Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preparations For Easter

Preparations for Easter

What plans do you have for Easter?
 My children and their families will come for Dinner
so I must prepare. How blessed I feel to  know
that my family will all be home together,  to celebrate
the wonderful Day that Jesus  rose from the  Cross.
He died for all of us.And rose again on the third day..
How Wonderful!!!

Things I must do to prepare for the dinner:

1- Take turkey out of freezer to thaw
2- Make cornbread for stuffing
3-Make Chocolate cake layers for ding dong cake
[the grandkids favorite dessert], I make the cake
layers and freeze them, until the day before.. Saves
time. Will make the frostings, the day before.
4- Cut up onions, celery and put in plastic containers.
5- Boil eggs.. [of course their will be some dying and hunting
Easter eggs!!!]

Things I must do for the house preparation:

1-  Mop the floors/Vaccumn the floors
2- Get rid of the dust bunnies [as my friend
Cathe would say]
3- Clean bathrooms/mop bathroom floors
4- Clean my sewing room [it is a  complete mess,ha]

PS   I have finished all 4 of the granddaughter's Easter dresses.
The twin's dresses  have been mailed to them,and  have arrived safely.
 Emily and Callie's, are hanging in my sewing room, awaiting
the girls to pick them up. Photos will be posted after Easter..

Sending prayers that you and your famlily will have a blessed
and Wonderful Easter holiday.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabric/Pattern Choices for " 2013 Top Essential Sew Along"

Vogue 8815

Cotton/polyester blend fabric

Sassy Librarian  Blouse
[sorry the photo didn't show up, My ink was just about out
when I photocopied this class material]
Cotton fabric.. teal blue with rose colored flowers.

Colette  Violet [My 4th one..I love it]
linen fabric light blue with darker blue designs

White on white stripe linen
WIP--- Colette Violet.. I actually started this 
 blouse , when the  pattern first came out.. I had lost
some weight after cutting it out , and it no longer fit.
 So I tossed it aside.
Since that time, I have lost some more weight,
 but decided, this was the
perfect time, to  redo this beautiful fabric, in the
redo pile.. I took a break , last night and  resized it, and
sewed a little on it.. [cheating Judy,  Sew along is not
 until Sunday!!! OOOPS!]
As I told you here:;postID=8271824357969141658
I am busy working on 4 grandaughters , Easter dresses,
so I am not sure , how many  blouses, I will actually
get done, during this 2 week sew along.. But , I will
commit to one, and we will see ??
However... these are on my sewing table for spring
and summer sewing...Along ,with several new dress
patterns. and of course t-shirts [a brand new world
for me..sewing with  knits.. thank you Stacie.]

NOTE:  Do you know what I  noticed?   I love red, you
all know that... And every time , I pick out is red
or has red in it? Do you see all this blue? hummm... not
like me at all.. I must be going through a  blue


Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Top Essential Sew Along

2013 Essential Top Sew Along
March 24 th through April 7th

Faye is doing a spring top sew a long.

Spring is getting close, and I am thinking about pretty
spring blouses and skirts. When I saw this sew a long ,
I knew it was just what I needed !! If you have time,
hop on over to Faye's blog and check it out. I think
it will be lots of fun. I will be getting my fabric
and patterns together, and do a post on what I choose.

Things To Know About The Sew Along
1- Any top [sewing pattern, self drafted pattern, or Redo]
2- No Quotas..make as many as you like, or  only one!!
3- Will start on March 24th and go through April 7th
4- Go to Fayes blog and let her know in the comments that you
will be  sewing along..
ps. As you know, I am working on Easter dresses for my  granddaughters
this week, So, I will be a little lated getting started, and may only do
one blouse.. But..this will be fun..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shopping with My Girls..Leads to This!! WIP

Callie.. 11 yr old grandaughter.. [she is really tiny, so we
are still in the little girls Maw , has to make
them look older for her!!] ..Will make purple piping for the neck
and she has a purple cardigan to wear on Easter day.
Emily - 14 yr old grandaughter Will do the  fuller skirt version

Note: Emily & Callie are sisters... Cindy always tries
to match that when she takes her Easter photos,
 they will look good.. I will share the photos after Easter.
Amy & Ashlee , my 8 yr old twin grandaughters will
be wearing  sailor dresses on Easter day. I found this
vintage pattern on ebay. The dresses will have white
collars, red trim and ties.
When you head to  fabric stores on spring break , and the patterns
are $1.00...  This is what Callie came  home with.
Emily came home with these.

During spring break , Cindy,Emily, Callie and myself went
shopping. We went to look for Easter dresses.. But, before
the day was over... we came home with fabric and patterns.
Amy & Ashlee called and wanted sailor dresses too.
What will Judy be sewing the next 2 weeks?  Easter dresses
for my sweet grandaughters..

