Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kitchen-- Slowly Getting It Done.. Making Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen  -- The  small opening [was a small side porch, that
we closed in.. It houses my upright freezer. It has shelves 
around it, that holds kitchen things. The extended shelf
that you see..still needs painting.. Slowly..it will get
ps - sorry about the  cans of paint in the corner.. It too,
is waiting to paint the outside  [if the new siding ever
gets done? ha]
NOTE: click on photos to see enlarged photo

Dining area... The arch way comes off the big hall.
The door you see, is a small broom closet ..It too, has
shelves on one wall. It holds the extra paper towels,
cleaning supplies.

Kitchen.. Sorry I didnt get  photos of the cabinets..
When I downloaded my photos,  that one was too
blury to see. Anyway, I make the  curtains. I looked
everywhere for some teal/red curtains.. Never found any,
so  I made these. Simple..

How about some Chocolate chip/Pecan cookies?  and we will
drink  Diet Coke to offset------ all the calories. smile!!

Have a blessed day..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Skirts for Emily & Callie -- Simplicity 1109

Emily..  This skirt is  made from
a cute purple/teal fabric that she chose.
I made Emily 3 skirts like this..  I made one
to be sure, she liked it, and she loved it/ so I made
the other two. She is wearing a RTW t-shirt with it.

NOTE; click on photo , to see enlarged photo.

Callie  is wearing  a black and white polka dot
skirt that i made her. I also made her 3  skirts.

Callie is wearing a RTW  white t-shirt with 
her skirt.

                    Sorry I am just now  posting these skirts,
                     I made them  a month ago!!      

                       This was an easy skirt to make. The pleats are attache
                to the waistband, and has a zipper in the back..

                Happy sewing.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sewing Room /Big Hall Part 2

I have a big hall .. It is about 6 1/2 ft wide and about 20 ft long.
It has doors and 2 archways ..but still allows lots of room
for storage units.. [This is an old house...not sure why???
anyone would waste so much space on a hall way?..ha] Oh
well... it came in handy to  house the remaining of my
sewing stash. This photo is a long view of it.

Note- click on photo , to enlarge and see photo better.

This is the book shelf that hubby built. I found the zebra
pint baskets at a  junk store [Dirt Cheap].They were $3
each. They are really sturdy..So they hold the fabrics
really well. I found the  little wood chalkboard tags at
the dollar store , during Christmas. I haven't finished
putting them on  the baskets.. Ran out of red ribbon
to tie them on. eeeeeh!!! I am writing on the tags
with a chalkboard pin, so as the fabric contents change,
I can change the  titles.

Close up of the tags.

Sitting next to the book shelf, is two big plastic drawer
units. This holds embroidery thread,  regular threads,
zippers, ribbons, buttons, etc.

Sitting area on the opposite wall.. thought I would show you the
entire hall, and how  it all came out. The cushions on the bench,
I also found at Dirt Cheap..They were black and white.. and only
a dollar each.. I made the wreath above the bench.. I used the
zebra print ribbon to tie the baskets in .. Black and white decor, is
not really the colors I would have chosen, but.......... I needed
a place to store the fabric stash..and the hall was the ONLY
place left.. and the zebra totes [that were that well made] were
$3.. so that is how the color scheme came to be.lol
Desk is at the other end.. If you notice the chair.. It is the one
I covered for my old sewing room, to match my sewing table..
the pink /blue/red combo didn't work.. I found this zebra 
print, so I will recover it soon.

The hall also has a red cabinet [forgot to get a close up of it.sorry]
It just holds  extra towels/wash cloths, sheets..

We are settling in, and things are beginning to have a regular
place to be..  This has been the hardest part of moving for me..
When downsizing you MUST ,get rid of stuff.. I thought , we
had !!! We donated lots of stuff to Salvation Army, we gave
lots away..We threw away sacks and sacks.. But...........
this little house is FULL.. smile...
Slowly is becoming  a cozy little home.