Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Years...2017

                   Happy new Years to each of you. I pray you 
                   had a wonderful Christmas.

              It seems that 2016, just went by way too fast..  Lots
              of good times.. Lots of sadness, [We lost Kenny's
              mom and Daughter in law's mom]..

             I am not going to do any  New Years Resolutions.. you
             know the , 'gonna diet" etc.. eeech.  I am going to say,
             My goals and hopes for 2017 is  to be able to  do more
             sewing....   To take the time to do things that we enjoy,
             And for me , that is.... sewing, crafting, organizing, 
             gardening, working in my yard, spending time with  
             those grandkids that  have almost grown up on me.

            Thank you for coming by my little blog..  I enjoy your
            friendship so much. May God bless you this new year 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Making Christmas Ornaments & A Confession

Paint Stick ornaments.. These were so fun and easy
to make. Last year, I found these on this blog.
She  made these free printables to use. And her instructions
are  so easy to follow..  
Keep reading my confession will follow in the end. smile

 I love the  truck/car and Christmas tree stuff. Carolyn at :

Carolyn, made some of these  mason jar ring ornaments , 
using  paper  from Hobby Lobby.. They were so cute.. I am
not finished with these..[waiting on it to warm up, so 
I can paint my jar rings. eeeeeh]. I also decided to  do
a paint stick one too. Fun and Cute.
ps. Thank you Carolyn for  reminding me  where to find
the  instructions for the paint stick ornaments..  You are 
where I first saw the ornaments.. They were so pretty on
your tree.

Confession time...
In Early December- 2015, I saw these adorable paint stick
ornaments.. I rushed out to Lowes to  buy the sticks and paint
to make them. Came home , was oh so sweet to hubby.. 
and got him to cut the sticks and drill holes in them.. He
got them done really quick [see, he knew I was in a hurry.
 So, I could get them on the tree...Welllllllll.. I procrastinated.
 I painted them. [the first step for me, Kenny had done the
other steps.]  I put them in a basket, out of sight and out
of mind.. Forgot them......... oh no. 
 I pulled them out , determined to  finish them up in 2017..
I couldn't find the blog  of the lady  who gave the 
instructions.. [I had forgotten that Carolyn made them? --
old age for sure].   Then Carolyn emailed me with the blog
sight... [she is so sweet].
And i finally finished them... [A little too late for Christmas
2016...--- But you be looking for them to be shining
on my 2017 Christmas tree..

My prayer is that you all have a very blessed and Merry

Friday, December 16, 2016

My Baby Graduates with his Doctorate Today

Graduation Day...2016

My Baby [40 yrs old] graduated from Seminary with
his second Doctorate  today.. We are so very proud of
him. He has worked very hard for the last 2 years for
this second doctorate.He has spent alot of years
in school. 
God has really blessed us and him. He  just moved
to a new church.. We are praying that God continue
to bless him ,his family, and there new church family.
This has been an exciting day. Kenny and I  could not
travel to be there today [10 hr trip].  Gina [his wife] 
video while he walked the isle and  accepted his
diploma. So we got to see it soon after it happened.
We were excited,  watching it on the computer.

Where did the years go??? I remember the morning
he was born.. We were so excited to add a  son
to our family of 3. I remember his growing up..
I  remember him graduating from high school [He really
hated school.. if you would have ask me, would he have
spent years in college, I would never have  believed it.ha]
God had plans for this little boy.!!! I remember when he
surrendered to the ministry . I remember his first little
church. I remember each ministry he accepted over the
years..I remember the tears , hard times,and joys he would
have.  I remember all the blessings . He has been in
the ministry for 22 years.

Where did the time go??

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Porches & Making Ornaments

Outside ...Candy canes , lights, wreaths..

Side porch

Porch...Plaids and greenery ...oh Christmas time
is coming ...really soon..

Stockings have been hung on the candy cane stocking
holder, since this photo was taken.. The porch is really
pretty at night, when its all lit up.

Making ornaments.. having fun.
 I found these adorable mason jar lid ornaments
on the Every day Home blog.. So.. today is
making ornament day. I am also doing the paint
stick ornaments [ I think I found them on pintrest??
Can't remember...

