Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Olivia Walton's Dresses..[I have one in progress}

I just love Olivia's Dresses.. Here she sits with JohnBoy
in this shirtwaist dress.It is a black and white ,what I
call a domino fabric.[looks like dominoes all over]. I love
this fabric, and wish I could find the very one.
Olivia in her hexagon pring wrap dress. This is one of my
favorite ones. They are so pretty and so flattering
and comfortable to wear.

See the collar on this domino shirt wasit dress. I like
Mary Ellen's  dress in the back of photo too..

 Eva Girl from the Oppulent Poppy blogspot , allowed
me to copy these photos , that she has on her blog.
Please go and check her blog out, she has made
some beautiful reproductions of Olivia's dresses.
Thank you Eva Girl.


 This is the Olivia  [Look Alike] Wrap dress, that I am
currently working on. The fabric is a navy blue with tiny
tan dots and  light blue flowers. I found this blue
sweater at a flea market.. My dress is almost
finished. I will get it posted soon..
Thank you Eva Girl for all your "inspiration". I
apprecaite it,more than you will ever know.


  1. I'm sure it will look so nice on you.. Cannot wait to see it

    1. Thank you Rachel, It was fun sewing in my "clean" sewing room..Of course, I am messing it up Are you feeling better?

  2. Hi Judy

    Just seen your comment on my blog. Thanks very much! I think something has happened with the blog setup over at Sew Weekly - the page where posts are made looks different ... Anyway, I'll get the number of the Simplicity Pattern for you - it's from 1985. It's a great pattern, not only does the outside come out good, but the way it's constructed means that everything on the inside turns out nicely finished off as well! If you can't find a copy of it maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement with the one I have ...

  3. Dear Judy,

    I can't wait to see your dress...I just love the dresses that Eva girl makes...she is to talented!

    Hugs to Kenny...hope he is having a good day (and you, too!)

    With love,

    1. Thank you Laura, I hope to get photos soon., My camera is acting up [hoping Santa gets me one for Christmas,ha].. But,will get my daughter to use her camera soon.
      Hugs and prayers to you and family.

  4. Full, full days here. Knitting, working at Sparrow, BUT sewing room needs to be a semi-priority. How I wish we were next-door-friends! We would search out fabric finds, and help fit each other's Olivia dresses. Wonder how similar our sizes are. HA!!? (am still hoping to take you up on your offer..Jan.? will email) Follow Evas' site too , :) D.

    1. Hi Deedy,
      Oh, How I wish we were next door neighbor friends.Wouldn't that be nice. I all the time, wish I had a friend who sews and we could help each other fit patterns... None of my friends sew or have any interest in it.. Honestly, there are not many people in this area ,that sews.. so sad.
      You just email me any time ,I will be glad to send the patterns to you.. I have a pretty good bit of the vintage patterns, in different sizes.. When you are ready , just let me know.It will be fun, for you to make it too.

  5. Hi Judy, the Simplicity pattern is 6787 Misses' Easy-To- Sew Dress 12 Pieces, dated 1985. Let me know if you can't locate it and we'll see what we can do - I'll leave you an email message on the Sew Weekly site too tomorrow with a suggestion I have.

  6. Such good plans, and because I'm so late "to the party" I know the outcome is perfect, YAy!

  7. i'm looking to join your club and want to know if you have pics of oliva's olive green dress n the back of it

  8. Hello. Just found your blog, so sweet! Did you finish this dress?
    God bless

    1. Thank you Mrs. O.. I did finish it and several more.. Just look at the newer post and you will see them.. Thank you for stopping by.