Friday, July 22, 2016

Blue Berry Zucchini Bread & Bedroom

Blue berry  zucchini Bread

The zucchini is coming in.. Loads of it.. I made this
blue berry  zucchini bread.. It was so good. One
loaf to eat now, and one for the freezer.

Grated zucchini  put in the freezer, to make  bread
this winter.

This is one of the bedrooms .It is small, but has a nice
long closet with double rods. I am adjusting to the
smaller space.. And have found room for everything .

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend.
Thank you all for  the prayers for my husband.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Prayers for My Husband and His Family

My friends, Please pray for my husband and
his family. He lost his mother  July 15th. It
is a very sad time for him/his siblings,
grandchildren and  the in-laws. She was
the mother to my wonderful husband. And I thank
her and his daddy for raising such a fine
husband for me, and a wonderful father to my
children, and I would  dare to say, the most
loving grandfather.

Thank you for the prayers.. Hugs. Judy

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Outside Living... Working on the Yard

Front Porch...  We  spend a lot of time on
the porch.. We eat lunch most days, and  my
friends,  we take A lot  of breaks

NOTE...  Click on the photos , to see a larger/
more clear view.

The  cute bird pillows came from Walmart.
They put them on clearance for $3. I brought
3 home with me.

This is  at our driveway, Kenny put the trellis
up for me, and bought this climbing vine
to go on it. They yucca sticker plant was already
there, it is just fixing to bloom white. I think
the white blooms will be a good contrast to the
red. The pump does not work, but a family
treasure , that goes with us ,wherever we go.
 I planted the red vinca and ivy pot, to bring
in color at the driveway.

Sod is being layed..  We are no where near through. eeeh
This has been some kind of work.. But this patch in
front of the porch, is already running.. YEA!!

Side of house... the shrubs and flowers are doing well.
As you can see, haven't got  sod laid here yet..
Slowly but surely..

We have a row of these blooming shrub/trees
going down the side of the driveway. White with
red centers.

The Cute little gardening shed..[Kenny redid it, it 
was falling in.] After I painted it ..[red of course, ha]
I planted hosta and some wire deco to the walls.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.. And
staying as cool as possible.

Friday, July 1, 2016

What's Happening in The Garden...

The  garden is growing and lots of vegetables are
coming in.. Corn, tomatoes,squash, peppers,
and cucumbers.. 

The peas and butterbeans are loaded, and will be
getting ready to be picked in the next couple weeks.

Tomatoes... Oh so yummy...My kitchen
window is loaded with today's crop.

The peach trees are loaded with peaches.. We have
been eating peaches,  canning peaches, giving
away peaches, and the trees are still loaded.ha
Vegetables... oh so yummy!!

I have put up peaches in the freezer... For cobblers and
I put peaches in the dehydrator.. Wonderful to snack on.
And for fried peach pies.

I have been really busy  this summer.. We have  been
working in the yard, putting down sod.. Planting
shrubs, flowers , etc. Plus.. the garden is coming in.
We still have figs, grapes and a few pears  to come in.
    [the pear tree is new.. so will not have many
 pears this year].

I feel so blessed with  the abundance of vegetables
and fruits.

Supper  Menu.... lima beans, squash dressing,
corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, ribs ,cornbread,
peach cobbler.[everything from the garden, except ribs.]

Hope you and family have a Wonderful July 4 th.