Will post my finished product soon.
Merry Christmas..

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Decor 2016

           It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our
                     Little House.... Thought I would share a few
                      snapshots with you.
              NOTE: Click on photo, to see larger view of photos.

Red cabinet in Dining Room/Kitchen

Little bench with pillow and Christmas reading
materials.  See the cute  little train set under
the bench..Kenny bought this for me at a flea
market years ago.. Even though, it is mostly 
blue, it  hangs with all the red.. ha

Kitchen Table
I had this wooden box, [picked up at Dirt Cheap,
for 25 cents]. I added some small ornaments and
pine cones. The place mats and candles were all
from last year.

Can you tell , I  REALLY like  the  red truck or car
with the Christmas tree atop it..  Can't resist buying
them, when I see it , in whatever form. The scent
warmer was a wal mart find this year.

Christmas tree...not a good photo, the light
was not right.. Will try to get a better one later.

Kitchen--  the little wall cut out shelving
unit.... All decked for Christmas.

Red cabinet in hallway..

Arched entry way in living room!
Old world santa is sitting on the post, just
a watching to see if your naughty or nice?

You GOTTA  believe in Santa...

I will share the outside decorating soon.
Hope you and your family are enjoying  the
pre-Christmas  fun.. Lots of  goodies [don't
worry about the calories...that will come in], Hot Chocolate,  Christmas movies.
I know , you want to know? Is Judy using her
early Christmas present [the mixer]. Yes!!!
it is wonderful and TOO many sweets are entering
our  little kitchen..

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa Claus Made an Early Visit

              Santa Claus  [aka  Kenny]  Came Early

 I have been using a  cheap hand mixer for years... [had a cheap 
stand mixer years ago, but when it died, I never replaced it. Just
used the cheap hand mixer..

 I have been admiring the  Kitchen aid Artisian mixer , for awhile..
  All the pretty colors they come in.. OH my!!!   And of course, 
 the red one .. caught my eye for sure.

Santa decided it was time to  visit... He reasoned that , with all the
Christmas baking I was planning on doing.... He would visit early
and help me out.. now......... wasn't that a sweet Santa..

My new mixer.. I love it.. Cooking and Preparations
for Christmas are under way!!!

PS... Christmas decorations are done.. Will be sharing soon.
Hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving
 Hope each of you and your friends have had
a lovely day with your families. May God bless
each of you..
I am very thankful to have you as my blog friends.

This is my  grandkids.. So happy they spent the day
with us. They are [from left to right],  Amy, Ashlee, 
 Callie,  Emily, and Kenny.

Things I am thankful for:

 My Heavenly Father and  the love  and care He shows
each of us daily.

My family.. another blessing from God.

A very special husband..   So thankful for the little
things he does to help make these holidays special..

Have a  blessed day...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fall Cleaning Finished-- Just in time For Thanksgiving

 I have never done fall cleaning [always spring 
cleaning].  I decided to give it a try  , after reading
on Pintrest  that It would make the  Thanksgiving
and Christmas busy schedule , so much better??
Now... all I have to do is "Maintain". 

How Do You Maintain Your Home? And Upkeep
the  Work You Have Already Done??
This is some of my routine tips.

1- Always make my bed as soon as I get up.
    Before  I leave the room..It takes 2-3 minutes.
   This is  the best  tip I have ever done.. If you 
don't get to go back in that room to tidy, it
still looks clean.

2- Empty the dishwasher first thing in the am.
This allows  you to put your dirty dishes in
it, during the day.[If you handwash dishes
during the day,, which I do ,on most days].
Be sure  to  put the dishes away. It keeps
your kitchen looking neat all day. Wipe
your counters and  applainces off when you
do the dishes.

3- Sweep or damp mop the floors each morning.

4- Laundry-  Wash  and dry  your laundry each day.
Or every other day . Never let the loads pile
up..Much easier to do 1-2 loads  than letting them
build up.

5-Dust  every other day [and daily if possible]

6-Menus -- Make a menu each week. Even if it
has to change some what.. This way, you know
what to take out of the freezer,  and what 
preparations are needed for the day.. NOTHING 
worse than supper time comes up, and you
have nothing planned, nothing thawed.. Eeeeh.

