Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update on Kenny's Surgery

 I would like to thank all of you for your sweet prayers and concerns for Kenny and myself, during this back surgery.. It has been a rough week.. But your thoughtfulness, has meant so much.

 Update:  We are home from the hospital.. Kenny has a long ,hard recovery period ahead of him, But we know with  all the prayers and concerns from our friends[and my sweet sewing friends].. He will be up and enjoying a  relatively normal life in a while.  Keep praying.. I look so forward to hearing from each of you.. I will update as often as I can.

UPDATE- 2/19/2012
Today has been a pretty rough day for Kenny..He is having alot of nausea..So hasn't been eating. I am sure the nausea is from all the medicine. The doctor called in some phenergan [nausea med] ...this seems to be helping.
Keep praying and know, I apprecaite your sweet comments and prayers ,as does Kenny.

UPDATE: 2/21/2012
 This morning started out with a rough morning. Kenny woke with  alot of nausea, increased heart rate, and
pain.. He is very pale /ashy color. I gave him some phergan, and pain med. After 2 hours, he was still very sick. I got my oxygen out and  after a little while, he seemed to get a little better. He is napping in the recliner now. I pray that when he wakes up , he will feel better.
 Please continue to pray. It is such a blessing to know  to know all the prayers are going up for him..
 I know this is a sewing blog... but no sewing going on now.ha.

UPDATE: 2/27/12
 What a wonderful thing to update..Kenny is so much better today.. We have had a long , rough few days.. He began to have muscle spasms and was so nauseated, he couldn't  eat anything. We ended up going to the ER on Saturday..  They started IV's and got the spasms to stop.
  He is so much better today.  He is eating some, and they gave him medicine to help with the muscle spasms.. So hopefully..we are on our way to getting better and better.
  thankyou so much for your prayers.I so apprecaite them.. and soon and very soon.. I hope to post some sewing.. [I sure am missing my sewing projects!!!]

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sewing for Kids

Sewing for Kids.. How fun..

 Sewing for kids is so fun.. I have a wonderful friend, that has 2 little girls , that are
5  and 8 yrs old. I have sewed for them for 5 yrs.  Grace wanted me to  make them some
simple summer skirts and tops.  [I think we are all ready for spring/summer].   This was a fun
change for me.. Sewing for kids!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sewing With Callie

Callie's Baby Wearing her new Pillowcase Dress
                  Callie loves layering, and her baby had this cute top and pants already..
               So all she had to do was  add, her new dress.. Now how cute is this baby??

Callie Made  a  Valentine Dress for her Baby

Hello Kitty Dress for her baby
 Callie is my 10 yr old grandaughter. She came and spent the night with us.  I had made  some pillowcase doll dresses for a friend's grandaughter. Callie saw them, and loved them.. Her response was, ' I sure wish I  could make some for my baby girl".. I told her, " you can"..She was thrilled!!! We went to the sewing room, and she picked out fabric ,she wanted to use..  I cut them out for her.. I set my sewing machine to the slow speed, And Miss Callie  began to create the wonderful dresses for her baby.. She was so proud  to try  the new clothes on her baby.. And then the fun began::::: We played babies for quiet awhile.. I was the grandma and I baby sit for her ,while she worked.  NOTHING  LIKE  GRANDKIDS!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Day Is Special..Why?

Kenny and I  are approaching another Valentines Day together. You see ,we have been married for 40 years. And we have seen some really good times and some really hard times.. I can't remember a Valentines day , going by , that I didn't get a box of Valentine candy.

 Kenny is sick right now... and will be facing surgery on Valentines Day. This morning, he told me , he had to go to town.. Since, he has not really been out in the past few weeks ,due to his back troubles.I was shocked. I ask him, if he wanted me to drive for him..  He quickly replied," No. I need to do a few things."

 When he arrived home, a short time later, with a pretty box of valentine  candy..He knew ,he wouldnt be able to on Valentines Day.. I felt tears dwell up in my eyes. This is what you call.. Love!!