Monday, August 14, 2017

Farm Sweet Farm-- Fruit n More

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We have been living at our  "old- Farm House"
for a little over a year now.. Many changes have
been made..  Still lots of work to do. I found this
Farm Sweet Farm container at Hobby Lobby. My
Pioneer Woman fruit jars, fit in it perfectly..[Don't
you love when that happens?] Found the  galvanized
tray at hobby lobby too. [love that store]. It says,
"Thankful, Grateful, and Truly Blessed."  And it
is so true.

Our fruit trees have been giving us lots of fruit.. Figs
and Pears are coming in..
So I decided to make  some  Fig/Strawberry Preserves.

Figs and Strawberries are cut up , ready to began.I am sharing my  recipe.. It is a Paula Deen recipe..So easy and Delicious. Note , you can make just figs,
just strawberry or combine them..

Fig/Stawberry Preserves

10 cups of  combination of figs and Strawberrieswashed, stems removed and cut in half
3 1/3 cups sugar
1 cup water
2-3 teaspoon lemon juice

Combine ingrediants,  Stir and let sit for 30 minutes, until
sugar dissolves. Then put on  medium heat and cook for
30 minutes. Place in hot jars/lids.

All you need is  some hot buttered biscuits. yummy.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sewing Tops for a friend's Girls --& Grocery Store update

I have a friend in  Washington. I have sewed for
her girls for years.. They are now 9 and 14.. Such
sweet girls. They are away at camp for 3 weeks.
Grace ask me to make them some easy to wear
tops for Camp. I made them 6 tops each.. It was
fun sewing..  The photo above only show 3
different tops [  I  lost the photos of the other ones..sorry]

Embroidered yellow, tie top.
Sewing.... I have several blouses/skirts that I have made. I made
lots of items [pillows, bedskirts, chair covers  for  Emily's
new dorm room]Lots of embroidering too. Fun/fun
I will be blogging them soon.. It is nice to be sewing again.

Grocery Store Update Walmart [in our area] has stopped their comp ads. So, I am buying very little groceries there. I am doing the next bestthing......... Going to several different stores , for their sales.
 We did  have a new grocery chain open last week, about
10 miles from me.. Reeds Grocery.. It is alot like Kroger.
I was really impressed with their stock/ workers were
super nice. Lots of great sales this week.. Hope it
continues and is not just a  "new store gimmic" and
go back to the  high prices.ha

Things I purchased this week:
Hamburger meat [packaged in smaller packs.yea]- $1.77 lb
Kraft mayo- $1.99
Tuna- 47 cents
Can veggies [green beans, corn, mixed veggies]- 36 cents
Crisco oil- $1.99
Center cut pork chops- $1.77 lb
Doritos chips $2.00
Strawberries- 97 cents [pint]
Fresh Pineapple- 99 cents [it was small]
Lettuce - 89 cents
 Potatoes- 10 lb bag- $1.50
Can tomatoes- 49 cents
They also have a bakery.. and it smells wonderful// I bought a
fresh, from the oven, loaf of french bread.. delicious!! 99cents

Hope you have a nice upcoming weekend.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Judy has been MIA.. Life Happens

 Hi Friends,

Just wanted to thank each one of you, for checking in on me.  I am sorry I have
not blogged in such a long time..

I have had a really busy summer...

1- spending time with my sweet  grandchildren... as  Emily will be  going
off to college on Tuesday.. This is bittersweet. We are so proud of her.. She graduated
Valedictorian  of her class, and will be going into  a BioMedical Engineering degree.
We will miss her terribly.
Callie will be  a senior this year, with a very busy schedule. So, we know , our time with
her is  limited..
2- I have had some medical issues.. And am still battling them...  Stomach issues..[Have
dealt with nausea and weight loss-- GI doctor thinks my stomach is not emptying ,as
it should?  Working on medicines to correct this ?] Also,  knee troubles.. [climbed Kenny's
new hunting stand, as he was so proud of it, and wanted me to see]

Sewing.... I have done some sewing this summer and intend to share it  soon..
New skirts for me.. tops for me... Tops for my friend's girls to wear to camp.... Dorm stuff
for Emily---chair covers, bed skirts... pillows , etc.

 My camera I need to buy me a new one.. But soon and very soon.. I will begin
to share with you again..

thank you so much  for thinking about me.  Will be back soon.. hugs.

Flowers on  the front porch are doing well.
 Enjoying  the beautiful summer..