Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making more Frozen Costumes... What a Grandmaw will do for those Sweet Grandchildren

Last year, during School Spirit Week, my oldest
granddaughter, [Emily],ask me to make her the Elsa
costume from the movie, Frozen.. Do you remember
me fussing, and complaining about the glitter??

This year,  her little sister [Callie]went into high school [9 th grade]. Spirit week is upon us again.. and this year was another
Disney Day. so............... I got that sweet little call that ask
me to make her an  Ana from Frozen costume.  Well..
of course , I said Yes!!!  Who could resist??? Emily will be
 Elsa the sister again, and Callie  will be  Anna. I have the
dress almost completed. [Lots of embroidery work...time..time
consuming.. which I dont  have ,ha].  I need to get the cape and capelet cut out..

Also, making some  Biblical Costumes  for Different churches and schools.. This is such a blessing for me.

The work on our house has slowed as I sew costumes.. Nice
to sit at the sewing machine ..
Have a blessed day. and Happy sewing to each of you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nothing Says Fall Better than Apple Pie and Crafting a Fall Wreath

My New Fall Wreath
note: click on photos for a better view.

Gathering the supplies to re-do an old wreath
into a fall  wreath.. Plus-- spray painting
a styroform  pumpkin to decorate.[Found the
pumpkin at a junk store for 50 cents]

After painting my 50 cents find.. I took some
orange and black ric rack trim, and some small
pumpkin ribbon to  put on it.

Nothing says Fall like Apple pie.. and when my sweet
friend emailed me , that she was going to the apple farm..
She was going to make apple butter.... well... that REALLY
made me think about apples.ha

[ps --- Kenny really likes my friend, since this
is his favorite pie.. Cathe.. he says, Thank you!!!]

I have sewed my pumpkin pillow  .. And have added it
to my fall decor. Will post about it soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Small Sewing [Skirts for the Granddaughters]

Amy Grace-  [Almost 11 yrs old]

Ashlee Gail [almost 11 yrs old]

Twin Granddaughters.. I think I am  getting a
thumbs up!!!  Aren't  They Sweet girls?

 I made them 2 solid black a-line skirts for
school [this is their school uniform colors]
I also made them  each a  black/white hounds  tooth
skirt.. I bought ready made t-shirts to go
with them.. It was so nice to get in my sewing
room. Hopefully, we will get moved and
settled soon, and I will be able to sew more.

Happy Sewing...