7-Nighttime routine--
When  I take a bath, before leaving the bath
room, I take lysol wipes and wipe off the
bathroom counter, commode, cabinets,etc.This
keeps the 
bathroom looking clean  , until I do the big
cleaning.. and honestly if you do this every day,
there is no big build up to clean. And it only
takes a  couple minutes.

Last but not Least... 10 minutes before going to bed, I do a quick pick up  and put everything in its place.
I do a quick sweep of the main living area [living
room and kitchen].

Thanksgiving is almost here.. I have made my menu.
I have  shopped and bought all the ingrediants, I will
need.  I have cornbread cooked for the stuffing, I am 
going to chop onions/celery ,etc and have in baggies.
I will bake the sweet potatoes for the casserole and
the sweet potato pie .[my son called today, to request
that. smile. All the little things we do ahead of time,
makes the  day go smoother.. And allows the  "Cook"
to enjoy some time with her visitors..

 I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday
and  your plans go well..

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Small House Living...Finding a small Coat Closet ---Plus- Apple Pie

One of the things, I miss about my other
house--- coat closet.. My other one , was
small.. But, it  held our winter coats, and
several pairs of shoes, gloves, hats,etc.
I found a little solution.  Behind the front door,
I hung two coat hooks. I found a  small closet
shelf at Lowes. It fit exactly in the small spot.
I added some red baskets in the shelves. This
will hold the gloves/hats,etc. And we each have
a place to  hang one jacket. We have a place to

for each of us to put one pair of shoes..  I also
have a place to put my purse. Works

The front door stays open  all day , every day.
So most of the time, it won't be seen. smile.
I have  several rods in the bedroom closet,
and one was reserved for coats. Even though
we had  this coat rack, I wanted something
for  our every day jacket.. To throw on and
off quickly..  so. I am happy with my
make shift coat closet!!

Apple pie for  Hubby...  since he offered
to make a coat closet in the living room..
I declined his sweet offer,  The living room is
so small, we need every inch of space  we have.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Stool Finished & Fall Living Room Cleaning Done

            Fall Cleaning  is Continuing....Living Room Done
                      Plus ---  Finished the  Stool

I finished the stool [ blogged about earlier]. It has been
many colors in it's long life. ha I decided to paint
it white , and add to the living room, since the extra
seating is needed , when the kids visit. I was planning
on a red check  cushion, but it just didn't work. So ,
solid red wins!!

Fall cleaning.. has been going for awhile.. The
living room is done. I washed all the walls and

The curtains were washed.   

 I cleaned out from under the couch cushions.
[How does stuff get up under there??? ]
I washed the cushions with a damp cloth. Cleaned
the ceiling fan  and washed the globes.

Now... How does a sweet  15 yr old granddaughter
contribute to  your fall cleaning?????
1- Lay on the couch
 2- Play on her phone
3- Throw up that hand and say "Maw, don't
take a  photo of me!" ha
Callie Noelle- 15 yrs old.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Emily's Mission Becomes Reality Today

                                  Emily's Mission-- 

               Emily's Dream is coming true today-Oct.10- 2016
               Emily is taking her mission of  " Giving a new dress
               to each little girl at the Children's Home".. She is 
               taking  the dresses , that volunteers  made for her, to
               the children  today. She is beyond excited.. So thankful,
               and appreciative of each person who sewed for the

              One of the special people who made dresses was
             Vickie . She is a very sweet and caring person, who 
              volunteered to  help Emily with this project.. Thank
              You  Vickie from Me, Emily and the sweet little
               girls at the Children's Home. Please go and check
              out her blog.. She  shares such wonderful   tips/
              savings /recipes, etc. 

Emily with two of the dresses , that  Vickie made.
They are so cute.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall is Here !! A Little Decorating Around The House

Front Porch.. Nothing like  sitting on the
porch  with the golden leaves , falling all
around you.
NOTE: click on photos to enlarge,  you will
be able to see them  better. 

