Saturday, February 25, 2017

Amy's New Chair-- [ Re-upholstered]

Amy Grace's  "New" make up chair.


We went to visit our  son and his family for a couple
days. Our son is pastor, And just moved to a new
church.  This antique  chair was left  in the  house,
at the make up table..  Amy [one of our twins] fell
in love with it. There was only one problem????
The chair had a very UGLY  yellow velvet covering
on it. [sorry we forgot to get a before photo.]  Amy
 really disliked it. She had this pink/white fabric.. She
ask me , if we could  cover it.. So off  to work we went.
In an hour or so,  Amy had a new chair.. She was very
happy  with  her new make up chair.. And I was
happy  to  work with her  [and her mama helped us too.😉
                I made both girls a new dress while there.. Will  share
           photos of them wearing them soon.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Callie in her Colette Ginger Skirt [hack]

              Callie spent the weekend with us.. She had worn 
               her  ginger skirt to church, so I took  some photos
              of her wearing it.. 
             on the photos to see a close up.

Callie Noelle- 15 yrs old
Wearing  the Ginger Skirt [Colette]
Sweet  Callie ... 2/19/2017

This skirt was an easy make.. I used the Ginger skirt
pattern. I closed up the back [instead of putting the
zipper in]. I opened the front and added  2 1/2 inches 
to each front piece  for a fold over facing.  I did 
not use the waistband pattern , that came with the
skirt. I used a straight narrow  band. [Callie
had found a RTW skirt on line , and that is how it
was made.]
She loves her new skirt.. And that is what pleases Maw..

Hope you have a blessed day.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Colette Ginger Skirt [Pattern Hack]--for Callie

Ginger  Skirt Pattern by Colette Patterns

My 15 [almost 16 eeeeh] granddaughter found a button up
corduroy skirt on line.. She really liked it, but it was
expensive.. She ask me if I could make it?    I went
through my patterns and had no skirt patterns  that fit her!!!

What is a grandma to do???

Hack a pattern that I already  had.. I love this skirt
pattern.. I have made several of them for myself.. I love
colette patterns.. They are multi-sized. starting at a zero..
PERFECT... all  I needed to do --- open up the front and
close up the back. I added extensions to the fronts to fold
over my facings..  I did make a straight /small waist band ,
instead of the waistband pattern that came with it.

Check out Colette's patterns..  Love them.

I bought her a  t-shirt and some stockings to wear with it.
She is really excited..

Callie will be here this weekend.. I will get a photo of her 
wearing this out fit. And post it  for you to see. 
Note... I finished Emily's Valentine  Dress also.. Will be posting
Her photo wearing it soon..

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.