale..3 hugh tables of  fabrics for $1.00 yd.. I was like a kid at Christmas.. I went home with 60 yds of fabric and a dress form that my new Sew weekly challenge friend , Jen, named for me..[Mary Christmas],..So Mary is her name.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ugly Pattern Challenge

 The challenge for this week is .'Dont judge a pattern by its cover".  we were to take an ugly pattern envelope and make a pretty garment from it..
  Pattern: Simplicity 3480 [free..dont know where it came from]
   Fabric- Wal mart Fabric -summer sale-$1.00 yd- used 3 yds-Total -$3.00
  Coordinating Fabric- free [left over from another project]
   Wear again-- Yes..  very comfortable.

 I chose this fabric because it was summery and cool looking. I thought if  I chose a pretty spring
fabric, It would help this pattern.It is pretty much straight pattern with no extras. I added some pleated
pockets,and used a pink stripe contrast fabric, to make cuffs on pocket and sleeves.. I then used the
contrast fabric to  make a narrow tie belt. The belt helped the square box look.

 All in all.. my challenge is complete.. and I have another simple dress for the hot summer months ahead..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Go Green Sew Weekly Challenge..[St. Patricks Day]

 Going Green... tunic with capris.
Pattern used--[blouse] New Look #6009
Capris [pattern I use fregquently.old from my stash] my stash... bought it on sale at wal mart fabric  several years ago

  Well, I have to say.. this was a very easy pattern .But the out come , was not very appealing. I only finished it , so I wouldnt break my challenge for the week.. The color green is not my color.. I thought by adding the yellow combination,it would help...but..  it didnt..

   I think I will keep this will make a good out fit for doing yard work, and working around the house.. It is not much to  look at, but  very comfortable.