Our spring break shopping trip, was really fun.. We went out
to eat, and sit and talked and had a really fun "giggley girls day out".
 We shopped until this"old lady" was give out!! But what a  fun

Friday, March 15, 2013

Vintage Simplicity 9499. Ready for Spring Blouse

Simplicity 9499

 Spring... I am so ready for it.. This  simple rose print
fabric, just made me think...Spring!! Even though,
it's not here yet, I will be happy to wear this
little shirt with some shorts or Denim capris.

Note: the blouse doesn't have a hump on one side. I didn't
pull it down on Mary Christmas [but she didn't mind,ha].
Simple , easy to make vintage blouse. I had
this summery floral print, That just said, "vintage".
I love the shawl collar on it. and the covered buttons.

 Look out for some more of these in the future..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Keeping Schedule

    After reading   this blog
 It made me want to  redo my housekeeping schedule.  I know that a  schedule
is never  going to work every day..There are days, we have doctors appointmens,
[lots of them now adays,ha], there are days we have company [and that is a blessing]
and there are days, that other chores or errands must take the place of scheduled things.
 But, while having a schedule  to semi-follow, it helps me to  keep things more organized .
And seems to keep the house in better order. Thank you Dianna ,for posting yours.

Judy's  House Keeping Schedule

Every Morning Chores [ Monday - Saturday]

1- put dishes up [either from drain or dishwasher]
2- sweep Kitchen
3- Make Bed
4- Make breakfast [We eat light, such as cereal , toast & eggs,etc] So, very
limited cooking and cleaning.. But what ever..clean the kitchen from this.

Every Evening Chores[Monday- Saturday]

1- Cook Supper
2- wash dishes [either by hand or dishwasher]
3- IMPORTANT ---always take a few minutes , before going to bed, to pick
up and return any thing, that is  out of place [Makes for a much better morning,
and so nice, if you happen to have an "early morning, unexpected visitor,ha]

1- laundry day-wash ,dry, fold ,put away
2-Mop Kitchen
3-Wash cabinets
4 Vaccumn living room
5- Dust living room furniture

1- Iron[eeh..I hate this  chore]
2- Clean both bathrooms and mop
3- Vaccumn bedrooms
4- dust bedrooms

1 -Clean out refrigerator
2- Clean microwave
3- Laundry- [sheets off beds] dry ,fold ,put away
[any other laundry that needs doing]

1- Grocery shopping..Running errands day
2- Sweep Kitchen
3- Clean out  pantry ,before going to  town.
4- Iron..any thing from  Wed's laundry

Friday.. Clean for the weekend.
1- sweep kitchen- mop kitchen
2- vacumn all floors
3- Dust all furniture
4- Clean bathrooms

 1-Any chores that I don't get too, during the week.
Outside [when weather permits] chores..sweeping carport,
 cleaning outside garbage cans,  working in flower beds,etc.
2- Clean out closets, or cabinets, or dressers

  Sundays are a family day.. Church day, and spending time with Hubby
and hopefully visits from kids and grandkids.. And sometimes some leisure
sewing in the afternoon.

HINT: I read on a blog, that a lady, spent 10-15 minutes a day, cleaning out closets,
chest,  cabinets, etc..She said, by doing a differnt one ,each day, you keep
them tidy and  they don't require as long..[I am going to give this a try??]

Note:  Sewing is an everyday part of my life. So, Nearly every day
I sew.. This is fitted in , after chores are done..It is my time to enjoy
my self. .

Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Biblical Costumes... Judy is Sewing

Costumes for 8 yr old boys

Variety of colors

I will never be able to go to Niagra Falls, NY [how I wish]..However,
my sewing  These costumes are for a church in NY.
These will be used by a church there ..It is for 8 yr old boys.

 I  have posted on my blog before , about making biblical
costumes for churches. I have had my sweet blogging
friends say, " how sweet I am for doing this."  But, I
must tell you, I am not that nice!! ha.. It is such an honor
 and blessing for me to be able to do this. The churches pay
 me a small amount,to bascially cover the cost of
 fabric and shipping.  [and I wish,I didn't have to accept that].

 I watch at fabric stores all through the year, for
 clearance or sale
fabrics.. Usually , the "not so pretty fabric" will be
on the sale tables... But, these costumes are to be
in biblical times, so no shiny bright pretty fabrics
are needed. I store them away, for Christmas and
Easter programs.. I try to keep the cost of fabric, as
low as I can.

So.. What I am trying to say is:  I  will receive such
an award when I get to meet my Heavenly Father
one day.And here on this earth, I get to meet and
deal with some super nice people.

 Happy Easter to you and your families.