Friday, July 22, 2011

Plain Pattern Project Challenge

                Plain Pattern Project Challenge

                 By: Shelly [New Vintage Lady

Rules for the challenge: Runs from 7/20/11 through 12/31/11

1- Must be a basic pattern [from your stash]
2- Must be a pattern ,that you have never used before.
3- You must make it 3 times. With one of the garments..being
as close to the original pattern picture as possiable. The
other two, can be changed .

 I am so excited about finding this challenge. I love the idea of using a pattern more than once. Once you get the pattern fitted,you can use it again and change it up. I also, like the idea of having  6 months to do this.
   I cant wait to  get to my sewing room and search for the just right pattern. I will be posting my  pattern soon.. And the fabric that I will be using for my first  dress.
   Wouldn't it be fun.. to do this same pattern in a summer dress, the next one into a fall  dress, and then into a winter version.. All with the same pattern. Of course, this is still in the thinking stage..I MUST go to my sewing room and pick a pattern, before deciding all this,ha. Another decision is?? Should I go with a vintage pattern [which I love] or should I choose a modern pattern??? DECISIONS????????????

Friday, July 1, 2011

Emilys Vintage Dress

Emily loves vintage patterns..We found this pattern, and she was really excited about it.. She an I went shopping and she picked out the pretty pink fabric. She twirled  excitedly , and ask me.,'Maw..are you going to post it on Sew Weekly?' The girls will love  this one. Yes.. I have her hooked on Sew weekly too..

Emily Morgan-- 12 yr old grandaughter