Friday, January 13, 2017

What I am Doing in this New year/New Month.. Sewing & Cleaning Routine

                 January 2017... My  goals [not resolutions- 💗😤] 
                 are to get back to sewing..  The hobby , I love sew 
                 much... And to improve my organizing /cleaning
                 techniques.  I thought I would share whats been
                 done thus far this year..

                             Sewing... for Emily's Mission & Emily

3 more Pillowcase Dresses for Emily's Mission
Emily will be taking dresses to the little girls
in the Children's Home.

NOTE: Click on photo to enlarge it ..You
can see it better.
I am also making Emily a valentine vintage 
dress. She picked out the red/white polka dot
fabric [from my stash] . I am working on it
now.. It is a slower process, as she is in school, 
and I have to wait upon her visits, to  get fitted,
etc. Lots of fun.. Hope to share this soon.

Decluttering.. Organizing..  Cleaning

What is your routine? Do you have one? Do you 
wait until  a certain day , and have an "all day"
cleaning, or do you ?-- do a little each day? I don't
think there is a right way or a wrong way?? Just
what ever works for you... For me. I try to keep
things decluttered.. And just maintain a tidy house.
If I do a little each day, it is just about always
presentable.. Here are a few of my  regular 
1- Making the bed, when I first get out of it.. I use to
not do this.. But, It is so quick and so easy [and a 
habit that I have adjusted to..] It makes the room
appear clean , and for me, it encourages me to  put
everything away [only takes seconds to put things
away..versus laying them on the bed/dresser,etc.]

2-Only  touching  things ONE time.  Found this  hint
on Pintrest. Such a time saver..When coming in, take
coats, purses, bags, etc to the place they go. Do not
leave them on the back of a chair, table ,etc-- to deal
with later/thus having to handle them a second time.
Remember the one touch rule for all things that enter
your house.. and if you don't leave things laying 
around... your house will not look  untidy.. smile

3- Mail/paper items... Oh my.. my mail man brings me
handfuls of junk mail every day.. eeeeh!!!   When it
comes through the front door, I immediately go 
through it, and toss all the junk mail. I put bills 
and stuff that need filing  in a specified place.
Then file and pay bills as needed. This tip, has been
a life saver for  the messy looking paper work everywhere.

4-  Laundry.. This is not as difficult for me now, as 
it was when we had children at home.. I do a load of
laundry as soon as I have one.. Usually, I do  a load every
other day..  Hint... I always fold/hang put away as soon
as I finish.. Remember the one touch rule.. Always
finish.. only touch once. smile

5-I call this hint--- making my footsteps count!!! As I 
walk from one room to another.. I take a quick look
around, If I see any item that belongs to another 
room or area, I take it with me and return to its
location. I have done this so long... it is just habit, and 
I  don't even think about doing it. But, it really helps
to keep the  house tidy ..[with no extra work]

6- Kitchen duties--- No. I don't like to wash dishes or 
clean the kitchen after we eat.. It has to be done.. And 
there is nothing more rewarding than walking into a 
clean kitchen, when you awake in the am.. I  run a dish
pan of soapy water, and clean as I go.. After supper,
I go and put the  dishes in the dishwasher or I hand
wash? I wipe off cabinets.  hint-- set the timer and
see how long it actually takes.. Once you see , how 
quick it motivates you to , just do it. smile

7-  Touch ups...  I love the clorox wipes..  I do a quick
wipe down of bathroom sink, top of tolit and lids. this
keeps the bathroom looking tidy and keeps your
tolit  from getting really BAD... When I do my real
bathroom cleaning.. it is not really bad and disgusting..

8- End of day..5 to10 minute pick up--- Before going 
to bed,  I do a  quick pickup .. Magzines out, blankets,etc.
 I do a quick sweep of the living room , kitchen and hall.
This is the best hint of all... as it ensures you that you
start tomorrow with a tidy house.. and if you have that
unexpected visitor pop in.......... everything is ok..

This sounds like a lot of work.. But, once you get the house cleaned, and  get these habits established, it only
takes minutes to do each.. And your work load is cut
down so much.. When you do your major cleaning,it
is so much easier.

Hope you have a wonderful day.. Hope your enjoying yourFirst month of the New Year.. God bless.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sewing- Simplicity 5104 and Dresses for Emily's Mission

Simplicity 5104- OOP skirt.
 This was a simple
sew.. Narrow waist band, elastic in back, and side
zipper. I have made this a-line skirt several times.
I wear them to church on Wednesday nights. Really
comfortable and easy to wear.
 I had this fabric in my stash, a friend
at church gifted me with this silk blouse.  The skirt
fabric is a stretch cotton 

Simplicity 5104.. oop

Two pillowcase dresses for Emily's Mission.
Emily is  taking  dresses to a children's home
close to the college, she will be attending
this fall. She wants to take  the dresses in early
spring , so the small girls will have summer
dresses. She really loves this ministry.
I would like to thank  Dianne from
for her kindness. She donated lots of fabric for 
Emily's mission, Emily and I both appreciate it
so much.. My daughter in law [Gina], will help
me make dresses/skirts ,etc for the mission.Please
check out Dianne's blog..She sews and makes
beautiful things..

Hope you each have a wonderful week, as we start a
new year.. I am making a new budget, doing lots of 
de-cluttering and organizing.