Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Collections..Madame Alexander Dolls

Tiny Madame Alexander Dolls
[Mcdonalds Toys]

Do you ever wonder about the friends you make on blogs? What are
they really like? What do they enjoy doing,other than sewing/crafting?

I was dusting today and  decided to take a quick photo of my dolls.. Now,
you didn't know that this "old Girl"  likes dolls, Did you?

 Over the past few years, Mcdonalds will put out a collection of
Madame Alexander dolls in their happy meals. When I saw my grandkids
playing with them, I just fell in love with them.. They are sooo cute.I
started saving them every time ,they came out. Soon, I had so
many, I had to buy a curio cabinet to hold them..ha

This is just a little of what I collect. I will share more on another day..

Monday, January 28, 2013

Crafting With Callie- Making Keepsake Box

Making  box out of popsickle sticks
[it is about 3-4 inches deep]
The box has dried, and has been painted. Now.
getting ready to modpodge some scrapbooking
paper to the inside.[Doesn't she look very intent
on this job?]
She added beads, sequins and lots of  decorations.
And LOTS of decorations.
Callie..happy with her finished peice.
Of course...after finishing the keepsake box, she had to make
her a necklace out of the left over beads.

Callie, sent me a letter [a real letter in the mail], a couple
weeks ago. I was so shocked to get it.. And really shocked
that she kept the secret , until the mail arrived to deliver it.,ha
She told me, she had found alot of beads and sequins and
that she and I ought to get together and  make something.
She just couldn't think of anything, we could do with
the stuff.. Well, Saturday ,she came and spent the night
with us. And we had so much fun crafting. Such wonderful
memories. [And yes Papa and I , are both missing her today!!]

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vogue 5777 Finished

Vogue 5777
Vintage Vogue 5777

 I finished this vintage pattern that  was given to me in a pattern
swap by: Busy Lizzie..  She had made this dress, and I fell
in love with it. Sorry my photos didn't pick up very well. The
navy and white check  really blurred. The pattern went
together really well. The fabric
was  a knit that I had in my stash... I put red handmade piping in the
neck. I covered the buttons with a red  fabric. I also
made the belt that came with it.[But, it just didn't work
for me, so I used a RTW belt , I already had].Check
out  Lizzie's dress she made.. Thank you Liz for the pattern.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thrift Store Finds. Januaray 2013

Fabric -  Even though I know, I don't need to buy fabric..I need
to de-stash.. Girls , this was  a total of 10 yards for $2.00. Cute
prints for the grandkids.
Beautiful milk glass pitcher and plate on left [Already had the bigger
one on the right, found it at the same thrift store]. Aren't they pretty
together? Love this find.
Cute little pictcher.. Just loved the colors in this one..

Fun /sunny but cold day thrifting..1/2013.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simplicity 4927 "Remake for Grandaughters School Uniforms"

Simplicity 4927 with Collars

 My son is a  Baptist Preacher. He moved to another
church this year . His children are attending  a private/
christian school. They are required to wear uniforms.

 Have you ever tried to buy  a  solid royal blue dress with
collars? And with girls who are tall for there ages, thus
requiring a longer length? 

 Well , Maw to the rescue !!    I had this little a-line pattern,
it didn't have collars, but I just added some cute little
peter pan collars. It was "SO PLAIN", it is really hard
for me to sew 'PLAIN" for the grandkids? But
the school requires no  added colors, names,etc. SO,
I did the next best thing, I added a  strip of bias
tape [same royal blue fabric] to the front and made
a blue bow and added to the middle of the band. That
 helped a little.

NOTE:  The picture did not pick up the  bow and band
very well. photo taken in my kitchen last night. We
have been having freezing rain/snow/ice and it is
cold /dark here. eeeK!!![  I added a close up
photo , not very good, sorry]

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decorating Books.. So Fun!!

Homespun Style by  Selina Lake
Pages in the Book... Don't you just love the dishes?
So Much  Fun Decorating Ideas
Fabrics...[Dreaming of ideas]
This book Has lots of different rooms.. So fun and creative.

I  was visiting  Justine from:
She had bought this book, and the beautiful colors , just made me
fall in love with it.. I went to and found it.. And today,
the mailman came knocking on my door, with a package..
I  immediately started looking at the photos.. And I definitely
was not dissappointed.. Every page is  wonderful, colored
photos. Such a nice book. [Thank you Justine].
 We are in the midst of an ice storm, So, what a great day,
to fix that cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows, and
read this wonderful book and dream of all the new
projects, I want to do ,this summer!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Vogue 5777 * Swap with Busy Lizzie

Beautiful Vogue 5777  Pattern Swap
Vogue 5777

  I love this pattern.. Liz at
made this dress in a beautiful red color.. I fell in love with
it, when I saw it..  Liz was so sweet to do a pattern swap with me.
 She added this beautiful bias tape and  tied it all up with  a
 pretty red ribbon. Thank you Liz.
 Be sure to go check out her blog, she makes some adorable

 I can't wait to make this pattern. It is going to be my Valentine's
day dress.Not sure if I will do it in red or pink?? What do
you think?  I am fixing to  grade the pattern, and then
do a muslin [hopefully  a wearable muslin].. Will post
photos soon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Burda 8363 T-shirt for Me

My first knit t-shirt
Burda  8363

I used  Burda 8363 and did the t-shirt with
long sleeves.  It is really not  a t-shirt pattern., but
I didn't have one..And this one worked. I have
never sewed knit for my self. This was my first
time and it was  so easy and fun to sew. Super
comfortable to wear. So, I have a couple
more on the cutting table now.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Posting to Sew & Tell [Dresses for Emily & Callie]

Photobucket  I posted these dresses that I made Emily and Callie on
Justine's , Sew & Tell.. They were  made a couple years ago.. I just ran into
This photo.. My girls are growing up...

  Justine has a wonderful blog,  Go check it out. She makes lovely things for
her children, her self and lots of crafts too. Such a fun blog.Sew Country Chic.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Emily's Chair-- [That once belonged to her mom]

Old,old Kitchen Chair
Painted black
Adding new batting [the old was in bad shape]
Embroidering Her Intital
Now what 13 yr old girl do you know, that doesn't
want everything with an inital?
Covering the chair  bottom with :
[Black/white polka dots and of course hot pink]
FInished Chair
[ps  I added pink polka dots to each of the
wood peices on back of the chair. Forgot to
get new photos ? sorry]

This chair was hanging out in the barn. [Kenny never
throws anything away . I am so proud of that. ]. I spray
painted this chair white when Cindy [our daughter] was
9 yrs old.  And put a holly hobbie doll fabric on it.
 Over the years, it got tossed out..

When Shopping with Emily and Cindy a  year ago,
Emily saw a chair with a black /white zebra
seat.It had the intital seat. She really wanted
it, but mom said no , to the price. I decided
it would be a great Christmas present.. She
was really excited over the chair, and loved
that it was orignally done for her mom.

 Now, I wonder , will this chair last  in a barn
some 25-30 years for her little  girl??