Wednesday, May 29, 2013

De-Stashing Sew a Long 2013

Sarah Liz , has organized a De-stash sew along. It will
start on June 1 and run through December 31, 2013.
It is a very laid back, no strick rules.  Us fabric/pattern
hoarders, hope it will encourage us to use our
 beautiful fabrics/patterns, instead of buying more?
I posted on that blog . Check it out.

  I have several projects on the table.. And several sewing projects
for friends.. Hope to share some sewing items soon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Package from UK... Sew Special

  What  a fun Package -- All the way from Norfolk- UK
  The sweet Diane from:
Sent me this lovely  package. She sponsored a  blog meet up. It was so fun, to meet up via
blog, with some of our sweet sew weekly friends, and some new girls too. I loved these
children patterns.. But.. was so surprised when I received the lovely fabric also.. And don't
you just love this adorable card..
 Special thank you Diane.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Double Check...before you- Embroider Blouses for Twins

School Uniform Blouses for Twin Granddaughters your wondering, what does this title mean?
Let me explain:   The girls have went to this
Christian school all this school year. My son is
a preacher , and they just moved to this new church,
and thus found this school for the kids. They had
to wear uniforms.. Which really gets old. Polo tops
 is  it!!! The rules are --all blouses /dresses must
have sleeves/collars  and have nothing on them.
However, we just found out,  they can have the
school name embroidered on them. .YEA!!
Maw comes to the rescue...  I made them these cute
little cotton blouses [in their school colors]. The name
of the school is Grace Christian School. Well, I
didn't check with them first, before embroidering ??
Mistake... I embroidered the initials  -G C A
Well, I thought it was Grace Christian Acadamy , but
no, it's Grace Christian School.. And no, they would
not let them wear them ???????? there is no picking
out this mistake.
So we have 2 blouses that can't be worn to school!!!!
 Always check twice before embroidering on

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Olivia Walton 'Look Alike" Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress...

Here is another Olivia Walton --- Look alike dress.
 The fabric is  a pretty teal blue with pretty flowers..
And I used fabric from my stash.. I am trying
"really hard" , to do that!!

This is not the fabric that Olivia's dresses would have
been made from.. But, I love the colorful fabric.And
bet if it would have been available to her, she would
have liked it too.ha

I love this style dress , it is really comfortable and
easy to wear.

I actually made this dress a month or so ago.. And just never
got around to posting about it.

Check out this blog post, to see a better photo of this fabric.The
bottom photo is the fabric that I used.. I had posted a  different
pattern to use , but it didn't happen.. the wrap dress was
chosen over the other patterns.

Thank you Eva Girl, for all your inspiration and help with
this pattern..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simplicity 1699- Was it Meant to Be?

Simplicity 1699--  Was this pattern meant to be sewn by me?
Well, I think so... Let me explain. I bought this pattern
at one of Hancock Fabric's $1 sales awhile back.. I got
it home, and really didn't think too much about it.[you know,
you just have to buy a pattern when they are a $1]

Then came this book-- Sew Stylish.
I  was on my way to the doctor, and ran into the store
to get something to read [always a long wait to see my
doctor and I for got to bring me a book] Anyway, when
I got to reading it, there  was  an article in there , where
3 different people had taken this pattern and  made
it in different ways.. The pattern had begin to look better.

 I fell in love with  the Candy Stripe version.. I loved
that the stripes were running different directions, I
loved the cute pockets that she added [and included
the pattern for ,in the magazine].

 Love the pockets!!!

 Remember me saying, I must use my stash... I don't need
to buy any more fabric.. OOOOPS..  I failed!! well,
I had no red/white stripe fabric [I did have  some
blue and white stripe.. but I reasoned with my self,
it wouldn't be as pretty as this red/white seersucker]..

The 3 different versions in the magazine.

 I like this blue/green version too.. I foresee doing it too!

SO,  this dress is on my  cutting table, or rather should
I say... It is in the muslin stage right now.
Happy Sewing.