Monday, February 24, 2014

Making Summer PJ'S [Colette Violet Pattern]

Summer PJ's
[I  am so ready for spring!!!]

 Two Toast Made several pairs of comfy pj's..After  seeing
them.. I decided I needed to make my self some. I liked
her button up loose style, for comfort.  After checking
all my pj  patterns, I didn't have a button up top.. So,
I  decided to use the Colette Violet blouse pattern, for
the top.. [Just  enlarged it from my regular 14 to a 16
and added 2 inches to the length]
I wanted some cool summery fabric, I had this cute orange
floral stretch cotton.. But not enough to do both top
'and pj pants.. So, I made the pj pants out of  an orange
gingham check..
Check out Two Toast 's blog, to see her cute pj's.

                                                 Now.. when spring gets here.. I have new pj's just
                                                Waiting to be worn...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dresses for Little Girls.. Judy is sewing !!!!

Curious George Dress for Miss Audrey
 I appliqued Curious George on this
simple little pillowcase for  her birthday..

Dr. Seuss  Dresses. for twin Girls
Thing 1 and Thing 2

Same as the above dress, But I hadn't
embroidered Thing 2 , on it yet..

These dresses  are not my twin granddaughters,
but another lady commissioned me to make
them for her twin girls. Fun!!

Just a note:  I am working on my garment of the month
project. I have the tunic top done.. and  just need
to finish up the pants..
Also, I am  cutting out some t-shirts, and pj's.. So,
many ideas are floating in my head... Will post soon.

Hope everyone's weather is improving and
we all will be seeing sun shine soon..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweet gift from a Friend -Patterns

Sewing Patterns..
What fun , I will have sewing some of these
for my grandkids and  my friend's children.
                                      What  a lovely gift  that arrived in my mailbox  a couple weeks
                                       ago. Stacie had emailed me awhile back , to tell me she had some
                                       children's sewing patterns,and ask did I want them..[YES!!! YES..
                                       how do your refuse patterns.ha] I had forgotten all about them..
                                       what a fun Valentines Day package. Thank you Stacie.. This was
                                       so sweet of you. I appreciate each one.. And they will be well used..
                                       Check out Stacie's blog..

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Ironing Board Cover for Antique Ironing Board

                    I needed an ironing board for my sewing room..When
                    I am sewing, I run back and forth to the pantry room,
                    where my  ironing board resides. Too much trouble.
                    I remembered, years ago I bought an old antique wooden
                    ironing board at an estate sale.. It has been in my closet,
                    for years.. here is the transformation:

Layers and layers of old fabric.. And underneath
all that was a wool ironing board cover
but it was crackling and dry  rotted.
All of this came off.

 I laid  out several layers of quilting cotton on the floor
and  laid the ironing board on top..  I cut around the
cotton, leaving enough to wrap over and tack
it to the board.

My new ironing board cover.. I wanted to be able to take
it off and wash it.. So... I  took 2 cotton fabrics,  traced
around the ironing board, [same way I did the cotton
batting, above].  I put right sides together and sewed
all the way around, leaving a small opening
in the end, to be able to turn inside out.
then pressed it.  I turned it  down about 2 inches
and stitched it.[Making a casing for the rope]
 I put my cord in it.  and left opening at the end, for my
 cords to come out.  Drew it up around the ironing board,
and it was all finished.. 

Here is my finished  antique ironing board. A new
life  has begun for it.

On the wooden legs,  I saw  that it said,
National Washboard Company.. Wonder
when and where , it came from???

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Fun Sewing..

Appliqued Cupcake & Heart Hot air Balloon
Sweatshirts for Amy & Ashlee
[My Twin Granddaughters]

Valentine Chevron Out fits for a Friend's Daughter

Another Valentine Chevron Tunic..
with A heart initial
Close up of Ashlee's Hot Air  balloon

Close up of  Amy's cupcake with hearts in it.

Valentine sewing is always fun ..especially for the
grandchildren   I am making shirst for the two older girls..
Will  post them later..

I am also working on my MAGAM challenge..
Happy sewing,!!! ..