Kitchen table... I have had these pumpkin
place mats for several years.. I bought them
after Fall sale for 49 cents each.. Kenny
bought me the  Fall Blessings Pumpkin  this
year.. [I love it, so pretty, plus  I can use
it year after year.]

My  table cloth --aka.. a piece of fabric
laid on top of the table. ha   I had made
the pumpkins last fall.  And the Give Thanks
tin sign, I got it  at Wal mart . I think it was
around $4. The leaf shape sign [with burlap on
it ] And picture of pumpkins/acorns.. I got at
Dollar Tree.. Love those $1 finds.

I love my  new  pumpkin plate .. I found it at
Wal mart this year.. It is so pretty with my
little ceramic  pumpkin.. They just fit perfectly
on the corner of my tv table.

Sorry this photo is so blurry.. This
cabinet in my living room. I have  a ceramic
pumpkin candy jar, and the  wooden fall
angels with blessings on them, were given
to me, years ago by by Son and his family.. I
love them.  I have a pumpkin free printable
in the frame.. And to make this room smell
REALLY like fall... the  warmer is running
and everything smells like pumpkin cream
pie.  Oh my!!!

You saw my  cute glittery pumpkins in side
my new cake plate.. I just Love my cake plate.

Hope you and your family have a very blessed fall..

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Judy is Sewing.... Dresses for Emily's Mission -- " Dresses for Children in Need"

 Sewing Pillowcase Dresses for  Emily's
Mission..."Dresses for  Children in Need"

Note:  click on photo to enlarge..You 
will be able to see them better.

Emily [my  granddaughter]is a senior
in high school. She had to do a  project
for her honors program, the student is
to choose any type of program to  start
up and over see and to have a passion 
for. She  chose to do for a  children's home
in a town about 2 hours from her. She 
said, these little girls  had been through 
so much and  she wanted to give them a
new dress. She worked to find people
that would  donate [sew a dress] for

I enjoyed this sewing project, not only
did it help me get my sewing mojo going
again, but... it felt good to  sew for a
child who has been through so much.

 I would like to thank  Vickie from being such a  wonderful christian friend. She 
saw on my previous  blog post, that I had 
mentioned sewing these dresses, she emailed me
and offered to sew a dress for Emily's Mission.
Thank you Vickie... Every person that sews, 
ensures that Emily's vision for each girl to 
get a new dress will happen.. thank you so much.

I would also like to  thank my daughter in law,
Gina.  She sews these pillowcase dresses for
Africa and Hatti, she has a real love for
this mission of hers. She works  on it  constantly.
 She took time  out of her busy schedule to sew some
 dresses  for  Emily's mission.  She wants  Emily's
mission of every little girl  to have a new dress , to happen. Thank you Gina. Emily  loves you and appreciates you.

Hope you all have a blessed week.. Will post my
fall decorating  soon.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I Have a New Cake Plate.. -hints of Fall Decorating is coming!!

 My new Cake Plate..

Remember when , I posted that I wanted a glass
dome cake plate.. I found one on Martha Stewart's
web sight. It was scalloped  [like this one] and had
a clear glass dome.. Well...... Her  cake plate,
was ceramic, and very beautiful, but it also had
a hefty price tag..  I kept looking at thrift stores,
but never found one.. I was at Hobby Lobby last
week.. I found this pretty cake plate.. [It  does not
have a ceramic base, it is metal] . However, the
 price tag was wonderful.. It was $44.95 and
had a 50% off sale.. So my cakeplate
was only $22.50
Read here , about my cake plate wanted plate post.

Fall is in the air.. Here is a hint of some fall
decor going on at my house.. Will post soon.

Also... I finished the  little dresses for Emily's
 mission for  needed children in USA.. Just
need to get some photos.

Monday, September 12, 2016

September Fall Cleaning-- Week by Week.... Sewing Dresses for Children's Home

 Bedroom #1-- Walls & Doors were washed 
with Lysol.
Dresser was dusted, and  dresser drawers were
de-cluttered . Mopped  floors and under bed.
Wow.. how does that much dust accumlate
in  4 months??

Doors were  washed with Lysol. I did
not  get  to the inside of the closet..That
is to come..

