Monday, December 29, 2014

Sewing 2014-- Some fun..some mess ups...some Blessings..

I would like to say thank you to each of my followers 
in 2014. I read every message and  love your feedback.
I  have not sewed a lot for myself this year..but, thought
I would share a few makes with you.
Emily's [granddaughter] Frozen costume,  I would have to say, was the "most work".. But, I think the most appreciated/fun..She loved it .So, I totally enjoyed making her happy..[even all the glitter. lol]

                          Lots of Children's Clothes


   I made lots of  dresses/skirts and monogrammed t-shirts
for  the kids.. All was fun and sweet. Some for my grandchildren,
some for friend's kids.

This chambray  top [grainline  scout tee  pattern]was made during the summer. I have worn it so much.. Love the lace inset yoke.

Christmas " Happy" for a special friend!!

Easter dresses for Emily and Callie. These were very time
consuming,  getting the fitting issues done.. But, the girls
were very happy on Easter. The dresses looked so good
on them.. Such  a special sew.

Amy [twin granddaughter]. Made her costume for a play at school. She got sick , and didn't get to use it. SO sad..She
was very disappointed. This was one costume of approximately
150 this year.

Many/many  costumes for Churches and Schools all over
the world.  This sewing was such a blessing to me. God is awsome!!  and I feel so blessed  to  be able to do this ministry.

2014 was not  a big sewing year for me.. I  really didn't need anything,  But 2015, I hope to share lots of Me sewing.ha
Happy New Year..

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas To Each of You..[Christmas 2014]

                It is Christmas Eve ... Such a blessed and Wonderful

          Lots of  "stuff" going on around  here!   Today is  our
          Dinner day with the kids and their  families. I have
          been cooking and making preparations for several 
          days...but,  I still see  lots to do.
          I wanted to take a few minutes to say  I pray you 
          and your families have a very blessed and Merry
          Christmas. May God be with each of you,, Have

          Thank you all for being such wonderful friends..

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Tree Apple Pie

My hubby loves apple pie.. Now... he has been
really sweet to me lately!! [Christmas is in the air]
So.. I made him a "pre- Christmas pie"

NOTE: the reason the title says Christmas tree
apple pie-- uuuumh.. my friend Cathe, is
a baker and  so talented.. she makes pies all
the time,and puts leaves and all kinds of
designs on them. GORGEOUS!! so.. I tried
it. All  I can say..........there really was a
tree on top.. it faded..hahahha

This photo shows  a little bit of the Christmas
All in all.. I had fun trying, and Hubby totally
enjoyed the pie.. Said it was the best one , I ever
made?? ha  [He even laughed at my Tree]

Merry Christmas ...Have fun and enjoy your

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Christmas Sewing-- Making a Small Table Runner

Christmas  Presents...So fun to Make
 small table runner--One end has a
machine embroidered present

The other end has a machine embroidered

I added Red gingham check ribbon to
each end.. [Nothing says Christmas like
 red checks!!!] -and my old antique milk
bottle holding  pretty  red/white/green
paper straws..

Pillow wraps...[Have you seen these floating
around Pintrest and Etsy?] I doubled this
one so it could be turned to the other side ,
to change the looks.. Just slip it on a matching
throw pillow.. so cute...

Inside is red/white/green mini stripe.

I have made several of these for  Gifts..
I embroidered an initial on   some of them..
[sorry forgot to take photo, and they are
already packaged..]

Fun to be doing some fun sewing.. I have
a few more Christmas gifts to make..

Hope each of you are enjoying your Christmas