Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bed Room Changes & DIY wall project

Time to change my  bedspread.. Mine was 5-6 yrs old.
I had this same   paint color in my bedroom , at the
other house, so continued here with the same bedspread.
I decided , since the bedroom is so small/ I would go
with a light bedspread.. White won... I bought the white
tuffed bedspread, added black/white gingham check
curtains. I had this black/white check block quilt, and
added to the  foot of bed. Of course, you know me.. I had
to throw in a little red.
Note- click on photos to enlarge.

The  Bless This House sign, at top of window, was an
old wood sign,that was found in Kenny's old barn. Very
ugly and dirty..  I  brought it in, and removed the gold
metal "Bless this House part"  and painted it white. I
then spray painted the  wood with the hammered black
paint.. [Did I tell you, I love the hammered paint?]
 Now, on to my  Recycled/DIY project.

I bought  3 Valentine wood signs [shown above] after
Valentine's Day. I think they were 50 cents. I went to
Lowes and  got [2] 5 gallon paint sticks . [free, they
gave them to me, when I ask to buy them]. I had the
black wire already. I had the different color paints
already , from previous  projects.. I bought the
black stick on words at the dollar tree for $1

Turned the signs over  to the back side..[required no sanding,
they were smooth and no varnish on them..yea].. Yep.
the valentine stuff is on the back side, but no one is going
to see it but me.ha  I painted each board a different
color.. [white, red, green], I painted the paint stick black
[because , you can see little bits of it between the boards]
I also, took a little black paint and  wiped bits of black in spots
to give that aged look.

After the paint dried,  I glued the paint sticks 
on the back, to hold the  boards together. Kenny 
drilled holes in the top board, I put  black wire
through them to make my hanger.
 I then took my Sticker words, and put on each board.

Note.. sorry I did not get a photo of  the sign it self.
The photo didnt come out clear..[bad photographer, for sure]
CLICK on first photo of bedroom, and you can see it on the left.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. God bless.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sewing... Dresses for Amy and Ashlee-McCalls 7111



These girls are so totally opposite, not only in looks, but
their personalities also.  They are so  funny and sweet..
They keep us laughing. I showed them a dress pattern,
and they each ,chose what they wanted. Ashlee chose
the short version and added her denim vest [that she loves].
Amy chose the long maxi version. She added the neck scarf,which she loves.
Hope you have a wonderful week.. and maybe get to
sew some.. I have some more projects to share soon..☺💜💙

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spring Cleaning - Yearly or Twice a Year? My Tips

Can you feel this ladies pain??

Spring is  getting really close..Day light savings 
time will  be here March 12th. This always signals
that it is time to start spring cleaning.. And our 
Mississippi weather is showing signs of spring.

I have seen lots of different ideas--

1- spring clean early  -doing small jobs through
out the year. thus getting to enjoy the  spring.

2- Spring clean... the entire house and porches..
when the sun comes out and   be through with it?

What is your idea?  Do you spring clean? And when?

I normally spring clean in the spring and again  in the 
fall.  However, I de-clutter  the house year round. Thus,
my spring cleaning,  is not  as hard or  does not take 
as long.

Tips I use for making spring cleaning easier and quicker..

1-  Declutter weekly-   Every week,  I pick one cabinet or
drawer or part of a closet, and  declutter it. Throw away
or donate any thing that we don't need or use or love..

2- I also, do the  "one thing comes in, and some thing
has to go out" rule.. If I buy some thing for the house,
or clothes.. I make sure to go through that area, and
see if I can find something to  "go out'.  It is amazing,
how this keeps clutter at bay.

3-Paper/Mail clutter--- This has always been my worse  I really procrastinate with this one.  I 
try to..... when hubby or I  bring the mail in.. Go 
through it right then....... put the junk mail in garbage,
put the bills in my   bill filing folder to pay  or file
as needed. I use to bring it in and pile in a "neat" stack
on the table.ha  With the intentions of  going through it
later.. It never happened. I have found it much easier
to deal with it NOW versus Later.

4- Through out the year [not just spring/fall cleaning
time], I  will  pick a job such as  wiping down all
ceiling fans or lights... or ,  washing down  table and 
chair legs,  or  washing baseboards.  This is not an 
every week job... but rather ... picking a job for the 
week or every two week job.. They change up.. thus,
keeping one job from getting "bad/out of hand".
I don't clean windows or porches until spring is
here, and the sun is out.. TOO    COLD.

These are my extra cleaning/decluttering jobs. It sounds
like lots of work... But,  if you do little bits at a time, after
doing your daily cleaning.. It really maintains the clutter
and makes  less spring or fall work to do.

Note...  I still have the messy days ,as we all do.. The muddy
rainy days and the dirty shoes... The spills ,the  spots on things,
etc.   On these days... I have to tell my self........... Just do it,
Get it back in order............ Life will be easier. smile.
Note-- Sewing... I have been doing a good bit of
sewing,  Just waiting on the  photos to do post.

Pray you have a wonderful week, and  May God bless
you .