Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lisette Tunic

Simplicity Lisette Tunic Pattern
   This tunic is really special to me..My good friend  Cathe, went on vaccation a little while back. When she returned home, she sent me this wonderful package..She had found this fabric on one of her outings.. I love it... It is realy soft and  comfortable. I debated and debated on what to make with it? And I thought...nothing could be better than this Lisette tunic pattern..Because.. Cathe first made this pattern.. I had never paid much attention to the Lisette line of patterns before.. So not only did she give me the fabric..she got me to LOVING the lisette line of patterns. Thankyou Cathe.

Sew Weekly Challenge - June 26th UFO [part 2]

   This weeks sew weekly challenge is- UFO'S part 2. I had this dress [skirt and blouse] that I had made several weeks  back.. It was a vingage pattern[McCalls 6842], it required lots of pattern grading.. which was awful. I made 2 muslins and still it didnt fit right.
     I loved it.But before it was over...I really disliked it..and it really disliked me.. I ripped that dumb peplum off ,I know 4 or 5 times.. What possessed me to think and 'old, fat woman could pull this off???"  I looked like a green and pink balloon.ha.. So.. I hung it in the closet, and thought..maybe after, I loose some more weight ,it will look better..[but I really doubted it.]
   Since..we had the ufo challenge, I took it out last night, I ripped the dumb peplum off for the umpteenth time.. I cut it down and reshaped it.. Sewed it back on.. It was much better. It still is not the best thing, I have ever made..But I  did wear it to church today..

Sorbetto BLouse with Sleeves

 The Sew weekly challenge for the week of June18th was --to refashion a garment..I didnt have I refashioned a pattern.. I took the sorbetto blouse and added sleeves.I love this pattern..So easy and as all colette patterns have proven to be---- the fit is great , the instructions are wonderful , and it is soooo easy.. And this one is a free download..

   My first ever downloaded pattern..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garys Kids on Summer Outing..june-2011

Kenny 111--fun on the boat

Kids having fun on the playground

Aslee out on the boat...lots  of fun!!

Amy .. Just  having to do a model shoot..while relaxing in the sun.

Amy and Ashlee... now what better way to cool off..than a cool drink?

Judys Black & White Ascot Horse Race Challenge

 June 12 th -- Sew weekly challenge..Black and white dress with hat [oops..left out the hat,ha] . Ascot horse racing challenge.
  Black /white floral fabric- in stash- 3 1/2 yds- 7.00
 pattern- 50 cents.. flea market find
Piping - free-left over from  previous project
 ric rack- free
 belt kit- [sunni on etsy]- 8.00
total = 16.92
 Wear again--yes..
 this was a very easy dress to make. I really like how it turned out.It is so comfortable and easy to wear. And I love that ,I used fabric from my stash..I am really trying to do that ,as much as possiable.
Now...the hat.......well..... I kinda /on purpose for got about the hat.. [Sorry girls.. I cant do a hat.hahaha]

Cindy and Family in Destin ,Fl [Vaccation 2011]

Stanley, Cindy, Emily,Callie and Chandler
 Cindy and family..vaccationing in Destin,Florida.. They are all having a good time this week.A few weeks back, I didn't do my Sew Weekly challenge,because I was making the beach dresses for the girls. This is the beach dresses. Aren't they pretty girls..and isnt Chandler a hansome young man..

Callie.. Fun in the Sand

Callie and Emily  Beach -- Destin Florida.

Emily- beach Destin ,Fl.....Fun! fun! fun

Monday, June 13, 2011

Easter 2011.. Cindys kids

Chandler, Callie,and Emily
Easter Pictures ,2011.. I made Callie's salmon and white polka dot dress. Cindy and I went shopping to try to find a dress to match Emily's. We found nothing to fit her.. She is sooo tiny. I had this fabric in my stash..It matched perfectly..

Callie , Chandler[Emily and Callie's step brother] and Emily

Emily [My beautiful grandauther]

Callie and Emily[ I love you girls. You are both sooo pretty..]

Callie ,Emily and Chandler

Chandler, Emily and Callie [Taken at BLue Mountain College.. how pretty..]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vaccation -2011

Huge coke can [gas station in Bald Knob ,Ar.] Of course, A coke collector had to have this picture.

Blue springs Village. Eureka Springs, Ar

Kenny looking out over the Blue Springs Heritage

Statue of Jesus .. 7 Stories high.. 65 ft from finger tip to finger tip. Amazing!!

Eueka Springs, Ar.

Kenny at the opening of Passion Play Grounds... Beautiful waterfall

Beautiful Landscape at the passion play grounds

Berlin Wall.. Eureka springs Passion Play grounds

Telling about the Berlin Wall

Onxy Cave..Eureka Springs, Ar.

Magnetic Springs..  Healling sping.. [yep.. I stuck my fingers in the water...oh so cool  on that hot day..]

Holy Land Tour

Holy Land Tour

Promise Land Zoo.. [Drive through zoo in Mo.]

Promise Land Zoo

Kenny and I had a wonderful vaccation.. We were  really excited.Kenny has had 2 back surgeries last year, and we didnt know,if this would ever be possiable, for us again. Or even ,if he would be walking again. The Lord blessed us so much.. and this will be a vaccation ,I will never forget.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds-- June 4-11

My flea market finds for June 4-2011
 Navy linen [on right..sorry camera didnt pick it up very good]- 2 1/2 yds.. $2.00
White withe hearts- 2 1/2 yds- $1.00
2 Simplicity patterns [not vintage..but out of date]-- 50 cents each..
 total spent- $4.00
  It was a good flea market today..But soooooo hot.. 100 degrees and really humid, so
therefore..we didnt spend much time there. But I feel really blessed  to have found these
treasures. I have been needing a new navy skirt.. so I see a ginger  colette skirt ,in my

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Ginger Skirt and Lisette BLouse

[First...let me apologize for the bad photos..It was  a last minute  thing.. A very rushed day.. ]

Blue & White Denim ginger skirt with Blouse from Lisette line..  I did the ginger sewalong with Sunni.It
was so much fun.I learned so many things. "Thanks Sunni". The cute little pockets..  were one of the things I learned from Sunni. She did a great tutorial on the pockets.. And my friend Cathe,  taught me to do the piping. Thankyou Cathe.
   And the Lisette blouse ,was so simple to make. and even though the picture didnt pick up the details. This blouse has a plack on the front ,with buttons going down it.. Really cute.

New Fabric Store [Joanns].. and Grand Opening Sale.. How can you Beat that?

This is my grand opening sale finds.. Oh what fun.. I left out this morning , telling myself..'NO  fabric or patterns" ..You need to use what you could you resist 50% off??? And  a gift card [for mothers day]? Thankyou Gary ,Gina and Kids.

Note.. the patterns I all ready had.. Just paired them with  , what I want to make..The golden yellow linen is for another ginger skirt.[I love that pattern].and teh blouse is  McCalls 6122 ,View B

Oh.. dont you just love lady bugs and daiseys for the warm summer days ahead?  This will be Simplicity 2180/ The coral dress on the bottom right. [I will shorten the sleeves for summer]
Help me decide?? should this pretty fabric be  Oolong Colette Pattern [ I won this pattern from Sew weekly.. Cant wait to try it]. Or should it be the wrap around dress.Butterick 4261? Let me know, what you think?