Sunday, March 13, 2016

Transforming an Old House... Some Before /After

Our old Country House  that is still a
Work in Progress!!!

Big back Screened in Porch..
 Would be nice, but we need Storage!!
Check out the  remake below.
Back screened in porch, became a storage room
Kenny's Deer room [I so didn't want these in my
hall....So we turned it into Kennys Room..He \
even will have a]

Small side porch.. Will  turn closet for new AC unit.
and  coat closet.
Inside of  the small side porch..Before
See the after below.
small back porch  ...Now ready for the AC man
to install the unit.

[looks like hubby is taking a much needed break]

Back of the house --before  the remake.

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Lots of work had been done.. And lots
more to  be done...Just wanted to show you what we
have been up to.
My house.. We have lived here for  over 20 yrs. I love this house. We have it for sale, and when it sales , we will
move to the "old house".
 But. Kenny bought 53 acres when he retired.. It has a fruit
orchard,  Beautiful old trees, and the best garden , we have ever had. And he loves it.

We have done LOTS of work  on the old house and  have lots
more to do. I will share some  photos of the inside later.