Sewing... Since putting our house up for sale,
and selling it..Lots of work to done on the old
house , we were moving to.  Sewing has been
put on a back burner.. I have really missed it.
 I cut out 5 pillow case dresses , that I am
doing as a mission that my granddaughter Emily
started. She will take all the dresses, that 

have been made to the children's Home. Several people
are  making dresses.. So thier should be plenty for 
each little girl. She is a senior in  high proud
of her ]. I have started sewing them.. Will  do
a  blog post when I finish them. COMING  SOON!!

The living room here, is really small. I found an
empty corner, and got this old stool , from
when my grown kids were at home.
I painted it.. Made a new  cushion. So, I added one 

more seat  to the small living room.  Coming soon
a blog post ,  that will share the outcome..

Hope your  enjoying your beginning of fall.  We are still
hot, but I see signs of  golden leaves falling. And the
temps have dropped some. Yea!!  I have been  fall
decorating also. Will share this soon too.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall Cleaning has Started.. Porch & Windows... Finally--Got the carport put In.

The carport was ordered 11 weeks ago.. They FINALLY
came  this week, and installed it.
The porch chairs, were taken out and sprayed with 
clorox water and rinsed.. They sure look better. on the photo , to see it better. Sorry the
photos are so bad.. Sun was too bright..[and it was
too hot [100 degrees], to take more.ha]

The porch was emptied, and the walls, floor and
porch railing washed and mopped.

               Snapped a photo of the flower/water pump area, 
              During , one of my breaks..
              Have a blessed weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Peach Praline Muffin Recipe and Fall Cleaning To Do List

Peach Praline Muffins

Topping--1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup chopped pecans
1 Tablespoon cold butter
Mix until crumbly-- set aside

Muffin----1 2/3 cup all purpose flour [I used bread flour]
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoon  baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup whole milk
1/3 cup oil
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup chopped fresh peaches or frozen ones drained
1/2 cup pecans

In large bowl, combine flour,brown sugar, baking
powder, salt.
In another bowl mix  milk, oil, egg, and vanilla.Stir
this into the dry ingrediants . Fold in peaches and
Fill greased muffin tins, 2/3 full. Sprinkle the topping
mixture you made, over  the muffins. Bake at
400 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

These are so good. I found this recipe on line.. Not sure

September  Fall Cleaning  To Do List

1- wash walls-- My plan is to  do one room a week,
I did the living room yesterday.

2- Clean the windows [outside and inside]. We are adding
new windows to the house , this next week..When we
moved, that was one job, we had not done.. So, this job
would need to be done anyway..

3-Kitchen-- wash the  inside and outside of cabinets, I
added new shelf liner, when we moved in May. So,
it should just be an easy wipe down?

4-- Bring in  [from storage building] fall/winter clothing
and start taking out the summer things.. This will be
at end of Sept or Early October.  When I do this, I will
go through clothes, and  make my donate pile.

5- Clean my fabric shelf.  

6- Paint the storage building we bought..[waiting on the
cooler weather for that...whew...its hot !!!]

7- Start my fall decorating.  I love fall, and this
is fun...not work at all.

8- Sewing-- make my fall cushion covers for porch

9- Christmas gifts-- start crafting/sewing the things
I will be making.  Start doing some of the shopping
for Christmas gifts.

Some how......... when I write these goals
seems so easy and quick........... But, sure doesn't
feel that way , when I do

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Coconut Pop Corn...[Free pop corn container]

Yummy Popcorn
 My daughter told me about this yummy
pop corn.. Just melt some  coconut oil in
your skillet, add a few tablespoons of
pop corn and salt.. Oh my , it is so
good.. No need to add butter...
NOTE... You will have a hard time quit eating it.

I had bought a bag of popcorn, and was looking for
a container.. I had a parmesen cheese container.It
is perfect.. It has the lid ,that opens and a  tablespoon
will fit into or  the other side opens to the big sprinkles,
you can just shake out , how much you need. Works
Note-- This lid will also fit on a quart or pint
fruit jar [if you have a bigger quanity  of pop
corn to store.. These lids are really  useful, for
so many things.. I never throw them away any longer.