Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sewing Basic Garments... Some Fabric /Pattern Ideas

Fabrics that I Purchased at Joann Fabrics
and some from Stash
I bought the aqua blue linen and the deep purple linen.
Both of the floral linens from my stash, can be mixed
and matched with  the solids. Check my
previous post , about this.

Photo did not pick up these too well.. The first one
is a  deep plum color ..So pretty, and I can see it
as a basic skirt, pants or even a jacket.. I haven't
decided yet.?  The white and pink  are from my stash,
they too will blend in with these basics. Patterns
and  garments will be decided later.

This is my Feb. Garment of the Month Challenge.
See & Sew 6914
I have enough of the aqua blue for the pants, and also
a skirt or jacket?  I am thinking about the jacket in
my new Singer Perfect Plus- Mix & Match book.

This has nothing to do with  building  the basic wardrobe.
 Sarah liz did this cute little skirt .. I really liked the pattern,
and noticed I had it in my stash.. So, I am doing a muslin
in this  Navy check fabric.  I will bind the pockets with red
piping [if it turns into a wearable muslin. ]
You girls know I love red, and it has to show up in
anything I make. lol]

This is what I am dreaming of right now..Of course, these
plans are subject to change.

Happy Sewing, and I hope you all are staying warm..

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Singer Perfect Plus Book -- Ideas for Me

Singer Perfect Plus  Book
[4 Basic Patterns Included]

Mix & Match Wardrobe
More mix and match outfits

I bought this book , after seeing it on Sew Toast's blog.
Check her blog
,she makes beautiful garments.

This book is a plus size book, however it starts at a size 14
which works for me.. After reading this book, it made
me realize  I need to do some basic  garments.
Mix and Match wardrobe.. This book offers
4 patterns.
I bought some fabrics  to work on a basic wardrobe.I won't be
using  just these patterns , but will stick with the
mix and match theme. [NEXT post will  include
some fabric photos, and ideas.. Still working
on the  different pattern ideas..

Monday, January 20, 2014

January Garments Finished for my Garment of the month Challenge

Navy Wrap Skirt /Polka Dot Blouse

Polk Dot Blouse
I decided to make the blouse short sleeve, so
I would be able to wear it , during the spring
also. But for now, the red sweater was just
[sorry the top is wrinkled, I had worn it
to church and just pulled it off] I  didn't get
a photo of it ,while I had it on.. And wanted you
to see it too..

This is a really comfortable set. I love the top,
 The little button at the top, the
 neck opening,
just all of it. I already have  blouse #2 cut out,
and ready to sew.
It sure is nice to have my January Garments finished.
Now, I  will be able to plan for Feb.'s garment..
Or---Just sew another garment..
Happy sewing to all.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

See and Sew Pattern... Work in Progress

                                      Wrap around Skirt and Blouse- See & Sew Pattern
                                                              Work in Progress

Navy linen for wrap around skirt
Navy /white polka dot  cotton for blouse

Pattern found at the Thrift store. The wrap
around skirt ,  was the reason I bought the pattern.
But, now that I am working on it.. I  really like
the blouse.

I  am sewing on this project now.. and it is almost
completed.. Hope to share photos of  it real soon.
This will be my January  garment for my
Garment of the Month Sew a Long..